Fall Florals For Men

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A little floral accessory inspiration for Fall and links to shop our favorites.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.00.21 PM


Socks: No Show Floral SocksTed Baker Floral SocksFloral Camo Socks

Ties: Paul Smith Floral Pattern | Silk Floral Tie

Pocket Round : Alexander Olch Pocket Round

Hats: Floral Baseball Cap | Floral Bucket Hat

Wallet: Bifold Floral WalletFloral Wallet




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Judge a Man by His Shoes

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The first thing I notice on a man are his shoes. I don’t necessarily expect them to be wearing the trendiest or most expensive pair of shoes BUT I do turn my nose up at the condition they are in and sometimes even the style. Get a little guidance on men’s shoes from Debenhams. Check it out below.

Guidance on judging your man’s shoes from Debenhams

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