Twisted Silver “Old World Bracelet” Giveaway

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On April 21, Twisted Silver is releasing its much anticipated Old World Bracelet, which is an exquisite piece of jewelry with a vintage vibe and heirloom feel.  Besides the Old World Bracelet, Twisted Silver offers an incredible selection of other bold pieces that truly make a  statement and stand-alone.  Don’t miss out!

Contest Guidelines: 

1.  Visit to find your favorite VINTAGE VIBE piece. 

2.  Return to and comment on which is your favorite piece and  what you would wear it with (keep it simple!). 

3.  One winner will be randomly selected from the pool of comments left on  

4.  The winner will receive one (1) Old World Bracelet (valued at $60).

5.  Contest ends May 4, 2009.  

6.  U.S. entries only

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25 Responses to “Twisted Silver “Old World Bracelet” Giveaway”
  1. Dixie says:

    I think the Medallion necklace has a definite “vintage vibe” to it and I’d pair this piece with a soft longish tee, flared jeans and kick-ass wedge sandals.

  2. Tina says:

    And if you like the Old World Bracelet, wait until you see the Old World Necklace that is coming out April 21!!! Hint: it can be worn long or double-wrapped to be worn short and the two variations create TOTALLY different looks.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Definitely the Athena Cuff, oh how I love that piece. It would be stunning with the Hepburn earrings and a classic white blouse and black slacks.

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  4. Alina says:

    What a gorgeous bracelet!! I love that Old World style! Great find!

  5. Melissa says:

    It was hard to pick one favorite piece from the collection, but I’d go with the Seven bracelet. I’d juice it up with Seven or Joe jeans, copper stilettos and a fitted, peasant top. Might even throw in a Kango to mix it up a bit.

  6. The Bandwidth ring is a perfect everyday ring, bold and simple so I’d wear it with everything from jeans to the little black dress. If I wore copper I’d be all over the Justice Cuff that is a seriously fierce piece.

  7. Randi-Sue says:

    THe Gypsy necklace is awesome…love those brass discs!

  8. Kenya says:

    I LOVE the Justice Cuff. I love how versatile it is steampunked, dressy, or flirty and fun for a night out. Aged brass is one of my favorite jewelery metals. Well done!

  9. The Bon Bon Necklace looks so fun! I think it would go with anything because there are so many ways to wear it! I love the colors of the sea glass too!


  10. i might be ineligible for this contest due to being a blogger and a jasmine fan but i’m still commenting because i


    the gold XO and horsebit bracelets… gotta get them and layer them, paired with white jean shorts and a blue chambray button down with sleeves rolled up.

    i totally love twisted silver! i can’t believe it took me 80 tweets from fashion grail to finally go check it out. affordable too.

  11. Kelly says:

    Wow, everything over there is fabulous!
    I like the tangle bangle. I could fancy it up with a stylin dress, or wear it on a down day with jeans and a super cute tee. Simple 😉

  12. Renee says:

    I love the Gypsy necklace and I would pair it with jeans and a white peasant top! Perfection!

  13. Keisha says:

    I’m crazy for the phatty bracelet and it would look fantastic with my little black wrap dress!

  14. Seraphina says:

    I’d wear the Warrior necklace with my funky bohemian dress!

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    I would pair the Athena bracelet with my new maxi dress and gladiator flats!

  16. Felicity says:

    I love the Beatnik Necklace Antiqued Silver and would wear it with many outfits including my yellow sundress!

  17. Xuxa says:

    The Zone Earrings remind me
    of earrings worn in the 70’s.
    I’d wear my black & white
    mini with them for a mod
    vintage look!!!


  18. Toye says:

    I adore the Flower Dome Ring!!!!!!!!!! I’d wear it with jeans and one of the new floral blouses. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Tina M. says:

    I feel like the Tre necklace has just the right vibe and I can wear it
    with either my weekend jeans or my work dresses! I love Twisted Silver!

  20. Toni Killian says:

    The Go-Go Belt caught my eye! I’d wear it with white jeans and a bright top.

  21. Samantha says:

    I love the 7 bracelets and they would look fantastic with anything, especially
    my new black Milly Jacqueline dress!

  22. Carly says:

    I’m so glad my sister-in-law found your blog and called to tell me about it!
    It’s great and so is the Warrior necklace! The Warrior definitely has the vintage vibe and I’d wear my “flower child” dress and Born sandals.

  23. Hannah B says:

    I LOVE the Bongo Antique Gold Earrings, but the whole line is FABULOUS. I would wear the Bongo earrings with a button down white blouse. Similar to the one you just posted from Arden B.

  24. Jasmine says:

    cute bracelet!
    i also like the ‘7 Bracelet’ and with it id wear a white sundress and brown cowboy boots

  25. Curious girl says:

    Who won? I am dying to know!!!!