The Golden Rules of Shopping Vintage

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As a two-fingered salute to the fast-fashion digital age we now live in, the vintage trend just keeps growing and growing. If you want unique clothing, fabric of quality, timeless style and painstakingly handcrafted tailoring, but can’t stretch to the haute couture price tag, then vintage is the way to go. Rummaging through thrift stores, you never know what you’re going to find, and that’s what makes it such a fun way to shop. Follow our golden rules and you’re guaranteed to strike vintage gold every time!

Know your stores

Get to know the vintage stores and fairs in your area, and if you’re making a trip to The Big City, whether it’s NY, London, Paris or LA, do some research first. Some of the best treasure troves of thrift are hidden away in little side-streets, so get Google Mapping.

If you’re looking for bargains, head to vintage stores in swank high-end zip codes where you’re sure to unearth some designer vintage finds. Also, try less-visited thrift stores that are out of town – they’re often way cheaper and their stock’s less likely to already have been picked over by fashion-hungry stylists.

Know your size

Standard sizing didn’t come into effect until the 60’s and a lot of older clothing, especially pre-wartime, was tailored to fit. Sizing varies from decade to decade, country to country, so always try pieces on to make sure that they fit. If you’re buying vintage online, make sure you ask the seller for measurements! If you fall in love with a piece that’s a little too tight or a tad on the baggy side, remember that a good tailor can work wonders.

Timing is everything

Most thrift stores stock up at vintage fairs at weekends, so new stock arrives in-store first thing on a Monday. This is the time to shop if you want to get first pick. If you’re working Monday to Friday, at least try to get to the stores early on a Saturday before all the choice picks are snapped up.

Exchange and save 

Look out for thrift stores that buy and exchange clothing. Take along your old threads and you can exchange them, get a credit note to spend in store later, or even make some ready cash. It’s a great way to revamp your wardrobe for less.


If you’re the kind of girl that gets squeamish at the thought of wearing second hand duds, then have no fear. Because vintage has become such a major trend in recent years, most hip high street stores and online retailers like Warehouse now have their own ranges of vintage-inspired dresses, clothing and accessories. So there’s still plenty of choice when you want to find a retro look that’s fresh off the hanger.








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  1. AS the Vintage look became more popular and popular so are the people like buying it just remember to keep the size in mind…

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