Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s day is about celebrating the special lady in your life who has given you so much and has taken care of you when you most needed it. So, you should aim to find something extra special to give her on this day of appreciation; this year the UK celebrates Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th March and we are going to take a look at what gifts you could buy to symbolise how important your Mum is to you.

Jewellery is a great present to show someone you care, and the Mother’s Day Pandora selection from John Greed Jewellery is perfect for this, as it offers you the opportunity to build a personal collection over time, and represents the story of her life so far.

Mums are such a key figure when you’re growing up and you can always count on them for some great advice – even when you’ve flown the nest! Due to this immense amount of love, it is often hard to find the perfect gift that really shows how grateful you are; Pandora charms are a lovely way to commemorate this cherished bond.

Mother and Daughter Charm – £65

If you and your Mum share a love for Pandora, this charm will be perfect for the both of you! It shows the unbreakable bond and every time she catches a glimpse of this charm, you will always be in her heart.

With its striking red enamel centre, inside of a beautifully crafted textured silver heart, the charm comes in two halves, ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’, which when joined together, create a gorgeous love heart.

So, even if you are not always together, you can still remind yourself of the special connection between you.

Pandora First Bracelet – £99

If your Mum doesn’t have a charm bracelet yet, you could choose this brilliant starter piece! It’s a great opportunity to create a truly unique present that evolves over time. Charm bracelets allow the wearer to tell their own story through charms, with each one representing a special moment or memory.

This Pandora Pink Dream bracelet is great value for money as it provides everything she will need to get started when building her collection of Pandora and features a gorgeous pink Murano glass charm and two elegant clips

Family Love Charm – £35

This charm celebrates the strong family bond that you share. Beautifully crafted, this polished silver charm is engraved with ‘Family’ on one side and ‘Love’ on the other.

Complete with cute little faces to represent the ones that surround her with love, it is sure to make your Mum smile this Mother’s Day and remind her of what a wonderful lady she is.

Silver and Gold Teddy Heart Charm Set – £120

This stunning charm set symbolises the love and gratitude for the most important woman in your life. The gift contains a limited edition silver teddy bear with its 14ct gold heart, a gorgeous pink and white heart Murano glass charm and a beautifully crafted silver embossed heart charm.

Show just how much you care with these delightful little charms, and celebrate everything she means to you, reminding her of the loving connection between mother and child.







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