The “Rap” Up

August 22, 2008 by  
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1. The Game – My Life (featuring LIl Wayne). Great single I’m sure the cd will be hot.

2. Ice Cube new cd Raw Footage – I want him to stop rapping!  I really think that he is just putting out music because he can.  Ugh…I can’t watch his “family” movies and then listen to him rap about Hood Mentality (track #5).  WTF!

3. Flobots –  Their cd Fight With Tools came out in April and wasn’t a commercial success ( which is what probably keeps them real), but their song ‘Handlebars’ and  ‘Mayday’ are still two of my favorite songs this year.  The fact that they rap with a live band and have extremely opinionated hooks give them a Fort Minor feel that is catchy and thought provoking.

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