Must Have Nautical Pieces

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Nautical pieces are classic and worth every dime you spend on them.  They never go out of style and are easy to wear to the beach, a bbq and classy enough to wear to work.  Stripes are a must, anchors are fun and red white and blue is easy to incorporate into any outfit. Check out some nautical inspiration and must have pieces below:

mens nautical style


Mens Nautical Style



Mens NAutical Style



mens nautical street style



Mens nautical style

image 1 | image 2 | image 3 | image 4 | image 5

Mens Nautical Picks


Great Look For The Holidays: Ryan Gosling’s Look for Less!

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Call me old fashioned but I still believe that during the holidays a man should be sharply dressed.  Doesn’t have to be anything too fussy or uncomfortable but definitely a step up from your everyday jeans and a pullover.  And if you’re like me, convincing the man in your life (or in my case men if you count my boys) it’s not an easy task.  They’re all about the comfort and don’t see anything wrong with walking around in their favorite jeans (or shorts) and tee.  I try my best to motivate them into something a little more stylish by simply dressing them myself.  Where do I get my motivation?  From my favorite celebs of course!  This outfit I used as inspiration is perfection and it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling is wearing it.  It has all the right details like the dress shirt and slacks, but its kicked up a notch with fab shoes, matching belt and a sleek haircut.  SO easy to recreate and it’s not something that will leave your man wiggling in discomfort all day long.  Tip:  This is a simple outfit and the most important focus is on the  shirt.  So first shop his closet for  the other like the slacks that he might already have before you head out to buy – and always hit up your local stores like Target first.  They have a great selection of affordable accessories.

|Check out the White & Blue Stripe Slim Fit Shirt featured above and other luxury shirts at Hawes and Curtis |

Are Suspenders Still In?

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Most of us have probably only seen suspenders be worn by their grandfather or great grandfather. In effect, these straps – which were invented in London in the early 19th century by clothes designer Albert Thurston in order to hold up trousers that had a high cut – fell out of fashion as uniform belts gained popularity among men. Despite this preference switch, suspenders are still being sold today since they have recently acquired the status of fashion items.

From underwear to stylish pieces of clothing

Traditionally viewed as underwear, suspenders were not meant to be seen; they actually only had a practical function – that of holding up trousers – and were therefore deliberately hidden under a waistcoat or a cardigan. In the interwar period, however, men began removing their waistcoat in public, especially in America, and the idea that suspenders should be covered progressively became obsolete.

Due to their very purpose, wearing suspenders and a belt at the same time has customarily been considered a faux pas. No wonder, then, that the expression “belt and braces” emerged to describe something that is overly prudent. Still, suspenders did not remain the preferred support garment for trousers among men for more than a few decades: at the end of the 1930s, a majority of men in America had already fallen for uniform belts.

If suspenders suffered a clear loss of popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, they have never completely vanished though. Even today, some men use H-shaped, X-shaped and Y-shaped suspenders from time to time. Famous people such as Daniel Craig and Larry King actually wear them in front of the world’s busiest cameras. Still, suspenders have become more of a fashion accessory rather than a practical piece of clothing.

Different styles

Men who wear suspenders must not fear having numerous pairs of eyes staring at them and scrutinizing their attire. In effect, since suspenders have basically lost their primary function, they clearly are worn as stylish items and they consequently draw a considerable amount of attention… just like elegant or eccentric eyeglasses that are sometimes worn prescription-less.

One does not need to have a specific clothing style to dare wearing suspenders in public, however. Suspenders actually are quite versatile: they can be worn with a chic shirt, a partly unbuttoned, casual, long- or short-sleeve shirt, a fashionable t-shirt and even a tank top! The idea is to wear the right kind of suspenders with the right kind of garment: every kind of suspenders material, shape or color does not fit every clothing style. One has to pick wisely!

For instance, formal “businessman” clothes usually are suited for wider, relatively sober suspenders. Clean, but cool shirts and pants, however, allow more freedom when it comes to fabric and colour. As to casual shirts, t-shirts and tank tops, they should be worn with relatively thin suspenders. In the light of this, suspenders are not out at all: they actually are quite in! One only needs to dare putting them on and to see the positive reactions that ensue!


About the author:

Alexandre Duval is a blogger for Simons. He is also currently completing his master’s degree in political science at the University of Quebec in Montreal.



image via Pinterest

Stylish Cardigans for Men

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I love me a man in a cardigan!  I know a lot of men who initially turn their nose up at it, but it really doesn’t take any more effort to put on a cardigan than it does a sweatshirt (and you can even wear all the same items with it).  In fact that’s that’s my favorite way to see a cardiagn styled – with a tee and jeans.  A cardigan is also perfect to replace a blazer on a casual friday.  Tip:  Don’t put too much thought into wearing a cardigan – treat it like any other sweater/blazer/sweatshirt and you’ll see how easy and effortlessly stylish it is to wear.  Check out my faves from Yesstyle.

Stripe Trim Cardigan – $78

Color Block Cardigan – $48

High Neck Cardigan – $58

Hooded Cardigan – $35

Notched Stand Collar Cardigan – $43.20

Disclosure: This content is sponsored but the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Yesstyle.

Stocking Stuffers For Him

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The hardest part of choosing a great gift for a man is giving him something you can be certain he’ll use for years to come. Trends are constantly changing, and what’s popular one year may not be something he’ll even remember the next!


Signet rings were first reserved for royalty and nobility, and were far more than mere status symbols. The signet ring had somewhat fallen from favor as “old-fashioned,” in favor of more abstract and stylized designs, but they are experiencing a resurgence in this century as interest in ancestry increases all the time.

(Image Source:

Tie tacks and cufflinks are also terrific gifts. A nice-looking pair of custom cufflinks, perhaps monogrammed or emblazoned with a man’s family or school crest, is a wonderful way to encourage a man who typically doesn’t to dress up and adds a little extra flair to the wardrobe of a man who does. Cufflinks and tie tacks speak to understated culture and breeding and suggest to those looking on that the wearer is a man who knows and is comfortable with his world and his place within it.

There are as many kinds of great jewelry out there as there are men to wear them. A little discreet probing, or a clandestine tour of his jewelry drawer, can offer some great ideas for what sort of jewelry would make the best stocking stuffer for a given man. Jewellery tells a great deal about the kind of man who is wearing it. When considering Christmas ideas, why not get him something different that he’s sure to cherish and use throughout the year? Customized, elegant gold or silver jewelry is one gift that never goes out of fashion!



Guest post

Men’s Stylish Holiday Attire

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Whether it’s an office party, family gathering or friends getting together to celebrate the holiday’s, this is the best season for a man to dress festive, look stylish and have fun!  Unfortunately, I’ve lost count of the times I catch a guy tugging at the uncomfortable clothes their wives or girlfriends have picked out for them. There’s no need for that! With the right pieces, a guy can easily throw together a comfy and stylish outfit together in no time.

The key is to stay within your normal day to day style but amp it up a bit. To dress up your favorite pair of jeans or slacks, try throwing on a blazer (particularly a cordoroy or tweed one) with a simple white tee. For an effortless look, try a fitted cardigan ala David Beckham (like this one from Lyle & Scott). For a more pulled together vibe use a pullover with a button down.  I personally love to layer because it’s so much more personal and eclectic.

Lyle and Scott Cardigan | Pretty Green Button Down | Tartan Wool Scarf | Hugo Boss Jeans | Jink Brogues Shoes

Blazer  | T Shirt | Pretty Green Chinos | Suede Desert Boots | Watch | Lyle and Scott Gingham Socks

Add your touch to outfits with a favorite scarf, a trendy tie or vest…the options are limitless and as the evening goes on you can always pull off the sweater or tie. Whatever items you choose to make up your outfit I suggest you check out Northern Threads and if I were to recommend some brands in particular I would go for Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher (one of my faves by far), you’ll find simple tees, scarves, jackets and just about anything else you’ll need to get you prepared for a gathering. There’s no excuses, with so much fine clothing to choose from you should really be partying in a stylish outfit at this festive time, don’t be lazy with you’re dressing!  Click here to browse their huge stylish range of both premium and casual labels.

Taking It Back With SnapHats

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As a kid growing up in Brooklyn back in the 90’s, snapback hats were the ultimate urban fashion statement and closely associated with the style and music of hip hop legends like Dr. Dre and Tupac to name a few. The trend of course spread wide from sport legends like Michael Jordan to celebrities such as Will Smith when he was “moving with his auntie and uncle in Bel-air!”   Flash forward to today and my boys are rocking vintage snapbacks and listening to today’s trendsetters like  Kanye West, Mac Miller, Jay-Z and even underground YouTube sensations like D-Pryde and George Watsky.


Yeah, some things in life come full circle and never go out of style! Oh, and if you are wondering the origin of the name snapback, here’s the quick version: it’s a hat with an adjustable strap on the back that snaps together…snapbacks!

The popularity is continuing to grow an many snapbacks today aren’t exclusive to sport teams –  they also use designer brand names like Diamond, Krew and Crook League.  From a fashion standpoint the snapback definitely adds a street vibe to your look whether jeans and a tee shirt or a sports jersey with shorts.  Best of all there are a ton of options and styles to choose from online.  Check out the huge selection at .




Military Inspired Looks For Boys & Girls

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Watching out for fall fashion trends 2012, one notices a tendency to return to rougher designs and practical outfits for both men and women. Warm boots, casual jeans, and even anoraks have become fashionable again. These developments also empower the return of the military style, which emerges mainly through camouflage patterns, navy cuts and military watches to complete your outfit. The positive thing about that look is, it can be worn by both sexes. Here are some tips on how to weave the military look into your own style without making it look too rebellious.

Military Feel For Girls:

For young women who usually want to leave an elegant impression behind, the military look does not have to be taboo. In fact, the combination of elegant cuts of the military can enhance one’s own personal style by simultaneously adding a whiff of decency and vigor. But for those who wish to start slowly, there is always the option of embellishing the feminine grace through accessories like scarves with military emblems, a camouflaged bag or military-inspired watches. In that way, every girl is always ready to change the outfit if necessary.

For Boys – Between soldier & James Bond:

The utter coolness of the military style underlines the masculinity of every young man. By wearing stylish shirts with army decors or jackets in greenish colors, every boy can live the dream of being an energetic hero. And for the more laid-back type, there is always the option of creating an air of coolness through a double-breasted suit reminiscent of the empire days. Young men can move like James Bond watching out for their Bond girl while ruling the world on the side.

All In The Attitude:
No matter how much military style there is in your outfit and no matter if you are boy or girl, you have to wear it with the right attitude. Take your shoulders back, look up and walk self-confidently through the streets. After all, this attitude should be part of every style you’re wearing, but the military look can make it even more visible.

Target Style Series: Five Wardrobe Essentials Every Modern Man Needs

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Nothing is more fun and inspiring in fashion than changing trends and fresh ideas.  But to truly enjoy the art of getting dressed, it’s important to have basic must-have pieces that simplify your life without sacrificing style and offer a ton of options for mixing and matching (whether your style is preppy, urban or classic!).  Check out this season’s must-have pieces by Merona from Target and what to wear them with.

Button Down – $18 |  Pull Over – $52 | Jeans – $22.39 | Boots – $35.99
1. A shawl pullover puts a nice, stylish upgrade on a sweatshirt and can be worn with everything from tees and shorts to jeans and button down’s.
Corduroy Pant – $19.99 | Button Down – $22.39 | Puffer Vest – $22 | Henley – $12.99 | Boots – $35.99
2. A good fitting pair of jeans or cords is a must-have, and if paired with the right pieces can be worn for a night out on the town or for a casual look for work.  In this look I chose a to add a puffer vest which is a perfect transitional piece.
Tailored Wash Chino’s – $22.39 | Poplin Shirt – $18 | Sweater – $18 |  Watch – $40
3. Chinos (especially colored) are denim’s “dressier brother” but with a preppy vibe that spruces up any outfit and are comfy and easy to style.  Pair them with blazers, tees or even sweatshirts.  Tip: for a more casual look try stylish slip-on sneakers (like these) or boots.
 Long Sleeve Button Down – $19.99 | White Oxford – $18 | Peacoat – $51.99 | Jeans – $22.39 | Scarf – $13.59 | Boots – $39.99
4. A button down (particularly white ones) is a no brainer and gives any outfit a crisp, clean look.  Tip: don’t tuck shirt instead slightly tuck one side in for an effortless stylish look.
Merona Kensington Blazer – $31.59
5. A good fitted blazer is a necessity in everyone’s closet and instantly adds a polished look day or night with any of the pieces above.
See how the Target Fall Collection is designed to take you through a season of stylish looks at
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

Now & Later

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Cooler weather is right around the corner and by adding a few key pieces to your summer shorts now, you can keep them out later on. The idea is to pick pieces that you’ll get tons of use and are stylish enough to mix and match later on with jeans, cordoroys or slacks.  Pair them with a pair of boots, oxfords or sneaks and you’re good to go!  Check out some examples below

Now: If you prefer simple functional basics try a light weight jacket like the ones by Penfield over at Size? with just about any of your summer favorites. Later: Add a stylish scarf, a hoodie and a button down… guaranteed style and it’s layering heaven!

Now: For cooler nights try a preppy sweater (it’s a classic and stylish piece for any season), shorts and slip ons.   Later: Pull out your cordoroys and favorite summer slip ons to wear with your sweater for a effortless laid back look.

Now: Pair your shorts with your favorite tee and a button a down.  Later: Add a a vest for some stylish layering and ditch the shorts for your favorite jeans


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