The Stylist Manifesto: Frugal Fashionable Fellas

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Even though the economy currently sucks, one must still expand his or her wardrobe from time to time. This is where shopping on a strict budget comes in. For this post in going to craft two outfits for under $200. Just for the frugal, fashionable fella.

Outfit 1:

We’ll start off with a more dressed-up version of the casual ensemble. This single button blazer is a great start, especially at only $34.20 at

This is a refreshing change from the traditional button-up as it’s not only a textured example, but also a utility version with shoulder detailing. The gray palette is wonderfully visited in modern form. Note the complementary neckwear that follows $16.00 at

The diagonal pattern nicely reflects that romantic evening you’ve got planned for your baby,  and @ $6, how can you pass it up? baby!

There’s just something wintery about silver! This tie in brushed silver stands out beautifully against the gray utility shirt and the reflection from the silver fleck will definitely catch your mamita’s fancy. Enjoy for only $6 at

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Celebrity Copycat: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s Look for Less!

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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz looks smart and sexy in a sparkly miniskirt, slim blazer and blouse – all by Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet.  This is the  perfect holiday outfit…get it for less!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Look for Less

Platform Booties – $27.80 at

Day To Night Blazer – $27.80 at

Sequined Skirt – $26.50 at

Knit Bow Back Tank – $19.50 at

Teardrop Earrings – $5.80 at

Tights – $10 at

Clutch – $29 at

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Celebrity Copycat: Rachel Bilson’s Look for Less!

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The adorable Rachel Bilson looking comfortably chic in a navy blue dress and Havaianas flip flops.  Get Rachel’s look for less!

Picture 26

Satin Grosgrain Waist Dress – $16.90 at

Women’s Havaianas Slim Peacock – $24 at

Grommeted Tote Bag – $70.40 at

Celebrity Copycat: Vanessa Hudgens In Clothes!

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Someone needs to tell Vanessa that a cell phone is best used for phone calls, not naked pictures for Zach!  Anyway, while most are concentrating on her racy photos, I prefer to highlight Vanessa’s other attributes; namely her style.  Get Vanessa’s look for less (compare Vanessa’s $300 shoes to Chinese Laundry’s “Bounty” for only $129!).

Picture 5

Lace Trim Crinkled Dress – $60 at

Skinny Braid Belt – $24.50 at

Chinese Laundry Bounty – $129 at

Celebrity Copycat: Jordana Brewster’s Look for Less!

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Although I have never really paid attention to Jordana Brewster’s style before, this adorable outfit caught my eye.  I particularly like the fact that her outfit is trendy yet simple (although I’m not feeling the bag, so I swapped it out with a funky shoulder bag).

Picture 16

Pheobe Plastic Sunglasses – $5.99 at

Cork Wedges – $26.80 at

Splendid Variegated Striped Loose Jersey Open – $77 (originally $128)

Faded Flared Jeans $24.99 at

Burnout Tank $8.80 at

Oversized Shoulder Bag – $70.20 at

Celebrity Copycat: Lauren Conrad’s Look for Less!

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What can I say, I love Lauren Conrad’s style!  Here she’s wearing a navy skirt, a white tee and looking fabulous as usual it’s the perfect blend of classy, trendy, and preppy with the just right amount of sexiness.  I changed the skirt to one that I personally own and can attest to it’s perfect fit and details.  And you gotta love the name necklace (see below), which I highlighted in a previous post!  Get Lauren’s look for less!

Picture 4

Set: Chiffon Trim Top + Skirt – $49.50 (originally $55) at

Oxidized Gold Tone – $11 (originally $22) at

Two Pocket Top – $10.80 at

Jessica Simpson ‘Clonise’ – $79 at

House of Harlow Thin Stack – $32 at

Bagtique Marble PU – $54.99 (originally $77) at

Square Sunglasses – $5.80 at

Picture 5

Celebrity Copycat: Get Reese Witherspoon’s Look for Less!

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Reese Witherspoon’s outfit is a great example of simple yet sexy.  Her look can even  be transformed into a casual Friday look for work by adding a blazer or a white shirt with a pair of pumps.

Picture 47

Convertible Two-Tone Shoulder Bag – $58 at

Ethnic mini skirt – $22.99 at

Tank – $8.50 at

Sunglasses – $5.80 at

Flower Neckace – $24 at

Silver-Tone Watch – $29.99 at

Buckled Gladiator Flats – $22.99 at

Leather Toggle Bracelet – $35 at


Celebrity Copycat: Get Kate Hudson’s Look for Less!

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Kate Hudson is casual perfection in a white blazer, white tank and distressed flare jeans.  Check out the video below on a DIY video for distressing jeans.

Picture 15

3/4 Sleeve One Button Blazer – $48 at

Zippered Gladiator Booties – $49.90 at

Sunglasses – $5.80 at

Slouchy Faux Snakeskin Hobo – $49.50 at

Knit Top – $10.90 at

Laser-Cut Hoop Drop earrings – $13.99 at

Opal jean – $29.99 at


DIY Video

Celebrity Copycat: Reader Request For Lauren Conrad

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 Lauren looking chic in a leather skirt, sheer blouse and scarf.  I decided to pick some pricier pieces (like the top and the clutch) because they offer mileage.  You can wear the top with just about anything and the clutch is not only perfect year round, but it will give any outfit a pop of color.  Get Lauren’s look for less!


Silence & Noise Moto Skirt – $24.99 (originally $68) at
Woven Link Scarf – $24 at
Fortune Bracelet Set – $5.80 at
Asymmetric Hem Blouse – $55.80 at
Michael Antonio Pump – $39.95 at
Rampage Ludlow Clutch – $58 at


Celebrity Redo: Kate Bosworth

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 Here’s the deal: It’s not that I don’t like Kate Bosworth’s look (it is kinda Bohemian cool), it’s just that the colors don’t do anything for her and it definitely would not be my first choice for Summer wear.  I can see someone wearing booties with a Summer dress, but Kate’s wearing a tee, vest, scarf and booties.  For the redo, I decided to swap out the gray tee for a white tank and instead of the booties I added a pair of woven platforms.  The pieces I chose will allow you to easily mix and match them with other  Summer essentials (like the tank with shorts or the vest with dresses).
Silence and Noise Silk Jacquard Skirt – $58 at
Woven platforms – $29.99 at
Sunglasses – $5.80 at
Lace Trim Racerback Tank – $7.99 at
Rose Square Scarf – $19.99 at
Cropped Denim Vest – $31.50 at
Max and Chloe Bamboo Bangle Set – $15 at
Cross-Body Handbag – $24 at

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