Sponsored Post: Zac Posen’s Collection at David’s Bridal

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Zac Posen, a well known designer to stars like Eva Longoria and Rhianna just to name a few, will be taking his designing skills down a different path – he is designing wedding dresses for every brides favorite store – David’s Bridal.  The collection is affordable but certainly does not lack any  designer details like the tulle ball gown, soft chantilly dress and my favorite detail the corset fit. To me, corsets take the dress to another level by giving it that empowering, sexy feel.   Most dresses are  in your traditional white, off-white bridal hues but the collection also has a few choices in black, taupe and even navy giving them both a edgy sexy feel.

In addition to the designer for less dresses, Zac’s collection will also have equally stunning accessories (my favorite part of any outfit). Each piece is less than $150 but look like family heirlooms.  I especially love the retro looking Crystal Leaf headband and the romantic Russian Tulle Blusher of which both would look perfect with any of the dresses. The accessories can easily be worn for other special occasions giving you even more bang for your buck.  When you combine the fabulous accessories with any of the dresses from Zac’s collection you get a glamorous luxurious look for your special day at realistic prices – you can’t beat that!

I truly do love seeing all these amazing designer collections that David Bridals continues to bring at amazing prices!  They make every brides fairy tale wedding that more possible.  Makes me wish I was planning a wedding for myself.  Check out the video of his collection below and check out some my personal favorites as well.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by David’s Bridal, but the opinion expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of David’s Bridal

Sponsored Video: It’s All About The Dress

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Even though it’s below zero in most parts of the country; it’s the time of year when all the pretty, spring bridal dresses start to make their debut. Davids Bridal knocked it out of the park in the new video – It’s All About The Dress.  Davids Bridal spring collections video will warm your heart with a video perfectly capturing the importance of the brides day and dress and features gorgeous pieces from their spring collection.

I’ve always loved David’s Bridal and it’s the first place I recommend whenever I’m asked for wedding dresses and where to buy them. They tie together romance, style, and dreams like no other store, they do it all effortlessly and with budgets in mind. What more is there to ask for? With selections in all price ranges, Davids Bridals makes it easy for any bride to have her magical wedding day.  Have your pick at traditional or sexy designer styles for less! You can also choose from a wide array of accessories to customize your bridal party! What ever your style may be David’s Bridal got you covered on the most important day of your life.  Check out the video below

A wedding is all about the bride and for the bride, it is all about the dress. Shop David’s Bridal’s new Spring 2014 collection for a breathtakingly beautiful gown.

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Celebrity Wedding Looks for Less!

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Jasmine’s fashion mantra is “when in doubt, wear all black.” Although agreeable, what about the day when you will be wearing all white? Celebrities have shown us the right and wrong ways to sport a wedding dress – they face the scrutiny of the public and potentially the harsh words of Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. Below are some of the fashionistas that have received positive remarks and made their own wedding dress iconic.


Kate Middleton looked absolutely breathtaking in this one-of-a-kind Alexander McQueen wedding gown designed just for her. Although there have been rumors floating around about the cost, no reliable details have surfaced. We do know, of course, that the price tag is pretty heft. With the dress on the right, you get an identical silhouette and neckline to Kate’s dress but at just a fraction of the price on Wedding Dress Bee for $378.98 – a great alternative for anyone looking to redo this classic look.


If you’ve seen the Sex and the City movie, there is no way you could forget this stunning dress Carrie Bradshaw wore on her wedding day. We all gasped in delight when the gown was sent to her front door from the designer herself, Vivienne Westwood. The dramatic neckline and full skirt make this unique piece a must-have for any daring bride. If you don’t have the budget to afford the $17,000+ Westwood original, opt for the dress on the right by Sarah Danielle for $1,125.

Although Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries was short-lived, her wedding day was nothing short of elegance and beauty. Her gown, created by bridal fashion designer Vera Wang, had a mermaid silhouette that hugged Kim’s curves and gave the right amount of drama with a dramatic layered skirt. Similarly on the right for $999.99, Vera Wang recreated the Kardashian dress for her affordable White by Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal.

Styling yourself on your wedding day can be overwhelming and a little bit of a hassle. Taking some fashion pointers from celebrities that have done it right when exchanging their nuptials can lessen the amount of worry and time spent planning. Do a little bit of searching for the perfect celebrity-inspired look that really speaks to you and go from there!

Monica Nolan has been a bridal fashion guru for many years and she prides herself on helping women find their dream wedding dress for less.

Creative Flower Girl Ideas

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More often flower girls can be the show stoppers of your wedding.  They’re too cute to behold in their curly locks and flower halos and pretty little flower girl dresses.


Up their cuteness level one notch higher by letting them do something different on your wedding day. Here are some ideas for giving their flower girl job a fanciful twist:
Instead of letting them toss petals on the aisle, let them keep the basket filled with flower blooms or carry a small bouquet of lovely flowers or a lovely corsage what a picture perfect sight.

Let your flower girls blow bubbles in lieu of the customary petal tossing. Or tote up the fun and whimsical factor by adding pops of color to your wedding by having them carry bright jumbo balloons in cheerful brilliant hues like marigold yellow or hot pink. This is going to be a wedding to remember especially if you dress up your flower girl in a flowy dress in the same bubbly hues as the oversized balloons.

For whimsical touches on your wedding have your flower girls genuinely smile by letting them carry pinwheels. As the breeze blows the pinwheels, the sight will surely elicit genuine smiles and giddy giggles from the cute little ones. It’s a sweet idea and it’s definitely uber fun not just for the flower girls but for everyone.


Getting married outdoors? Shade your flower girls from the sun’s heat by letting them hold fancy colored parasols. Add a sweet message on the parasols for everyone to read.

Your flower girls are too little? Let them ride on a fancy wagon then deck out the wagon with lots of flowers and blooms. Let the ring bearer ride along for double fun.

Let your flower girls carry dozens of pretty flower garlands instead of flower baskets. Let them hold hands as they walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to let them wear flower halos to complete the perfectly cute flower girl look.

Inviting your pets to the wedding? Let your flower girl hold its leash – festoon the leash with flowers and sprigs and all things beautiful.

In lieu of the traditional baskets filled with petals let your flower girls carry fanciful signs to prepare everyone for the bride’s entrance. Or to carry messages of romantic love.


How To Pick The Right Website To Buy Your Bridesmaid Dress

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Looking to buy your bridesmaid dress?  Then why not consider shopping for dress over the internet? It will  eliminate all the usual shopping hassles you might have experienced in the past, and you will also get to see a lot of dress options with a single click of a button. If you’re interested in buying your bridesmaid dress online then check  out the tips below.

image via we heart it

1. Use sites such as Shopstyle, Green Guide or simply google the type of dress you want.  This will allow you to narrow your search by color, price, style and while you’re at it discover new styles and great choices of bridesmaid dresses that you’ve probably never seen.

2. Timing.  Make sure you give yourself a good head start.  Before you even start looking for your sign for the stores mailing list, follow them on social media site such as instagram, facebook and twitter that way you’ll be notified of flash sales, clearance and discounts.

3. Keep an Open Mind.  While shopping for your bridesmaid dress you’ll notice that you’ll come across dresses labeled homecoming dresses.  These can be more affordable and perfectly suitable for a wedding.

4. Check on the services and the other perks they offer. For instance, the website green guide not only provides a nice collection of dresses but they also have the “maid-to-measure” and “tailor-made” service which ensures every customer that all the dresses are made according to exact specifications given by each customer. And aside from that, make sure that they will deliver the dress on time and that they are willing to accept the usual mode of payments (cash transfer, credit card, debit card, etc.).

5.  Return policy. This is the most important one when you’re buying online.  There’s maybe a time limit but sometimes returns are even free.


Have any online shopping tips?  Feel free to share below in the comments.

Style Salute to Vintage

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You know that infamous saying, what once was old, is new again, well that is exactly what vintage fashion is all about. Vintage style is all about paying homage to the past and bringing it into the here and now – and it is everywhere. We have been seeing these classic, elegant and intricate designs in every aspect of today’s fashion; clothing, shoes, wedding gowns, hairstyles, make-up application and jewelry.

Image via We Heart It

Clothing and Shoes

Vintage always adds an interesting element to clothing fashion. The peplum, which first burst onto the fashion scene in the 1940’s, and then again in the 1980’s, is back in style once more. We are seeing gorgeous variations of peplum skirts and blouses. It’s a striking combination of old meets new. We are also seeing billowy, frilly, and feminine fabrics for women that are reminiscent of popular clothing pieces from the past.

We talk a lot about women’s fashion but what about the guys? Anyone heard of a little TV show called Mad Men? Well, if you have watched it you know that it is a show based in the 1960’s and the guys are snappy dressers – the ladies too, but we are focusing on the men’s fashion right now. If you look at the shoes that those sharp dressed men are wearing, they will probably look familiar to you, oxfords and saddle shoes are being seen on runways, the red carpet and department stores. Combat boots are another vintage style – but they always seem to fit right into the fashion of the times.

image via we heart it

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are adorned with vintage accents like lace, peplums, open backs and more. These stunning dresses are reminiscent of dresses of the past, but most of them also contain modern details as well to create a harmonious blend of old world and modern elegance. Wedding gowns aren’t the only vintage detail that brides like to include. They also incorporate it into their décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, accessories, flowers and more!

image via we heart it

Hairstyles and Make-up

Intricate braiding, long loose curls, up-dos, pixie cuts and more are being seen everywhere from the runways to main street. Many of these styles span generations and eras but one thing is for certain, they are elegant, carefree and stylish.

False lashes have made a big comeback. In the 60’s thick, long, dark eye lashes were all the rage and many women are embracing this look once again. Most facial make-up is fresh and clean looking, while the eyes take center stage.

image via We heart It


Vintage jewelry is hot, hot, hot. Antique or vintage inspired diamond tennis bracelets mix unique designs with elegant features. They have been a true must-have for the well-dressed woman for decades. When perusing for statement jewelry with a vintage edge, look for diamond eternity rings (with stones all the way around) and tennis bracelets that have beautiful millgrain, beaded edges, or intricate filigree details. Other sophisticated vintage detailing includes beautiful pave as well as round, princess, and asher cut diamond center stones. A one of a kind piece incorporating vibrant colored gemstones or pearls is yet another way to add vintage flare to your ensemble.


Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

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The wedding dress of your dreams – perhaps you’ll spot it when flipping through magazines, carousing through blogs or passing by a store window. You’ll try it on and perhaps it will look like it was made specifically for you . . . or perhaps it just won’t fit quite right as it hugs all the wrong places. The key to feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful on your wedding day is finding a dress that compliments your body type.

If you’re top-half is thicker than your bottom (otherwise known as “apple shaped”), find a dress that pinches the smallest part of your torso and subtly flairs out, like an A-line or ball gown silhouette. Emphasize your chest-area with lace or bedazzlement, and don’t be afraid to “take the plunge” and sport a neckline that displays cleavage. A V-shaped neckline will also help to minimize broad shoulders if desired. Sleeves are also effective at this, though steer clear of those that are puffy. Depending on the formality of the affair, also consider showing off your lovely gams with a flirty hemline that falls around the knee.

If you are thicker around your bottom-half (otherwise known as “pear shaped”), pick a dress that is tighter around the chest and stomach and that naturally billows out from the hip. Look for fabrics that will easily flair out rather than cling to your thighs. To draw attention to your upper-half, opt for thin straps, halter cut or a V-neck design. For your lower half, look designs that incorporate diagonals, as this will have slimming effects. When choosing bridal jewelry, favor simple designs that will delicately contrast with the statement-making skirt.

If you have a fuller build, favor dresses with an empire waist on which the skirt naturally falls right below the bust. Look for a cut that is form-fitting and structured without being overly tight, as a looser look will venture dangerously into the territory of maternity wear. The bottom half should hang loosely with little flair; the vertical lines will be flattering by adding the appearance of height. Keep in mind that you want your chest to sit comfortably and naturally, so select a neckline that dips slightly rather than one that stretches straight across, as it will look like your breasts are struggling to burst out. Move around in the garment before buying it so you make sure that it fits properly and you won’t have to worry about the “ladies” spilling forth. An effective way to minimize the chest area is to wear sleeves or a one-shouldered frock that cuts diagonally.

Women with an hourglass figure (voluptuous breasts and hips with a tiny waist) will find many cuts flattering, especially those with a lower waist that you should accentuate with embellishments or color. A two-piece wedding dress has a similar effect that allows you to play up your equalized curves. It is wise to steer clear of any dresses that emphasize one section over the other, as this can create a visual imbalance that is unflattering.

If you a rectangular, straight up-and-down body, you will want to play up your curves – this means cleavage and perhaps using fabric folding or accents to emphasize your bodice. Additionally, a beautified waistline will help to create definition and emphasize your femininity. Favor wedding dresses that hug your curves and has minimal flair, like a sheath style. If you do want your skirt to have a bit of a flow, consider either a dress that flairs near the knee or one with a higher waistline and a skirt with multiple tiers to help to create shape, though this latter look is better suited for women with tall frames that won’t be overwhelmed by the layers. For petite ladies who want to add the appearance of height, look for dresses that have continuously up-and-down lines, like a mermaid gown or dress with a higher waistline to elongate the legs.  Additionally, stick to simple fabric embellishments, as a continuous pattern and color will allow the eye to easily travel up-and-down the body.

As you’re trying on one wedding dress after the next, don’t become discouraged. There is no such thing as a single definition of beauty. It truly comes in all shapes-and-sizes and it is all about finding the dress that makes you feel sexy and glow with self-assurance as you float down the aisle.



image via weheartit.com

Bridesmaid Looks You’ll WANT to Wear Again

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Weddings are expensive and detailed events that often ignite financial controversy among family and friends. As with any major life decision, everyone has an opinion, and most will vocally share the opinion without prompting. Many argue that weddings are one-in-a-lifetime celebrations that beg for extravagance while reasonable opponents counter that the wedding is merely the first day in a lifelong marriage. If you find yourself this season as part of a wedding party, you are probably hoping for an inexpensive and practical dress choice, no matter where you fall on this wedding continuum.

Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, be honest with yourself about practicality. You are not shopping for a favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. There is a limited amount of use you can get from a semi-formal or formal dress, but if you are searching for a bridesmaid dress that you might choose to wear again, consider fabric and cut carefully.

Material Matters

Nothing says bridesmaid louder than shiny satin or taffeta, so consider softer fabrics such as a matte crepe, tulle, organza, or even a light jersey. The White by Vera Wang line at David’s Bridal has 3 new bridesmaid dresses with very different cuts all in a rainbow of matte crepe.  These styles would like stunning walking down the aisle or into a formal dinner.

Beyond a Sweetheart Neckline

Choosing the right dress for a group of bridesmaids is the ultimate challenge since women come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and personal image issues. Look for shorter dresses for afternoon events with deep V necklines to draw attention to beautiful legs or a curvy figure. A quick trip to the local tailor can ensure that hemlines accentuate the best features for each bridesmaid. Ruched busts, empire waists, or an asymmetrical element also flatter most body types. For example, this V Neck Chiffon Column Dress draws attention to any woman’s curves and drapes her form gracefully in light chiffon. This full-length dress is an elegant option beyond the wedding day.

In addition to fabric and cut, pragmatic shoppers should consider color. For any dress to make a fashion statement, it must be rich and beautiful. Be careful of trendy or popular colors, and choose what will look best on this group of special women who have come together to honor the bride.

Disclosure: This is a guest post

Celebrity Copycat: Kate Middleton’s Look for Less!

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It’s no secret that Kate Middleton has become quite the trend setter all over the world and JS boutique and JS Collection are bringing her elegant look to the masses.  Inspired by her recent trip to the States and Canada, the dresses are sure to be a long lasting classic in your closet whether attending a Summer wedding or a special night out on the town.  My personal fave is the lace dress, which has that “Sex in the City” vibe that I just love!  All the dresses featured are available for pre-order at Dillards.com.

Original by Alexander McQueen                       JS Collections, $250

Original Dress by Erdem $1600                         JS Collection $158

Original dress by Reiss $230                  Dress by JS Boutique, $138

Celebrity Copycat: Kate Middleton’s Look for Less!

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There has been a lot of excitement and stir regarding Princess-to-be, Kate Middleton, and her wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to Prince William.  Will she go for the fairy tale ball gown look, as Princess Diana did?  Or will she stay modern with ruffles and saches?  It could go either way, but my guess is that she’s sticking to her personal style.  Kate tends to dress conservatively, with a flare of sexiness.  There’s been word that she may choose Vera Wang. the queen of bridal and elegant dresses, to design her wedding gown.  And here we have the same designer(for less!) with her line for Priscilla of Boston.  Known for their designer wedding dresses, Priscilla of Boston also carries gorgeous gowns similar to the one Kate here has on.  Paired with matching champagne pumps and black ruffle clutch, this style emulates Kate’s simple yet chic style.  What are your thoughts?

Kate Middleton's Look for Less!

Vera Wang for Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dress – $2990

Banana Republic Earrings – $24.99

DSW Ruffle Clutch – $29.95

Badgley Mishka Heels – $200

Photo Courtesy of People.com






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