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Check out what these fabulous fashion bloggers wrote about this week!   

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Poolside Party (Life In A Venti Cup)

Outfit of the Week (Lollie Shopping)

One Tunic …..4 Ways (Love Maegan)

What I Would Wear: 4TH of July (pinkrockcandy)

Hat-Attack – (Some Notes On Napkins)

Steal Alicia Keys’ BET Awards Look (Style It)

Clear as Black and White (Stylist’s Manifesto)

NY Artificial (The Boutique of The Week)

4th of July Sparks Major Sales (The Sales Rack)

Workchic Fitting Room Series: Hourglass Shape (Work Chic)

Beyonce – Ego

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Love the hair and the video even more! Check out Beyonce’s brand new video for “Ego.”

Celebrity Copycat: Get Beyonce’s Look for Less!

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Beyonce’s look, although adorable and trendy, can be tricky to pull off.  The key is to keep the outfit and accessories simple, without being afraid to have fun.  For example, don’t be afraid to throw on some platforms like Beyonce.   Suspenders are a fickle trend that comes and goes — so enjoy it while you can!  Get Beyonce’s look for less!


Kirra Lavish Sunglasses –  $15.50 or 2 for $20 at

Hurley Rachel II Top – $41.99 at

Burgundy Suspenders – $7.99 at

Miss Me Hidden Platform – $39.95 at

Skinny Jeans – $39.50 or 2 for $55 at

Beaded Bracelet – $1.50 at

Designer Mugler Creates Beyonce’s “Fierce” Look

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Thierry Mugler, who designed Beyonce’s costumes for her tour, elaborates on the creative process behind Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s on-stage alter ego).  Click here to see more pics


New Beyonce Videos – Diva & Halo

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