T-Shirt & Trousers

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As I begin to make my way into the work force I find myself wanting to look more sharp and presentable but not over dressed because I do live in florida. So lately I’ve been trying my hand at t-shirts and trousers with either Sperry’s or slip-on loafers. It’s a simple look that doesn’t really take much to put together and it’s easy for me to layer up when it finally does get cool. Below are some pieces and inspiration for this simple yet professional look.

T-Shirt & Trousers

For this look try these: herring bone trousers , penny loafers , white tee

t-shirt and trousers

For this look try these: khaki’s , pullover, belt

t-shirt and trousers

For this look try these out: oxfords, trousers

image | image | image

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Threadless Tees

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If you’re addicted to tee shirts like me, then you have to check out Threadless.com.  I have a bunch and can tell you that they are beyond soft, exceptionally well made and look like they cost a fortune. Quick tip: they seem to run small so you may want to order a size up.  I also love the Threadless back story.  Starting out as a an open casting call for tee shirt design submissions to support emerging artists, Threadless continues to support the creative community with its “select series” which also features printed designs by established artists and designers.  Check out some of my faves below:

London Tee – $19

Birds Of A Feather – $15

Peace and Love – $35



A Penguin Tee – $15

MY FAVE – I Listed To bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet – $20

Traveling Tee – $20




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