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Love a man with a stylish backpack… it gives any outfit an old school (somewhat chic/geeky) street vibe that’s so sexy!  Tip: Don’t go cheap on backpacks. They are always handy and if you choose the right one, it’ll look even better with a little wear and tear.  When it comes to style points, consider this: Pair it with a hoodie and slacks for an old school touch; blazers and a scarf to class it up; or a pull over, button down and baggy jeans for a smart look.  Check out some of my faves below and let me know your thoughts on backpacks.



Wool-Blend Jacket – $56.90 at

Jeans – $42.99 at

Hoodie – $26.94 at

Sneakers – $111 at

Canvas and Leather Backpack – $76.99 at

Sunglasses – $46.90 at

Leather and Canvas Backpack – $57.30 at

Faux Leather Backpack – $112 at

Ralph Lauren Backpack – $74.99 at

Idlewood Backpack – $85 at

Celeb Style: Fair Isle Looks For less

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How can you not love Jessica Biel’s adorable Smythe Fair Isle Coat; it’s totally my look and captures the classic Winter style (with great selections for men too!). Check out my affordable finds below.

Fair Isle Parka – $89.40 at

Fair Isle Sweater Vest – $69.50 at

Fair Isle Belted Sweater – $48.65 at

Fair Isle Sweater – $34.90 at

Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan – $98 at

Sigur Cardigan – $75 at


Stephen Einhorn’s Beautiful Designer Wedding Rings Catch the Eyes of Celebrities

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Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post.

Your wedding ring says a lot about you; it is a symbol of the loving bond you share as husband and wife.  That’s why choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring is so important.  It needs to fit with your own fashion and style both as an individual and as part of a married couple.

Many male celebrities have stunning wedding rings which make a real statement.  David Beckham’s diamond packed wedding ring is hard to miss, and underlines his status as one of Britain’s most fashionable male celebrities.

A popular trend with wedding rings is engravings.  These add a personal touch to the rings and make them unique.  When he got married, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman had a Sanskrit engraving put onto his wedding ring, with his wife’s ring also bearing an engraving.  Engravings in a choice of font style can be added to mens wedding rings from Stephen Einhorn and many men choose to have engravings on their rings to make them even more special.

Whether you decided to choose a statement wedding ring, or a more traditional, subtle style, you won’t be short of choice with Stephen EInhorn himself.  You can be confident that a Stephen Einhorn men’s wedding ring will never go out of fashion.

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Celebrity Copycat: Get Chace Crawford’s Look for Less!

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Chace Crawford, People magazine’s hottest bachelor pick, looking mighty fine while out and about in merry London!  I love it when a man puts together an outfit that looks like he just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing he could find.  Get Chace’s look for less!

Picture 39

BDG Poplin Shrunken Blazer – $79 at

Henley – $10.99 at

Loose Fit Jeans – $44.99 (originally $54.50) at

Surplus Boat Shoe – $58 at

Military Cap – $20 at

Celebrity Copycat Deluxe: Twilight’s Kellan Lutz

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Kellan Lutz, best known for playing Emmett Cullen in Twilight, keeping it simple and sexy in brown corduroy’s, black boots, a black v neck and a news boy hat.  This outfit really should be in every guy’s closet.  Although the hat is optional, don’t  go cheap on the boots (you’ll get your money’s worth in the long run).  All and all the outfit is very versatile and can be broken down in so many ways.  Get Kellan’s simple understated look for less!


Driver Men Cap – $15.99 at

Aviator Sunglasses – $15.60 at

V-Neck Tee – $8.10 at

Bender Corduroy’s– $49 at

Type Z Matteo Boots – $95 (was $120) at

Columbia Outfitter Watch– $37.50 (was $50) at


Textured Stripe White Shirt– $24.50 at

Bender Corduroy’s – $49 at

Leather Flip-Flops– $19.50 at


V-Neck Tee – $8.10 at

Aviator Sunglasses – $15.60 at

Pinstripe Short– $22.90 at

AE Leather Flip Flop– $34.50 at

Celebrity Copycat: Leather Cuff Watches

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Popular with celebrities like Johnny Depp, soccer star David Beckham and Chris Daughtry of American Idol fame, leather cuff watches can be a great accessory if you’re looking to revamp your style or just add a little “trend” to your look.  But not all cuff watches are created “equal,” and they come in a variety of styles and sizes.   

Johnny Depp is clearly the “Accessory King of Hollywood” and his style perfectly blends with leather cuff watches.  Fossil has a large and eclectic selection with the majority of pieces under $100 (style shown $75).


Chris Daughtry wears it well.  Check out for well-priced and unashamed rockstar accessories (style shown: $64.99 )










For a more understated and “slimmer” leather cuff watch (like this classic version worn by Robert Redford in 1975’s Three Days of the Condor) try Diesel.  $140 for this model. 


Celebrity Copycat: Get Jake Gyllenhaal’s Rugged Look for Less!

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The key to Jake Gyllenhaal’s outfit is the ragged boots and the simple unbuttoned henley.  Just about any guy can pull off this classic rugged look.  Get Jake’s look for less!



Organic Cotton Henley – $16.99 at

Men’s Poplin Shirts – $24.50 at

Aviator Sunglasses – $5.90 at

Bed:Stu Theoni Boot – $110.99 at

Murray Straight Jean – $29.90 at

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