Affordable Curvy Girl Outfits

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I’m a big believer in options when it comes to fashion, especially clothes for curvy women.  It’s less about trendy and expensive and more about being able to find pieces that work with more than one outfit (and the ability to go from day to night on busy days).  Every woman deserves great fashion no matter her shape or size, and the Bonmarche affordable selection is for the every day curvy gal that wants to look good without breaking the bank.  With a huge selection of contemporary apparel and accessories ranging from sizes 12-24 it’s super easy to find pieces that will take you to work and then right out on the town.

Ranges include casual separates, Evening dresses for curvy womenouterwear, swimwear, lingerie nightwear and accessories, all designed with the real feminine figure in mind. In 2007, it launched a collection designed in collaboration with David Emanuel, the designer famous for the co-design of Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress in 1981.

This collection has a slightly higher price point than the main Bonmarché range but still represents very good value for money.


Striped Sweater Styled Three Ways

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At first glance you might think that this just another striped sweater… but it’s just the opposite!  What I love about this sweater is how the buttons down the back not only add a glamourous and expensive vibe, but it can also be modified for a sexier look by simply unlatching a few buttons.  Or, consider pairing it with a bright button down untucked and peaking out underneath for a fun 80’s preppy look.  Stripes have always been a favorite no matter what season and this is the perfect addition.  Check out my fave 3 ways to wear them below.

Striped Knit Top – $38 at

Skirt – $50 at

Loafer Pump – $79 at

Clutch – $59.99 at

Cuff – $32 at

Wrap Strap Watch – $50 at

Striped Knit Top – $38 at

Belted Shorts – $27 at

Blouse – $98 at

Wedges – $143.20 at

Covertible Backpack – $238 at

Striped Knit Top – $38 at

Boyfriend Jeans – $39.95 at

Quilted Cross Body Bag – $21 at

Necklace – $24 at

Loafer Pump – $79 at

My Signature Look

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Everyone strives to have their own their look; a signature style that makes us feel unique.  For me, I don’t necessarily go for a specific fashion statement, like modern or preppy. I prefer to add a few key pieces to my outfit to create my signature look.  For example, I never leave the house three favorite chains and I have yet to come across an outfit that doesn’t go with my necklaces.  One necklace has very distinct charms with special meanings; the second is a mala for strength (seen here) and the third is the longest with a leaf, a horn and a simple blue stone.  Another way I create my own signature style is to stack a ton of bangles on my arm, and wear huge but simple earrings and oversized rings.

My Accessories:

Queen Ring (bold round one on the far right) – COMING SOON to

Bangles –

Watch – Timex

Blue Stone Ring –

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Leaf Necklace –

Low Luv necklace with my personal charms –

Clearly I let the accessories define my signature look (bold, dainty and eclectic)because I wear a wide array of outfits.  One day I go for boho and another preppy rocker chic…… everyday it changes and I love playing with different styles! Below are three different outfits with my signature spin on them.  What’s your signature look or piece?

In this outfit, I’m focusing on the blazer. I love how the masculine striped blazer let’s the other sexy pieces shine while also giving the eclectic selection of accessories a fresh feel.

Blazer –, Tank Top –, Shorts –, Boots –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –

In this outfit the focus is on the shrug. It’s a must have piece regardless of season and I  own a shrug in every color including a bunch with a little sparkle.  I purposely use short sleeve shrugs to give my outfits a quirky, unfinished touch against long sleeves or to balance out anything sleeveless.  When paired with a funky scarf you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd!

Dress –, Shrug –, Shoes –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –

In this outfit the focus is on the faux leather jacket. Leather jackets are timeless and  toughen up any outfit.  This outfit is also my favorite and reflects my style the most because it has all of my favorite style elements: the sweet, unfussy boho tank, the flared pants and the buckled booties (i love buckles and pockets!!!!).

Moto Jacket –, Floral Tank –, Trousers –, Booties –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –






Rihanna’s Look Styled Three Ways!

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Love how Rihanna rocked her faux fur vest over a denim jacket and added super sexy hot pants with suspender tights!  Unless you’re headed out to a night club this look probably wont be suitable for everyday wear; but the vest and denim jacekt can easily add a rocker glam vibe to black skinny jeans or a maxi skirt.  If you’d like to give the shorts a more subtle look try them with tights.  Check out more affordable versions below with pieces from Yesstyle.

Faux Fur Vest – $68

Denim Jacket – $50

Denim Shorts – $60

Wedge Ankle Boots – $133

Tee – $18

Sunglasses – $20

Faux Fur Vest – $68

Denim Jacket – $50

Wedge Ankle Boots – $133

Sunglasses – $20

Maxi Skirt – $70

Patterned Tank Top – $16

Faux Fur Vest – $68

Denim Jacket – $50

Wedge Ankle Boots – $133

Sunglasses – $20

Skinny Jeans – $48

Turtleneck – $58

Add Some Sparkle to Your Holiday Season

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Autumn is upon us. The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are changing to fiery hues and many folks are gearing up for the holidays to come. It may seem like a long way away but before you know it you’ll be decking the halls and preparing to spend time with loved ones near and far. As you head out to your mailbox you are sure to find one or two…or many ten (for the tremendously popular) invitations to the holiday parties of your family, friends and acquaintances. Of course you’ll want to make a statement and nothing says holiday quite like diamond jewelry!

Why Diamonds? There are so many fabulous reasons…

1. Diamonds go with anything!

Yes, they absolutely do! It doesn’t matter what color palette you have chosen for your special holiday apparel; you can be sure that the diamonds you wear will be the perfect compliment. They can take a basic black dress and turn it into stunning formal attire. Whether you are putting on the ritz or having a lovely intimate holiday dinner, your diamond jewelry will fit right in — shining the whole night through.

2. It all comes down to sparkle.

When you think holiday parties what comes to mind? If you said sparkle, then diamonds are the ideal choice for you. The brilliance of diamonds is reminiscent to sunlight hitting newly fallen snow, white lights twinkling on trees and houses and the glint of clinking champagne flutes as folks welcome in the New Year — which is why these dazzling gems are perfect for this time of year.

3. Diamonds can take drab and make it super fab!

Do you have an outfit that you truly adore and feel great in but you are worried that it might be just a tad too casual? That’s an easy fix. If you add diamonds – like a Rivera necklace for example – it will kick your outfit up about 5 notches! Then you can add some stunning stilettos and you should be good to go.

4. Diamonds make a statement.

How we choose to dress for an event is really a reflection of our thoughts about the event itself. By wearing your diamonds you are telling your party hosts, “I think you’re event is really special and I am so happy that you invited me”. An especially nice choice for these types of occasions is a graduated diamond tennis necklace. It is the ultimate choice for those seeking to make a statement of timeless elegance.











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Shopping Strategies for the Perfect Closet

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Shopping Strategies for the Perfect Closet

Make 2011 the year you stop choosing quantity over quality and buying slightly different versions of the same outfit. Just follow these five strategies for getting the most chic from your shopping dollar, and you’ll never again have to lament, “My closet is stuffed, but I have nothing to wear!”

Strategy No. 1: Shop Your Closet
Taking inventory of your wardrobe will help you figure out what you actually need to add to your collection, says Los Angeles fashion stylist Mar Yvette, host of the “Citysearch Weekend Roundup” segment on the television show “Good Day LA.” Spend a few hours trying on those items you haven’t worn in a while. See how they look and how they make you feel, and figure out whether or not they coordinate with anything else in your closet. Be open to new combinations. The argyle cardigan you bought a decade ago in a preppy fervor may be just the thing to belt and wear over a sheath dress today. “Shopping for clothes without truly knowing what’s already in your closet is like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach,” says Yvette. “You end up spending a whole lot of money on things you don’t need.”

Strategy No. 2: Streamline and Spread the Wealth
This will go against every shopping urge you have, says Yvette, but less is more. The goal is to build a wardrobe that lasts. You’ll save money in the long run if you buy fewer, better-quality (and therefore, more expensive) pieces rather than lots of cheaper items that are likely to fray or go out of style. Sure, you can get your trend fix with H&M’s disposable designer collections, but the bulk of your closet should be filled with quality pieces made from fabrics like cashmere, linen and wool that transcend time. Follow up on strategy No. 1 by pulling out any items you haven’t worn in a year. If they no longer fit and are beyond tailoring, wish them well and donate them to a charity organization.

Strategy No. 3: Build From the Basics
Whether your style is cutting-edge, classic or casual, these essentials are the building blocks of a functional wardrobe:

  • Black pants: They’re the most basic of the basics
  • Dark denim: Opt for a trouser cut
  • White button-down shirt: Designer Carolina Herrera lives in these
  • Sheath dress: It’s simultaneously sexy, classy and sassy
  • Cardigan: Throw over the sheath dress or pair with jeans or black pants
  • Two-piece suit: Mix and match the jacket and the skirt with all of the above

Strategy No. 4: Choose Double-duty Items
Carilyn Vaile, who designs easy-to-wear items for women on the go, recommends buying items that multitask. Questions to ask as you carefully vet pieces on the store rack: Can the tunic be worn as a minidress? Can the long waterfall jacket be belted and worn as a dress with tights and boots? “If an item can easily transform into other outfits, it keeps my interest,” says Vaile. “Not only will it stay in my wardrobe longer, it will be worn more often.”

Strategy No. 5: Shop the Sales With Caution
No doubt, some of the articles of clothing cluttering your closet still have sales tags hanging from them because you couldn’t pass up a bargain. But it’s not a bargain if you only bought that dress, sweater or pair of (slightly tight) boots because of the 90 percent markdown and never wear it. Before you purchase an item on sale, ask yourself: Would I still want this piece — in this color, size and style — if it weren’t marked down? If the answer is no,pass it up.

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By Karen Brailsford for The Style Glossy

Karen Brailsford is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor. She writes about style for People, In Touch Weekly and

10 Ways to Wear a Little White Dress

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Move over LBD! The little white dress is taking the stage as the wardrobe staple for Summer.

Twisted Silver’s New Love Knot Earrings

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Twisted Silver has done it again…this time with a new “twist” on traditional pearls!  Preserved in divine deterioration, the Love Knot earrings (pictured below) resonate with character and are forged from salvaged glass pearls circa 1950’s era Japan. Perfect for day or night with shorts or a LBD.  Check out what I’d wear them with below!

The Love Knot earrings can be found at Use code INSIDERS for 15% off of your purchase!

Bell Sleeve Blouse – $76 at

Love Knot Earrings – $50 at

Creekwalk Necklace – $120 at

Jessica Simpson ‘Danson’ Sandal – $78.95 at

Tab Denim Shorts – $20 at

Maxi Dress – $46.99 at

Stilettos – $24.80 at

Creekwalk Necklace – $120 at

Love Knot Earrings – $50 at







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