The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

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There are tons of gift ideas out there for this Mother’s Day, but my favourite gift is the one that keeps coming even after Mother’s Day is over…magazine subscriptions!  I’m a magazine junkie and I personally subscribe to a bunch (like a kid, I still get excited when I find my magazines sitting in the mail box after a long day at work).  One of my favourite past times is kicking my feet up, grabbing a glass of wine and cracking open this month’s freshly printed magazine.  Best of all, we live in a time where there are literally hundreds of different magazines covering every possible topic and category out there (whether food, style, fitness or new mum advice).  And CLEO Australia has one of the internet’s most diverse selections… check out some of my favourite below.

For The Stylish Mum:

Shop Til You Drop is the ultimate modern girls guide to online shopping and its focus is entirely on shopping smart.  What mum wouldn’t love that!  It mixes high-low fashion, beauty shopping and even top pharmacy picks all in one magazine.

For The Beauty Lover:

Allure is well known as the beauty expert and its pro’s cover a wide range of topics from celebrity tips, new product reviews and insider secrets.

For the Celebrity Obsessed:

I love me my celebrity gossip and OK! Magazine always covers my favourite celebrities from around the world.   Featuring exclusive interviews and personal revelations from celebrities, OK! Magazine is most well-known for its coverage of celebrity weddings, like David and Victoria Beckham’s.

The Expecting Mum:

Mother and Baby magazine was my go-to magazine when I was pregnant.  It’s choc full of info (from a huge panel of experts) that every expectant mum needs. Including fashion tips!

For The Foodie:

Recipe+ is the definitive magazine for mums on a budget!  Fabulous meal ideas and tons of inspiration for vegetarian dishes, beautiful desserts, kids snacks…all at affordable prices!

For the Fitness Mum:

Good Health is one of my personal fave’s.  Articles cover everything from weight loss, workouts, diet and nutrition, food and recipes, to health and beauty.  The inspirational articles are my favourite and it’s a great cover to cover read that you’ll want to keep for reference like I do with all of mine.


The list is endless, the options never ending and sure to bring a smile to any mum on Mother’s Day!  Best of all, it only take a few minutes to order instantly online (not to mention the price breaks!).








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