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Mad Men's January Jones

Pink Shows Off Growing Bump (Accidental Sexiness)

John Travolta & Kelly Preston Welcome Their New Son (Celebrity Dirty Laundry)

Stella Gives Birth (Coco Perez)

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Mad Men’s January Jones Is Versace’s Spring 2011 Face (I Need My Fix)

What Was Ke$ha Thinking? (Style Bakery)

Hot Celeb Links

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Mad men star Christina Hendricks Heats Up London Fog (Accidental Sexiness)
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Elin Nordegren Opens Up To People (Daily Stab)
New Category Introduced for MTV Video Music Awards (Hissip)
Mariah Carey Is Four Months Pregnant (I Need My Fix)
John Travolta and Kelly Preston Are Having A Boy (Perez Hilton)
Spin It: Versus (Socialite Anonymous)
Trendspotting: Summer Cut Offs (Style Bakery)

Letter from Travoltas to ‘The People of Ocala’

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The following letter from John Travolta and Kelly Preston was sent to the Ocala Star-Banner Monday morning by Travolta’s attorney, Michael McDermott.

To The People of Ocala

The enormous amount of love, support and condolence we have received from this community has been most humbling. Comforting words, thoughts and prayers of Ocala’s citizens have made an impossibly painful situation, a little less painful.

The actions of Ocala’s community leaders, its law enforcement professionals, our neighbors at Jumbolair and its surrounding communities have offered us the dignity to grieve the loss of our son and Ella’s brother in peace. For this we will always be grateful.

From the people who drove hours to drop off cards and flowers at our doorstep, to the service providers who made Jett’s ceremony so beautiful, thank you. Every person who we have encountered has offered to do anything in their power to help us, but add that they feel powerless to do so. We want all of you to know that you have already helped us. By sharing our grief, you lessen our burden. For all of the people who have kept Jett in their prayers, know that those prayers have given us inspiration and strength.

What we have experienced in Ocala transcends neighborly civility. We have been treated as family. Although we lost a good part of the joy and radiance of our family, your embracing us as a member of your own has helped us to contend with our loss.

In parting, we want all of you to cherish your loved ones and your friends like there was no tomorrow, to live your lives to the fullest by continuing to help one another, and to be true to yourselves.

Love John, Kelly and Ella

Tom Cruise on Jett Travolta’s Death on “The View”

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Travolta Tragedy: New Details On Son’s Death

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This is so sad!

Jett Travolta Dies, Son Of John Travolta And Kelly Preston

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John Travolta’s son Jett Travolta died in the Bahamas, reportedly from a seizure and hitting his head. Travolta has called Jett “my heart” in the past. The family had just arrived in the Bahamas on New Year’s Eve for a week’s vacation:

Rand Memorial Hospital in the Bahamas tells TMZ the son of John Travolta died today…

There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.

UPDATE 5:15 PM ET — Police just released more details. According to a report, Jett Travolta was last seen going into the bathroom at their private suite at the Old Bahama Bay Resort sometime yesterday. The body was discovered by the caretaker, Jeff Michael Kathrain, at 10 AM today. The report says Jett suffered from seizures. An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

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