Jewellery Designs for Every Outfit

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Silver and white metals complement most styles and sits well alongside all colours, making it the perfect addition to any outfit. In contrast to gold, a silver necklace will rarely clash with other styles and can be worn as discretely or overtly as the wearer chooses. A necklace is ideal for someone looking to create their own individual style. The necklace can be accessorised and allows the wearer to create their own signature look by embellishing it with a pendant or other item.

The versatility of a white metal necklace means that the consumer can chose from simplicity – a plain silver necklace right through to amore elaborately designed and embellished necklace with pendants or whatever takes their imagination. A simple silver jewellery necklace can form the start point for the wearer to progressively embellish the necklace over time, adding more amulets, stone or other jewellery items as they go along.

Cutting Edge Design – When you are looking for a quality silver jewellery necklace, you want it to be an example of the latest jewellery trends. Look for an online retailer of jewellery that has a silver jewellery necklace collection comprising of contemporary designs. For guaranteed style, look for a company that designs their silver jewellery necklace collection in London like John Greed Jewellery – stockists of high end designer brands Thomas Sabo, Big Metal and Coeur De Lion.

Quality Metals – Most people want their jewellery to last a long time and be wearable for many years to come. As a result, it helps to look for a silver jewellery necklace that is made of solid sterling silver. Not only does this mean it is a quality item that will be durable but it is kinder to skin than cheap nickel plated jewellery; ensuring those with sensitive skin do not suffer form an allergic reaction.Alternatively, for a more contemporary edge, aluminium and white bronze are both durable and non irritant and are featuring on the catwalk this season.

A Splash of Colour – Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or necklace to add to your collection, you want to purchase something unique and stylish Don’t be fooled into thinking that silver has to be boring, that white gold has to fade into the background. Throw in some amethysts for a fashionable purple vibe, or if you are feeling that little bit brighter, have a look out for multicoloured necklaces that have that unmistakable summery feel,

If you are looking for something eye-catching but affordable, visit online retailers like Their beautiful collection has something to suit every taste and budget. Whatever else you do, step out in style in jewellery that makes a personal statement this season!














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