The Always Forgiving Maxi!

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The maxi dress peaked in popularity last summer thanks in large part to a visibly pregnant Angelina Jolie; and it continues to be a favorite among celebrities like Jessica Alba, Audrina Patridge and my personal fave Nicole Richie. Why? The maxi is comfy, sexy and extremely forgiving.  When wearing a maxi, keep in mind the following: If you do decide to go with flats ,you’re better off with a strapless maxi and keep the accessories to a minimum (you don’t want to overwhelm the look).  If you don’t think you can pull of flats, and heels just aren’t an option, go with a wedged heel.  Lastly, be careful with flip flops.  Just because it works with Angelia doesn’t mean it will work with you (reality sucks!).

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2 Responses to “The Always Forgiving Maxi!”
  1. John says:

    That is a very stylish dress. I can see why they are so trendy.

  2. ALARIC says:

    Angie, My fave female in da world 😀