Celebrity Copycat Deluxe: Get Justin Timberlake’s and Mark Wahlberg’s Golfing Look for Less!

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Enjoying the Master’s?  I may not know a lot about golf, but I sure can spot a hunk on the greens!  They may not be playing, but Justin Timberlake and Mark Wahlberg bring style to any course.  Get Justin and Mark’s “Masterful” look for less!


New V-Neck Sweater – $39.50 at Gap.com

Interlock Polo – $12.99 at Kohls.com

Flat Front Pants – $29.99 at Kohls.com

Baseball Cap – $28 at Yesstyle.com

Timex Sport Ironman – $34.99 at Target.com

Adidas Innolux – $99.90 (was $111) at Zappos.com



Argyle V-Neck – $49.50 at Gap.com

Men’s Poplin Button Front Shirt – $24.50 at Oldnavy.com

Axist Dress Pants – $29.99 (was $55) at Kohls.com

Kangol Cap – $35 at Nordstrom.com

Ecco Men’s Classic Golf Shoe – $64.99 at Amazon.com

Mark Wahlberg on SNL and the Palin Rap

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In case you missed SNL last night………………

Walhberg Responds To Samberg

Gov.Palin Cold Open

Palin Rap

Wahlberg vs. Samberg

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What’s with the attitude?  Are “Marky Mark’s” Calvin’s caught up in a “funky bunch!”

Mark Wahlberg Feels The Payne

October 16, 2008 by  
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The “Max Payne” star spills on the challenges of bringing the video game to the big screen, being a dad and more!

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