I’m Quoted On ShopStyle & PopSugar: Read How Fashion Influencers Justify Their Shopping, and Play the Game

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We all have our little ways of justifying a major buy, an impulse buy or maybe even a shopping trip used as retail therapy.  I know I have tons of excuses and reasons for why I buy what I buy and Shopstyle & Popsugar quoted me!  Check it out on ShopStyle and POPSUGAR!

Play the ShopStyle game for a chance to win one of three designer bags.


How To Pick The Right Website To Buy Your Bridesmaid Dress

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Looking to buy your bridesmaid dress?  Then why not consider shopping for dress over the internet? It will  eliminate all the usual shopping hassles you might have experienced in the past, and you will also get to see a lot of dress options with a single click of a button. If you’re interested in buying your bridesmaid dress online then check  out the tips below.

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1. Use sites such as Shopstyle, Green Guide or simply google the type of dress you want.  This will allow you to narrow your search by color, price, style and while you’re at it discover new styles and great choices of bridesmaid dresses that you’ve probably never seen.

2. Timing.  Make sure you give yourself a good head start.  Before you even start looking for your sign for the stores mailing list, follow them on social media site such as instagram, facebook and twitter that way you’ll be notified of flash sales, clearance and discounts.

3. Keep an Open Mind.  While shopping for your bridesmaid dress you’ll notice that you’ll come across dresses labeled homecoming dresses.  These can be more affordable and perfectly suitable for a wedding.

4. Check on the services and the other perks they offer. For instance, the website green guide not only provides a nice collection of dresses but they also have the “maid-to-measure” and “tailor-made” service which ensures every customer that all the dresses are made according to exact specifications given by each customer. And aside from that, make sure that they will deliver the dress on time and that they are willing to accept the usual mode of payments (cash transfer, credit card, debit card, etc.).

5.  Return policy. This is the most important one when you’re buying online.  There’s maybe a time limit but sometimes returns are even free.


Have any online shopping tips?  Feel free to share below in the comments.

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