The Stylist Manifesto: Bohemian Symphony

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Yeah I know, it’s been a bit. After the drought, why not jump into summer fashion with a little bohemian chic? I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I’m not usually down with boho. However, there are elements of the style that I absolutely love! And since this is just for my partner in crime jazzy Jas, I figured I’d do it big. Like a symphony, this version of boho is passionate yet refined.

Modern black jacket. Boho inspired floral accent. No need for an explanation here ladies. This beautiful wardrobe staple is perfectly accented with a bold flower pin that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. $654 @

To compliment the floral theme of the jacket, I’ve selected this super breathable top with a subtly fresh print. And since it’s not super ignorant, it won’t detract from our gorgeous jacket. $58.90 @! Isn’t the half-yearly sale great?

It is summer isn’t it? Then ditch the pants for these cute shorts in white! The distressing screams boho and is a perfect match for our ensemble. $63 @

Puma never disappoints! Their african inspired ‘tekkies’ series is perfect for that laid-back, effortless look. They’re rough around the edges and crafted of that oh-so-summery canvas. Casual and cute, these unisex kicks bring together our whole look as they compliment not only the rough shorts, but the black and white combo of the jacket as well. Game. Set. Match. Only $40 @!

What can I say about nixon that you don’t already know? I almost shed a tear when I saw this gorgeous interpretation of the time teller in…White Granite?! I don’t know about you, but my wife has NO competition for style when rocking this one. The soft white really pops under the black boyfriend jacket I picked out for you ladies, and the chunkier design perfectly accentuates the bohemian/boyfriend look. $150 is a great deal for a timepiece chiseled out of such a beautiful material. Hit up for yours!



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