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Kate Winslet and Other Best Dresses Celebs of the Week (tFS)

WATCH Enrique Iglesias New Video for ‘Dirty Dancer’ feat. Usher & Lil ‘Wayne (Latina)

Tiffani Thiessen Has Bieber Fever (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Missy Elliot Has Graves Disease (Daily Stab)

Columbo’s Peter Falk Has Dies (Fit Fab Celeb)

Sara Ramirez Is Engaged (Girls Talkin Smack)

PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston Gets Her FIRST Tattoo (Hollywood Hiccups)

Jennifer Lopez’s Son Took a $6000 Dump in the Pool (I Need My Fix)









Links: Found and Loved

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j25Check out what these fabulous fashion bloggers wrote about this week!   

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James Murray Jewelry (Chic Steals)

Happy Birthday, Bikini! (Fashion Fling)

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Brown Chicken Brown Cow (life in a venti cup)

Forever21 Pick of the Day: Wild Abstract Print Skirt (Lollie Shopping)

Recycle Your Clothes DIY Jersey Tank Vest (Love Maegan)

New Obsession: Leather Jackets (Lua Jewelry Blog)

It’s In The Jeans (pinkrockcandy)

Fearless Friday: Balmain Buckle-Embellished Boots (Shoe Smitten)

Follow the Scent: Estee Lauder Private Collection Jasmine White Moss (sicka than average)

Harper’s Oscar Beauty (Socialites Anonymous)

Thread Social Resort 2009 (Some Notes On Napkins)

Perfect Picks: This Season’s Best Work Dresses (Style Bakery)

Natalie Imbruglia’s Chanel Bag: Snob or Slob? (Bag Snob)

Sugar Cookies (The Boutique Of The Week)

Stylin’ Chick of the Week (The Style Child)

ttF Daily Fave: Clearly Cool Plastic Umbrellas (thinkthrufashion)

Workchic Fitting Room Series: Are You A Triangle? (Workchic)


Leonardo DiCaprio: Interview and Trailer for Revolutionary Road

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How do you get Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the world’s most enigmatic stars, to reveal his secrets? Take him shark diving…

Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing a hooded wetsuit that almost conceals his good looks, but there’s no mistaking the glint in his cobalt-blue eyes. He is ‘stoked’.
We’re in the middle of Shark Alley, South Africa, and Mike Rutzen, our great white shark-safari guide, has just shown us the flimsy looking cage on the side of his 12.5-metre boat, Barracuda, where we’ll be getting up close with the fiercest predator on Earth.
The water is choppy and one of DiCaprio’s friends is lying on deck suffering from seasickness. DiCaprio, meanwhile, can’t wait to get into the water. Waterproof camera in hand, he puts on his mask and slides into the cage, grinning wildly despite the cold.

He’s an experienced scuba diver, totally at ease in this environment. As Rutzen throws foul-smelling bait, known as chum, into the water he tells us that the sharks’ keen sense of smell will draw them from as far as five miles away.

Read entire interview

Revolutionary Road Trailer

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