Sponsored: Control Pants Trauma & The Importance Of A Good Fitting Bra

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To me there is nothing worse than ill fitting lingerie. They’re the canvas to our clothing and without the right fitting underwear or bra you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and looking out of sorts. According to statistics a shocking 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Think about it for a second…the very thing that is supposed to give you back and breast support and determine the look and fit of ANY top you’re wearing is more often than not either too small (which means that you’ll be overflowing in it) or too big (as in the “girls” will be swimming). Either way it’s not going to look too pretty no matter what designer top or trend you may be wearing. I worked in retail for over 15 years in pretty much every department store and to me the most important section was always the lingerie department. I know the importance of a good fit BUT I’ve also been guilty (before kids) of squeezing into a size or two smaller bra to get a little more lift or cleavage only to deal with back aches, headaches, neck pain and an overall sense of anxiety and desire to just rip it off! SO yeah I know the difference and it’s life changing!

A well fit bra can literally make you look slimmer and also help make your clothes look better on you. The idea is to find one that fits you like a glove and after that it’s all about tossing any size or number you may have in your head and go by fit. Once you know a good fit you’ll always know it which is why it’s important to get at least one personalized fitting from a well trusted  brand like Triumph who focus on details and commit to the fit.   Founded in Europe in 1886 and with over 125 years of tailoring experience, Triumph has earned their aptly titled lingerie line because they’ve managed to offer 3 important things that everyone wants and needs: fit, style and sex appeal. Check out their cheeky new video campaign below and make sure you drop by their website Triumph.com & ALL of their social pages (see links below) where you’ll find lots of tips, inspirational quotes and TONS of gorgeous pinup types of photos.

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Five Tips For Buying Lingerie

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Does your underwear drawer need a makeover? Here are our top tips for making the best lingerie purchases without breaking the bank.

1. Make sure the size is right: The most important thing to consider when investing in new lingerie is sizing. Over 70% of women wear the wrong bra size, and in the long-run this can result in either sagging breasts or, in the long run, damage to your breast tissue. Many lingerie stores offer a free measurement service, but bear in mind that sizing may change between retailers. Use a fitting service to get a good idea of what the right bra feels like, and refer to this experience when you buy underwear in the future.

2. Set a budget: Be realistic about your budget for new underwear. Would you rather splash out on a designer set, or are you keen to overhaul your whole lingerie drawer? Bear in mind that the growing quality of high street offerings means that you don’t need to break the bank on underwear. New Look pantys offer a great selection including bras tailored to the budget fashionistas.

3. Know where you’re lacking: It’s useful to have a wide selection of underwear, so don’t simply opt for lingerie that’s identical to everything else in your pants drawer. Before you hit the shops, make a list of the gaps in your wardrobe – a strapless bra could be useful for eveningwear, for example, or you may want to invest in a pair of shorts for an outfit that shows a VPL. Other items that every woman should own include a tights selection, a pair of stockings and a suspender built to hold them up with, and a corset.

4. Take control: It’s tempting to go out and splash your cash on sexy lingerie, but if you’re keen to get the most out of your outfits then you should consider adding some control underwear to your collection. Gone are the days of Bridget Jones-style rubber tubing – you can now find products that control unsightly bulges and look great at the same time, so there’s no excuse for lingerie-related faux pas.




The Boom in Full-figure Bras

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The Boom in Full-figure Bras

According to industry estimates, four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size — typically too large a band and too small a cup — leaving their breasts squeezed, unsupported or spilling out. “Ill-fitting bras can cause neck, shoulder and back pain, tension headaches, breast tenderness, skin irritation and poor posture,” says Steven Chang, a family physician who writes the Daily Dose newsletter for the RightHealth.com website.

The Beginnings of the Bra Revolution
Actress Jenette Goldstein, who appeared in Aliens and Titanic and rocks a 32G herself, opened a Hollywood lingerie store called Jenette Bras to help women with “knockout racks” find pretty bras that fit properly. A well-fitting bra, says Goldstein, will make a woman look instantly slimmer and more shapely, banishing the “quadri-bust,” where the breasts spill over the top of the cup and under the armpits, giving the appearance of four breasts instead of two. A well-fitting bra also avoids the matronly “uni-bust.”

When Oprah devoted a couple of shows to her famous bra intervention, things began to change. “Suddenly, women were walking into a lingerie department thinking they were a 36C, getting a professional fitting and walking out knowing they were a 36DD,” says Dan Sackrowitz, a marketing executive with the online lingerie boutique BareNecessities.com.

The most popular bra size in America remains a 36C. However, sales of plus-size or full-figure bras — defined as a band size of at least 40 and a cup size of DD or larger — have risen at three times the rate of overall bra sales, according to the research firm NPD Group. Nearly 159 million plus-size bras were sold in 2008.

More Choices Than Ever
Today it’s easy to find full coverage in sizes DD to G and beyond in a range of colors and sexy styles, including balconette and deep-plunge styles. Department store brands are offering specialty lines in larger sizes: Playtex has Playtex Secrets, Maidenform has its Lilyette line, and Wacoal offers nearly a dozen styles that are available all the way up to a G cup.

Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant also recently introduced its new Cacique Intimates line with the tagline “so not what mom would wear.” Says Gill Heer, the senior designer for the line: “Typically, the old plus-size bra-maker only offered nude, white and maybe black. Certainly it was never considered appropriate for plus-size women to want to wear a fashion color like lilac, lime green or hot pink.”

How to Shop for a Bra That Fits
When a bra fits properly, the straps should carry about 10 percent of the weight of your breasts, with the band supporting the other 90 percent, says Goldstein. Get a proper fitting from a lingerie boutique or department store. Some fitters will use the “eyeball method,” assessing you visually before giving you several bras to try on. Most fitters, however, will pull out a tape measure and measure you right under your breasts and then around the fullest part of your bust.

The first measurement is your band size (if it’s an odd number, add one inch). To get your cup size, subtract your band measurement from your bust size; each inch represents a cup size. For example, if your band size is a 36 and your bust size is a 39, you’d wear a 36C. Sizes vary across different brands and lines, so always try on a bra before purchasing it or shop from an online boutique with a liberal return policy.

If you’re having a hard time finding that perfect fit, “sister size the bra,” suggests Alicia Vargo, owner of the online boutique Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie. “Keep the same band size but go up a cup or go up one band size and down a cup.” For example, if the band of a 36D bra fits snugly but your breasts are spilling out of the cup, try a 36DD and a 38C.

By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

Heidi Klum Leaves Victoria Secret

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Heidi Klum Leaves Victoria Secret

It’s impossible to think of Victoria’s Secret without thinking of their iconic Angels — from Gisele Bündchen to Tyra Banks, some of the world’s most beautiful faces have graced the company’s steamy catalogues and legendary runway shows. But now one Angel is hanging up her wings. After a decade-plus of being affiliated with the lingerie giant, Heidi Klum is taking a step back to focus on her many other ventures, includingProject Runway and her multiple clothing lines. Klum says in a statement, “All good things have to come to an end. I will always love Victoria and never tell her secret. It’s been an absolute amazing time!” And there is always a place in heaven for Heidi, as it turns out. “Heidi will always be an Angel,” says Ed Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Limited Brands, parent company of Victoria’s Secret. Like the others who have departed before her, Klum now clears the way for a whole new generation of beauties, including Doutzen Kroes and Chanel Iman. Tell us: Will you miss Heidi Klum at the Victoria’s Secret shows?


Budget Friendly Lingerie

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Whether you want to be sweet or sexy , these sites have a huge variety of budget friendly lingerie that will have you feeling sexy without breaking the bank. Check out some of my favorite picks below.

Purple Passion 2-Piece Set – $34
at Forplaycatalog.com
Blue Modern Splash Bustier And
Boyshort Set – $23.99 at Amiclubwear.com
Striped Shirt Babydoll – $31.89
at Lingeriediva.com
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