Three Ways To Style A Sports Coat

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A sharp sports coat can be like an artists canvas in many ways but a lot of times I notice that most men wear them in their typical ways; with a button up and slacks or a white shirt and jeans and if the occasion needs it a tie. All perfectly acceptable ways of wearing a sports jacket but very basic and in a way boring. A mans sports jacket can actually be really dressed up, down, and even made to look quirky and fun. There are tons of ways to rock a sports jacket. Below I picked 3 sports jacket and styled them three very different ways.

Three Ways To Style A Sports Jacket


Pieces To Try: Tweed Jacket  | Denim Shirt |  Vest | Duck Boots

Three To Style A Mens Sports Coat


Pieces To Try: CAMO Sport Coat | Chinos | Shawl Neck Sweater  | Moccasin

Three Ways To Style A Sports Jacket

Pieces To Try: Quilted Jacket  | Jeans | Crew Neck Sweater | Boots  | Ipad Case


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One Response to “Three Ways To Style A Sports Coat”
  1. Arnold says:

    These are the nice tips, I often get doubtful when it comes to wearing casual coat or jacket for an occasion. But these tips will definitely improve my confidence.

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