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The following is a guest post by Stylist Manifesto: When you think of a surfer’s outfit (when out of the water), what comes to mind? T-shirt or A-tee, jeans or shorts, and thong sandals or adidas slides, no? Welcome to adulthood where the jeans or shorts remain, but the rest gets a fresh and mature update. The T-shirt or A-tee either become the polo or the button-down (with sleeves rolled to the elbow), and the thong sandals or adidas slides become nice leather slides. Still an easy, no-thought outfit, just grown up! To briefly recap:

1. Buttown down (with sleeves rolled), polo or a ‘premium tee.’ Cali Button-down – $39.50 at

Or..Classic Polo – $10 at



2. Denim Painter’s Jeans – $20 at


Or…Jetty shorts – $29.50 at



3. Nice leather slides Fitzwell White Slides – $59 at



Or…Kenneth Cole Reaction ‘Shore thing’ Brown Slide – $85.50 at



*Bonus* change out the sandals for aquatic shoes (boating, etc.) like these:


Puma Aqua Mostro $73.25 @

Your accessory choices should be appropriately matched, especially for the summer season (coral, hemp, leather, bright colors, etc.). This look is a fun, yet grown way to express yourself in a fashionable way this summer without looking like everyone else. Because we all know, that’s just lame!

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