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Charm jewellery doesn’t seem to ever go out of fashion. My mother has a charm bracelet, I have a charm bracelet and I’m sure that if I ever have a daughter she too will wear a charm bracelet at some point. Charm jewellery can be great children’s jewellery as it is loved by all women of all ages and stages. It is great because it is the type of jewellery that can be so personal, personal not only to your own specific style, but also personal to your life. Charms let you collect memories and help you remember them.

There are lots of different types of charms to choose from these days. Some people decide to collect charms which remind them of specific places they have been, some just chose the charms that they find most attractive, other people are given a new charm each year, growing with their collection as the years go by.

Charms are really versatile. You can choose to wear all your charms on a charm bracelet for example or you can choose to have just one charm on a necklace and wear it as a pendant which can be a really sophisticated look.

Initial charms have come back on the scene recently with many celebrities – and their daughters – wearing one simple initial charm as a necklace. Again, what could be more personal? Charm jewellery is a great way to create a signature look.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and chic look we recommend you chose the majority of your charms in sterling silver to create a clean look. For a slightly quirky edge you could perhaps add one coloured charm to make things a bit more interesting. Choose an enamel heart charm in bright red. Or a fun locket charm in purple. For a really fun, young look why not choose several different coloured charms in lots of different shapes and sizes. Fairy charms are a huge hit right now and Molly Brown London has some gorgeous ones to choose from, the little enamel fairy holds a pearl in her hand as a sign of good luck.

Whatever your style, you can enjoy wearing charm jewellery for a lifetime.

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