Memorial Day Fashion Pick: Crisp White Button Down

May 22, 2012 by  
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Completely obsessed with white this season!  Show me a closet with a classic white button down and I’ll give you a ton of new ways to wear it!   To me a white shirt is a like a blank canvas for a artist; it can take an outfit from super elegant to sexy casual in a flash. Check out some of my favorite white button downs and how to wear them for Memorial Day.  Tips:  Try to keep the fit close to your curves or use a belt (I’m loving wide waist belts lately and wear them with everything!).  Also, consider using a pretty scarf to accentuate your waist.  And like I mentioned in my White Jeans post, always keep your Tide pen handy just in case!

Slim Fit Shirt – $36 at

Tote – $24.80 at

Shorts – $32 at

Wedges – $21.50 at

White Broderie Tie Shirt – $50 at

Polka Dot Skirt – $34.50 at

Penny Loafers – $25 at

Red Crossbody Bag – $40 at

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