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As we near autumn and eventually winter it is important for the city girl to wrap up warm when travelling around town.  We all know that the weather can be unpredictable and having the right attire to protect you from the cold winter streets is important for any girl who wants to reach the office with their makeup and outfit intact. By introducing outdoor wear to your wardrobe you will have something both practical and stylishly urban.

The Forefront of Urban and Outdoor Fashion Crossover

You may be asking yourself where which brands of outdoor clothing are on trend this winter for the urban girl? You should however be asking yourself where can I buy Northface? Northface has been a popular garment of the Hip Hop scene since the 90’s and is still going strong. For those of you wanting to add a bit of urban street credibility to your daily outfit a Northface could be that all important addition to your wardrobe.

Weekend in the Country

Of course a Northface jacket can have multiple purposes for the city girl. For those precious weekends when you’re not working overtime in the office, shopping or chasing the kids around a well deserved weekend in the countryside may be in order. This is where the Northface jacket has a dual purpose because it will not only make you look stylish on the streets of the city, but also add a stylish aspect to your countryside look.

Weekends at the Beach

Escaping to the beach can be another great way to take your mind off work and city life.  Whilst at the beach you may want to pursue some of your weekend hobbies such as surfing or alternatively just catch some sun depending where in the world you are or what season it is. Whichever activity you choose you can be sure that Extreme Pie will be able to kit you out with some of the most stylish beachwear.

Outdoor Hobbies in the City

It is also possible not to have to leave the city in order to take part in outdoor activities. This has been made possible with indoor ski slopes and climbing centres. Even though you haven’t left town to pursue these hobbies it is still important to wear the correct gear and look fashionable at the same time. You can find an excellent rage of extreme sports clothing at online stores such as Blackleaf and Extreme Pie. These stores hold many of the most desirable and on trend brands which can be delivered to your door when ordered over the internet.

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