Must Have Fall Pieces at Forever 21

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Who’s excited for the cooler weather? I know I am! Forever21 is killing it right now with their new arrivals, I could literally buy one of each if I could! I narrowed down my favorites (see below) that can be mix and matched and worn many different ways.

Must Have Fall Pieces at Forever 21

This faux fur jacket is perfect to glam up any outfit!


Carry over the off shoulder trend right into the fall with this bodysuit. Pair it with the skirt below or with your favorite pair of jeans.


Love the fact that chokers are back! This one is simple enough to wear everyday.

Must Have Fall Pieces at Forever 21
These lace up flats are a must have and under $40!


This retro looking batwing sweater would look amazing with a high waisted pencil skirt or high waisted jeans.


Even your phone can have a cozy fall touch with this iPhone case.

The perfect maxi skirt for all of the upcoming holidays!

Must Have Fall Pieces at Forever 21

This chain choker is probably one of my favorites that I just ordered!


For that fall boho vibe – a fringe bag.

Must Have Fall Pieces at Forever 21


Faux Fur Jacket | Off Shoulder Bodysuit | Choker | Lace Up Flats | Batwing Sweater | iPhone Case | Maxi Skirt | Chain Choker  | Fringe Bag 

Sporty Jackets Under $100

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I love that it’s so easy to incorporate sporty pieces without lacking on style or even sex appeal. These sporty jackets are all fun and easy to wear with jeans, a little black dress, or even a pencil skirt. The best thing about them is that they’re all under $100! Scroll down to read Sporty Jackets Under $100 !

Sporty Jackets Under $100

Sporty Jackets Under $100

Black Stripe Sporty Jacket | Floral Sporty Jacket | Black Bomber | Dragon Bomber | MVP Jacket | Pink Bomber

Sporty Jackets Under $100

Which one is your favorite? I personally like the black and white striped ones! I like that retro vibe they got and they’d look cool with rolled up jeans and heels or even layered with a jumper, a sweater and a solid button up. The floral one would look super cute with white ripped jeans and black tee and edgy booties or even sneaks! The green on is the that piece you wear when you want to stand out. Love when one piece, like all of these sporty jackets, can be versatile enough to wear from day to night without much effort. That to me is what style is all about!

More Style:

Outfits Under $50

Sassybax Convert-A-Skirt For Day & Night

Celebrity Copycat: Chrissy Teigen’s Look for Less

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How can you not love Chrissy Teigen? She’s funny, has amazing style and she can cook! I’m loving this outfit she wore with a one piece swimsuit and jeans, it’s perfect for a sexy date night look! Get Chrissy Teigen’s look for less with pieces from H&M, Topshop and more!

CTone piece | jeans | Fringe Bag | Sunglasses | Heels

image via instagram

Celebrity Copycat: Kylie Jenner’s Look Under $100

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I love Kylie Jenner’s edgy looks but lately it’s her sporty chic style that have caught my eye. She mixes glam pieces with leggings and sneakers effortlessly! Here she is wearing a chunky turtle neck sweater, leggings, and sneaks. What makes her outfit so special? She belted the sweater which instantly gave her a more polished feel and it shows off her waist. I love it! Get Kylie’s look for under $100!

Celebrity Copycat: Kylie Jenner's Look Under $100

Sweater – $24  | Leggings – $11 | Sneakers – $20 | Belt – $12 |  Phone Case – $28

Sassybax Convert-A-Skirt For Day & Night

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A little black dress is a closet staple but a little black dress that’s also a skirt and minimizes my waist and midriff is just genius!  When I first got the Sassybax Convert-A-Skirt I immediately worried that it was going to be one of those suffocating fabrics – but it’s not.  Sure it’s snug, but just snug enough to slim all the right spots.  The more you play around with it the better it looks and what totally had me hooked was how when I realized that it held up the “little girls” and we all know that’s not an easy task.  I wouldn’t say I would be able to go braless in it BUT any strapless bra would do (unlike other strapless dresses without support where I have to search high and low for maximum support).   I’m obsessed with this dress!  The fabric is a matte black making it super easy to dress up or down.  It stays put which is important for me because I plan on wearing it on the dance floor and it’s machine washable.  I could go son and on!  It’s the perfect dress to pack on any vacation, for a night out on the town or under a blazer for a sexy office look.   For more info on Sassybax’s Convert A Skirt visit

What I’m Wearing:


Sassybax Convert-A-Skirt c/o Sassybax

Chambray Button Down – $12.99 at Marshalls (also seen here)

New Attitude Necklace c/o Twisted Silver

Sunglasses – $10 from Ross

Animal Print Crossover Bag – $7.99 at Ross

Platform Booties – $20 at Michael Antonio


Sassybax Convert-A-Skirt c/o Sassybax

Chiffon Kimono – $5 at T.J.Maxx

Patent Belt – $7 from Forever 21

 Pointy Toe Pumps – $25.50 from Charlotte Russe (also seen here)

Ring c/o meet mark

Zipper Accented Satchel $25 at T.J. Maxx (also seen here)


Celebrity Copycat: Kendall Jenner’s Look for less!

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Kendall Jenner’s outfit is perfect for a freezing winter day!  I love how she gave her winter basics a glam touch by layering  a faux fur vest over them.  Easy to recreate with must have pieces that you probably have in your closet but if not check out my picks below.

kendall jenners look for less

Boyfriend Coat – $130 at | Denim Jacket – $39 at | Faux Fur Vest – $130 at | Booties – $30 at | Satchel – $35 at | Aviators – $9.99 at

The Formula: Denim Jacket

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~ The Formula: Denim Jacket ~

Still one of my favorite dresses.

Whenever I want to look pulled together but not too dressy I throw on a denim jacket.  I’ve had this dress from Ross for years and I’ve worn it solo during the summer, with sweaters and tights when it’s cold but my favorite is with denim.  I was originally going to wear my deeper blue Levi’s jacket (seen here) but I thought the distressed one from American Eagle went way better with the boho vibe. Tip:  If you’re lucky enough to get casual Friday’s at work, a denim jacket is an easy replacement for a suit or blazer and you can wear it with any skirt or pants.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress $14.99 from Ross

Distresses Denim Jacket  $39.99 from American Eagle (also seen here)

Crossbody Bag c/o meet mark

Bangles/cuff $12.99 from Macy’s

Penny Wayfarer sunglasses c/o

Wedges from Charlotte Russe (also seen here)

Insta Shots

Four Engagement Ring Clues

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Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.15.36 AM

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since you were just a little girl, when you dressed up in your mother’s pearls and high heels, pondering what your life will be like as a grown up; what your life will be like when you finally meet the Man of your Dreams! It’s your engagement! While you surely may be a fan of beautiful jewellery, the options for an engagement ring are endless these days, and you just can’t help but wonder which one your mate will choose…


Luckily for you, there may be some clues which lie beneath – Just take a look at your (future) husbands personality!




Not many are willing to fault the idea of tradition, after all, it has worked all of these years for a reason, right? Your mate is the type who definitely follows this wavelength, and with the ideals of having a perfect marriage (to you), with the eventual family, the pets, a beautiful home just outside of the city, accompanied by a perfect garden, he really wants it all – in traditional fashion! If this sounds like your guy, he surely won’t ignore the cornerstone of marriage tradition – the classic diamond engagement ring! Now, all you have to say, is ‘I do’!




Fast car, respected career, all of the latest gadgets, the nice watch; your guy has got it all, and he is definitely not afraid to show it off! If your husband-to-be is the type who wants to ‘flaunt it’ (and for people to notice, without doubt), then you can take a few guesses as to what your ring will emulate: big and beautiful, with the perfect array of sparkle! There’s no way he’s going to let you wear just any ring, so perhaps you can expect a brilliantly custom-designed replica of one of the many famous celebrity engagement rings, proving there’s certainly no chance in anyone outshining his bride (you!).




Being anything but traditional, your guy has a real talent for creativity, seeing all things in a different light which many people could easily ignore. To be poetic, he’s a real diamond in the rough, and chances are, so are you, as he is likely attracted to those who stand out from the crowd, with their own unique qualities and attributes. If this sounds like your guy, then he is most certainly the creative type, and with this, anything goes! Most logically, he will choose something far from the norm, like a bespoke engagement ring with a possible gemstone, adorning diamonds, and perhaps even an engraved band!




If your life could fit into a perfectly organized and labelled folder, with everything timed perfectly and on schedule, with this guy, it would be. Your life together is planned and proper, with all aspects following an order which would make any librarian envious. In other words, you could certainly call your mate a perfectionist. His high attention to detail is duly noted, and when it comes to a decision like his future wife’s engagement ring, this is a choice that absolutely must be perfect. To match such ideals, your guys will likely do as many modern couples decide to do, and purchase the ring together! No flaws are acceptable, only perfection!
While this is strictly only a guide to predicting his choice of engagement ring, you can always remember that no matter what, as long as he is the perfect one for you, the ring will follow suit. Do you have any other ideas for how to predict such a momentous decision? Let us know by commenting below!

Celebrity Copycat: Kendall Jenner’s Look for Less!

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I love the versatility of a shirt dress! Kendall Jenner gave her shirt dress a sexy twist with over the knee boots and a leather jacket. Great look with key fall pieces that can worn many different ways.

Celebrity Copycat: Kendall Jenner's Look for Less!

Shirt Dress | Over the Knee Boots | Faux Leather Jacket | Naked Lipgloss

What do you think of Kendall’s look? Click here to vote obsessed or hot mess on this and a ton of other celeb looks at People Style Watch!

Image via People Style Watch

Celebrity Copycat: Nicole Richie’s Look for Less!

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One of my favorite things about fall is transitioning breezy summer favorites for the cooler weather. While most of us add cardigans to our maxi’s and wear flannels over our summer tanks, Nicole Richie transitioned her white lace dress for fall effortlessly! I love how she added the turtleneck under the dress when she could have easily just thrown on the blazer and be done. I love her style and that adorable pink pixie cut!

Celebrity Copycat: Nicole Richie's Look for Less!

Dress | Blazer | Turtleneck | Pumps | Earrings

What do you think of Nicole Richie’s look? Click here to vote obsessed or hot mess on this and a ton of other celeb looks!

image via People Style Watch

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