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As a mom and a full time blogger, finding time for the things I’m really passionate about (like shopping!) is always a struggle.  I’ve picked up a few a corner cutting tricks that I shared below and would love to hear from everyone what they do to squeeze some time out of the clock!
I buy my kids their own colored or specific patterened socks (argyle and stripes are a fave!) so I can avoid the endless hassle of trying to match socks for four boys

While on the phone I usually try to find something to be organize, like shoes, jewelry or toys

Finding time to exercise unfortunately gets pushed to the side a lot. So when I’m out shopping I take the stairs up; when parking, I park far away and walk the extra distance. And don’t laugh…when I brush my teeth I do squats!

I take pictures of outfits and pin them on a board in my closet. When I can’t get my mind straight or in a hurry, this has been a life saver.

Take pictures of outfits and pin on a board in your closet.  When in a rut and you can’t find an outfit to wear this will be a life saver!

And of course, I would be lost without my gadgets (especially my phone!).

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