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The time has come where having to wear glasses is finally cool!  So much so that people who do not need to where prescription glasses are donning their favourite frames with non-prescription lenses.  This is great for anyone who actually needs to wear glasses on a daily basis as the demand for  fashionable specs has meant that the fashion elite have incorporated eyewear into their designer ranges.

Who Offers What in the World of Designer Prescription Glasses?

Most big fashion names now offer a range of designer prescription glasses.  Whether you’re an aviator fan, a square or a round framed fan there will be something available for you in most designer ranges.

Designers offering prescription glasses frames include:

  • Barbour
  • Fossil
  • Vera Wang
  • Jeff Banks
  • Pineapple and much much more!

Quirky Prescription Glasses That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

If you want to combine style with practicality but also stand out from the crowd then why not go for something different?  There are some fantastic prescription glasses out there in a variety of quirky and kooky styles.

The possibilities are endless in terms of design.  From heart shaped frames to butterfly shaped frames it’s all out there!

Here are a few of our favourite novelty glasses frames that perhaps are not quite right for day to day use!

  • Electric guitar frames
  • Beer Can frames
  • Father Christmas shaped frames
  • And perhaps the most practical and quirky – glasses frames that also double up as drinking straws!!

Why Not Turn Back the Clock and go Vintage?

If you’re more into retro chic as opposed to fashion of the minute then why not venture back in time and go for a vintage look?  Designers such as Ray Ban specialise in both sunglasses and clear lensed glasses with an old skool feel to them.

Where to Shop For Retro Glasses Online?

If you have made the decision to go down the retro route then check out  Not only do they stock a great range of retro glasses but they also offer a wide range of on trend designer frames across a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes so, if you want to set the trend, follow fashion or raid the retro era, you can find your ideal pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses online today!













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