Judge a Man by His Shoes

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The first thing I notice on a man are his shoes. I don’t necessarily expect them to be wearing the trendiest or most expensive pair of shoes BUT I do turn my nose up at the condition they are in and sometimes even the style. Get a little guidance on men’s shoes from Debenhams. Check it out below.

Guidance on judging your man’s shoes from Debenhams

White Hot Heels

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I’ve always been a bit iffy about white shoes.  Everytime I see a pair I immediately think of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  🙂  These white heels with a metallic cap toe are however a totally different story and now have me loving white heels.  The metallic (which I’m totally obsessed with for spring) gives the white heels a edgier feel that I love and at only $19.99 how could I resist!  Below is a quick denim on denim look I pulled together and some of my favorite white heels available online (I bought mine at a local Tampa boutique) and under $100.

What I’m Wearing:

White Cap Toe Heels – $19.99 at Local Boutique

Skinny Jeans – $34.99 at Charlotte Russe I LOVE the way their jeans fit!

Floral Chambray Top – $5 at T.J. Maxx (also seen here)

Michelle Valle convertible bag c/o meetmark.com (also seen here)

Vintage Style Ring c/o Fantasy Jewelry Box

Ankle Strap Heels – $94.99 at Heels.com

Laminated White Heels – $49.90 at Zara.com

Pointed High Heels – $75 at ASOS.com


Target Style: Top 5 Shoe Trends for Spring

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Spring has always been my favorite season to shop for shoes. The perfect weather makes it super easy to mix winter pieces with fun vibrant shoes on crisp sunny days.  Target’s shoe selection is always fun and because they can be worn right through summer it’s easy to get lost in the aisles without breaking the bank…. even better Target is running a buy one get one half off sale on select shoes!  Check out some of my favorite spring shoe trends and what to wear them with below.


Women’s Mossomo Pemella Demi Wedge – $32.99

My go-to shoe is always a wedge – it provides the height without the discomfort.  These Mossimo Pamella Demi wedges are so cute!  I love the striped navy and green combo – it gives the cork wedges a lot more character and the colors are perfect for transitioning pieces to summer.  Tip:  Roll up your favorite pair of skinny jeans for a chic, laid back look.


Mossimo Kinley Bootie – $34.99

I love the edge that booties give spring clothing.  Perfect for all your colored skinniy jeans or floral spring dresses.  Tip: When looking for a pair keep an eye for a  mid sized heel they’re the ones that will go with everything.


Prabal Gurung for Target Pointy Toe Pumps – $39.99

I have these Prabal Gurung for Target pumps (seen here) and I wear them with a ton of outfits!  At first I was a tad worried that they would overwhelm my outfits but it’s quite the opposite – the print actually gives my outfits a pop of fun color.  I’ve worn them with pastel jeans, a suit and even shorts.  Tip:  Have fun with the print and give it go with an army green jacket or a lace top.

Lace Up Pumps

Prabal Gurung for Target Lace Up Pumps – $39.99

Glamourous and tough is what I think of when I see these lace up pumps.  Their trendy and affordable…does it get any better?  Tip:  Pull out a maxi dress or skirt because these are the perfect match.

Gladiator Heels

Mossimo Gladiator Heels – $29.99

Gladiators are sandals sexy sister.  They go with anything and can easily be worn day or night.  Tip:  Resist the urge to buy a black pair try a deep red for a unexpectedly stylish twist.

 It’s Time for Springtime.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.— 

Fall Shoe Trends

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Are you already thinking ahead to the fall? Do you agonize over what you will wear and if your shoe choices will size up to the style watchers? If you want to be ahead of the trends in shoe styles for the fall season, then get to work now. The new style trends are out, and there is something for everyone. Start saving and shopping now. You can store your trendy, new shoes in your closet until the weather starts to change and the leaves begin to fall. You’ll be glad you did. Here is how to get your feet in this fall’s trendiest women’s shoes:

Pilgrim Shoes

Who knew the Pilgrims and their style would make a comeback? They are this fall. Designers like Marc Jacobs are pairing the traditional loafer-like shoe into an updated Pilgrim shoe with a chunky heel, a dazzling medallion on the toe, and bright colors such as plum. Pair a funky Pilgrim shoe with jeans, pants, dresses, skirts — they will fit just about every clothing ensemble you have in your closet!

Manolo Tweed Pumps
Tweed is back in a big way this season. But it’s more funky and colorful than you might expect to find tweed. This is not the tweed of your grandfather’s church coat. Expect to see Manolo tweed pumps with bright ribbons of purple, orange, pink, and black. Pair these tweed pumps with jeans, suits, dresses, and any other outfit that combines a solid color. The tweed pumps add a design flair and interest to an outfit of two main solid colors.

Strappy Gold Heels

Got somewhere fancy to go? Strap on a pair of shiny gold heels this fall. In fact, strappy gold heels are so versatile that you can wear them with a dress for an elegant dinner or you can pair them with a skinny jeans and a sweater. Look for strappy gold heels that offer a little interest, such as featuring tiny buckles around the ankles. You’ll get lots of compliments as you take this strappy, sexy shoe from night into the day!

Ankle-Strap Platforms

These shoes might take a little practice walking in, but they are surely a show-stopper. Grab a pair of these chunky yet sexy high-heeled shoes in a solid color or an animal print. These shoes are another versatile pair that can carry you from day into night. During the day, wear them with skinny jeans. At night, pair them with a sexy, short dress.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on full price shoes? You can get designer, fall women’s shoes for a reduced price if you are a smart shopper. Start a season ahead and look for designer shoes that are on sale. Marc Jacobs, Guess, Nine West, Michael Kors, Bandolino, and BCBG have their latest fall shoes out on the marketplace now, but they will go on sale. The best part about shopping for fall shoes while it is still hot outside is that you have time to buy. You can bookmark your favorite fall shoes and then keep checking their prices online until they go on sale. With a little patience and a little research, you will be able to score a collection of fall shoes that top the trends lists!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post

Top Five Wedges for Spring

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My favorite heel has always been the wedge.  Not only do they let you get some height without the pain, but they are SO versatile that i call them my “dressy” flip flops!  Best of all they will last for years, particularly if you buy neutral toned styles like the Lucky Shoes leathered covered wedges (shown below). You can pair wedges with just about anything all year round, but my favorites include maxi skirts, dresses, flared jeans and even a super stylish jumpsuit.  Tip: to get more mileage out of your wedges, invest in a good pair, choose closed toe and keep within the autumn color scheme.  Check out some of faves below.

Leather Covered Wedges – $119 at Luckybrand.com

Rock & Republic Platform Wedge – $51.99 at Kohls.com

Color Block Wedge – $69 at Dorothyperkins.com

Sam Edelman Javi – $150 at Zappos.com

Genelle Wedge Sandal – $129.95 at Endless.com

Interview With Elizabeth Anne, Creator Of “Purse N’ Boots”

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I recently came across an exciting new product called Purse and Boots and had the chance to chat with its creator Elizabeth Anne.  Check out the interview below.

What inspired “Purse n’ Boots” and also your personal style?

Purse n’ Boots was inspired by quite a few things. Mainly it was my consistent ability to lose things that really got me thinking of a new solution. My personal style has always included the knee-high boot for as long as I can remember. I will even wear them in the summer or when it’s 30 degrees out. After a few lost purses I started keeping my cell phone and make-up tucked inside them. It was a fairly good system except that it was inconvenient to have to dig around at the bottom of the boot to try and find what I was looking for. What I really wanted was a boot with hidden pockets but I couldn’t find them anywhere. It took a year long search before I realized they didn’t exist. That’s when I knew I had my perfect business venture. It took many years of R&D, patent processing, and a massive learning curve but now I’ve reached the fun part – getting these boots on feet.

Was Lady Gaga’s lyric “Where are my keys, I lost my phone” from “Just Dance” one of the catalysts for the “Purse n’ Boots” idea?

Oh definitely. It really only used to take a cocktail or two before I would start losing things. I don’t know how many times I’ve left my cell phone behind and there’s nothing worse than watching the cab drive away with your purse in the back seat.

What has the general response been like for “Purse n’ Boots”? Is it a challenge to market something that is the first of its kind? 

The response to Purse n’ Boots has been really exciting. It’s spreading so much faster than I ever could have anticipated. There are definitely some challenges that come with trying to market something that is the first of its kind. There is just a little more work that has to be done. You have to not only start your business and pick your product, but you have to create the demand for it as well. I’ve been really lucky though, thanks to a lot of brave trend setters I’ve been able to see a lot of success this year. If it wasn’t for those awesome ladies I would not be where I am today.

Who and/or what are your inspirations? What motivates you?

I’m very inspired by strong women like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi. I really respect anyone who can do their own thing and inspire others to do the same. Freedom and choice are what motivate me. I want to design my life in such a way where I can spend the majority of my time doing something that I love. When I sit down to work now, it’s because I love it. Not because I need to pay the bills or climb the corporate ladder.

How do you intend women to feel when wearing “Purse n’ Boots”?

I want them to feel free! It’s such a nice feeling to be dancing or shopping without worrying about having a purse on my arm. You can salsa with your partner without having to hope that your purse will still be on your chair when you get back to your seat.

What advice do you have for women who want to follow your footsteps and start a business doing what they love?

Follow your heart not your head. It’s easy to start a business based on market data or what some else thinks will be popular. But if you really want to start something that you’ll love doing and really put passion behind, then you’ll need to follow your intuition. Regardless of what you end up choosing as your business, it will take a lot of time and patience. So my advice would be to choose something that you love to do…something that you’ll enjoy the journey of as much as the destination.

For more info visit – Elizabethanneshoes.com

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Celebrity Biker Boot Look For Less

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Another fabulous Shoegasm post!  Spring is right around the corner and what better way to get excited than checking out some of the amazing spring shoe trends seen on your favorite celebs.

The biker look isn’t going anywhere ladies it is definitely here to stay at least for another fabulous season. Check out some of these amazing A+ celebrity looks for inspiration. Whether you pair your boots with a pair of white wash jeans, a small mini dress, or even flat black leggings you are sure to look fierce while walking down the streets of NY. Shoegasm has these looks for amazing prices us everyday people can afford!

For any questions, or to order any of the boots below call Shoegasm at (212) 691-2091

Found and Loved: Links

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$15 Off at Nine West

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To celebrate the re-opening of their stores located at 701 North Michigan Avenue and the Watertower in Chicago,  Nine West is offering $15 off purchases of $75 for online purchases and Chicago retail locations.  Use code NWBLG11 online.  Works like a charm!

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