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I’ve always loved mens fashion just as much as women’s, even more so now that I have five boys. My boys are the type of kids that will wear anything I say. I’ve never been pushy with my opinion they just naturally naviagte towards me and listen to my advice. They have great taste but they always seem to come to me for final approval and I find it so sweet. Think about that for a sec, I dress 4 ( 5 if you count Joseph) guys every single day of the week. When I say I know and love mens fashion, I’m not kidding.

Not only do I dress my boys, but I also dress my husband. When you’re dressing that many people on a budget you also learn how to maximize what they have in their closet and what I buy them. When I mentioned that I wanted to bring more styling tips and finds on a frequent basis they were excited and wanted to join in!

So for the next couple of months I will have my two oldest, Evan and William (see below), contributing their stylish opinions to the post in the Boys On the Side section. I thought it would be neat to have them model for the post but they preferred to stay behind the scenes and write for now! Stay tuned but for now, you can check out three summer outfit’s perfect for traveling in style.

Evan  & William


Mens Travel Outfits

Floral Print Shirt | Levi’s Shorts | Ben Minkoff Bag | Sand Shoes | Sunglasses

Mens Travel Outfit

Entire Look Here

Mens Travel Outfits

Striped Sweater | Chinos | Boat Shoes

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