New Moon’s Taylor Lautner Video Interview

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Taylor Lautner talks about his New Moon character Jacob Black’s transformation, and how he had to work to get that muscle packed on for the movie.

New Moon – Offical Movie Trailer

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The official New Moon trailer.

Sneak Peak at New Moon

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Check out this New Moon teaser!

Official Twilight ‘New moon’ Poster

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The official New moon poster!


Monday Link’s

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On The Scene: Cast of New Moon (Accidental Sexiness)
Celebrity Sibling Rivalry (CelebGawking)
LeAnn Rimes Talks About Her Book ‘What I Cannot Change’ (Daily Stab)
Miley Cyrus Family Weekend (I Need My Fix)
Michelle Obama’s Easter Dress — Holy or Not? Vote! (LUXAHOLICS)
Watch: Ringo Starr Get Drum Lesson’s (Exclusive at Blender)

Sexiest Vampire Alive

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I admit it. I read the first two Twilight novels in three days. No, I’m not a fast reader.  I just couldn’t put the books down for the same reason as the 17 million prepubescent girls out there that bought the books: Dead sexy Edward Cullen!  He’s everything a girl wants… hot, a gentleman and dangerous!  I remember  Angel being my first “blood sucking” crush back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a huge hit.  Which made me think; if People magazine had the Sexiest Vampire of the Year, who would win?

Grandpa Al Lewis

Bela Lugosi

Angel from the TV show Buffy


Edward Cullen

Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview With A Vampire)


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