Review: Guilty Soles Shoe Membership Without A Monthly Commitment

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Guilty Soles Shoe Club review

I like every other shoe obsessed girl have been tempted to try all of those monthly shoe clubs but I’ve never actually gone through with it. One of the main reasons why I’ve never actually gone through with it was because I didn’t want the monthly commitment of buying a pair of shoes without seeing the actually quality. I’m known to like a bargain and have no problem buying affordable shoes but to pay and join a monthly shoe club  scares me because it’s a year long commitment. So, when Guilty Soles offered me the chance to try out their shoe membership that DID NOT require a monthly purchase I immediately jumped at the chance. I actually  couldn’t believe that all it took was $49.95 membership fee and for one year you can choose how many times you purchase something for only $19.95. Not bad!  I took a few days to find a pair of shoes that really jumped out at me. They have a pretty big selection and I wanted to make sure that the pair I chose fit my style and would clue me into whether or not a membership would be worth it.

I narrowed it down to three pairs the Press Tour Black, Summer romance White and the Premier Blue heels. The Premier Blue heels jumped out at me the most because of the bold blue and animal print heel so I went with those. I got the shoes within 3 days and the packaging was so pretty! The gold box made it look like a Christmas gift and inside was a handy duster bag to keep the shoes. I was really impressed without even trying them on. When I went to try on the shoes I did panic a bit because for some reason I didn’t notice the heel zipper online. My feet have never fit well with heel zippers and I’ve always had to return any I bought. Not the case with these at all – they fit perfectly! The shoes all in all were exactly as I expected and more. They’re well made, impeccable details and pretty comfy considering they’ve got 5 inch heels. They’re a pair of shoes that are worth adding to my collection. Guilty Soles in my opinion is definitely worth the $49.95 member ship fee.  Even if you end up only buying just one pair for $19.95 it’s worth it!  I can’t wait to order my next pair!

Guilty Soles Shoe Club review


Gulity Soles Shoe Revie


Details on joining Guilty Soles:

One year membership for $49.95  and get unlimited access to all their shoes for only $19.95.  Judging from the pair I was just sent they look way more expensive than $19.95.  For more info on Guilty Soles visit and make sure you follow them Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for lots of fashion tips and all the latest shoes.  Look out for an outfit featuring these babies really soon.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  Guilty Soles sent me the shoes to review but the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Guilty Soles.

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