The Stylist’s Manifesto: Late Registration.

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With the fall semester in session, many of us have absolutely no desire to leave behind the fabulous summer we’ve been having thusfar. That being said, there’s no reason whatsoever for your appearance to reflect this disdain for the return to class. Pajamas and flip-flops weren’t appropriate last semester and they’re certainly not this time around. Let’s go through a few back to school ensembles for us as well as the fairer sex and hopefully annihilate the notion that looking like one just woke up and dragged themselves to school is ever acceptable. Since this is another FashionGrail/Stylistmanifesto dual location post, we’re gonna hit exclusively our spots ( and


Step onto campus in style! The vintage striped button-down flows beautifully into the chinos below. The brown tone seamlessly goes from the stripe in the shirt to the pant. And since we’re still in the last bits of the warmer temperatures, rock the nautical footwear while you still can. Top it off with bold-rimmed frames and a slightly busier tie (whose diagonal stripe incidentally cuts the vertical ones of the button-down).

Shirt – $50 @

Similar Tie – $15 @

Pants – $28 @

Boat shoes – $50 @


When you’re in class ma’, why not be dressed to immediately meet your baby for a bite to eat? There’s no need to rock the pajamas like those girls in the online college commercials. This particular ensemble is very simple yet devastatingly chic. The knit top keeps you warm in the a/c (because we know the classroom can be a bit chilly), while the higher length pencil skirt will keep you from overheating on the way back to the car (once you hit the outdoors again, it may be quite a bit warmer and sweating is gross). Not to mention, the higher length is a nice way to still show off those fabulous legs before they have to be put away for the winter 🙁 Footwear is totally up to you but I’d suggest a heel or pump.

Knit top and High-waist pencil skirt – $102 @

Beautiful pumps in a smooth and sexy copper – $120 @

This time around, I chose to keep it mad simple for both us and you ladies. We’ve set the bar for the fall season, now it’s up to each of us to maintain this standard and exceed it! Just because we’re hitting the books, we shouldn’t have to look like we just came off a 12 hour cramming session.

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