Tahitian Pearl

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I love to wear big fun pieces of jewelry but lately I’ve been looking for more classic pieces to wear on a day to day basis. I’ve always liked the exotic color of a tahitian pearl and was super excited when The Pearl Source offered me the chance to review one especially since Valentine’s day is just a few days away. It’s an early gift to me!

tahitian pearl
Pearls are one the most feminine and romantic gem and are appropriate for any occasion. The Pearl Source has an endless variety of pearls like Tahitian, Freshwater and a lot more at pretty reasonable prices that can even be customized to your liking. I was sent the Tahitian South Sea Pearl Denise Pendant to review and it’s beautiful! The 9mm Tahitian South Sea pearl drop-shape pendant is made of high quality sterling silver and exhibits a gorgeous quality pearl with “Very High” luster. The silver against the Tahitian pearl makes this the perfect piece of jewelry to add a little elegance to your jeans and tee.

Give the gift of elegance that never goes out of style and if you use code BVM15 you can save 15% with free shipping!

All You Need Is Love

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Sometimes all you need is love….written on a bracelet, a ring or maybe a necklace.  This Valentine’s Day show your love or gift it with a dainty piece of jewelry with the sweet four letter word.   Check out some of my adorable picks under $50

Pave Love Bracelet Set

Pave Love Chain Layered Set – $38 at TandJDesigns.com

Lucky Brand Love Rosary

Lucky Brand Love Rosary – $45 at Macys.com

Pave Love Ring

Pave Love Ring – $32 at BaubleBar.com

C Wonder Love Necklace

Love Necklace – $34 at CWonder.com

Love Charm Bracelet Set

Love Charm Bracelet Set – $6 at CharlotteRusse.com

Big Bold Summer Earrings Under $50

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With the summer heat comes humidity and if you have long hair then it also brings on the frizz.   While I like my hair to have a slept in look, sometimes it just gets to be too much and I need to pull it up and away from my face.   I clip it up and throw on big pretty earrings.  It’s the one time of year where I style my hair up and I take total advantage of it by swapping out my studs and hoops for bold sparkly earrings.  I look for style that is longer in length rather than width to elongate my neck and with the enormous amount of affordable styles available it’s super easy to splurge and get yourself a new pair for everyday of the week.  Check out some of my favorites under $50.

1. Freya Chandelier Earrings – $48 at Emmastine.com | 2. Dijon Chandelier Earrings – $16.50 at Rickis.com | 3. Two Tone Bead Earrings – $32 at Macys.com | 4. Lava Deco Earrings – $32 at Baublebar.com | 5. Emperor Chandelier Earrings – $29 at Assecorize.com | 6. Chevron Earrings – $50 at Amritesingh.com

Celebrity Diamonds

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Why so much bling in celebrity diamond engagement rings? That would be like asking why there is so much blue in the sky or green in the grass. Bling and celebrities go hand and hand. From the posh cars they drive, the eloquent gowns they wear, the luxurious homes they own, and the diamond jewelry they gift to each other; where you find one you will most certainly find the other.

Diamonds have been a trademark of Hollywood since the early days, but the diamond bling craze didn’t truly take hold until the famous Taylor-Burton duo hit the red carpet. The diamonds Richard Burton toted on the famous actress, Elizabeth Taylor, were, and remain, some of the most memorable diamonds to ever walk along the red carpet of Hollywood. It all started with the Krupp Diamond.

The Krupp Diamond is a magnificent 33.19-carat Asscher-cut diamond. Burton, a famous actor himself, had the diamond mounted to a band and gifted it to Taylor in 1968. That, however, was only the beginning of the long list of diamonds Burton would eventually gift to Taylor.

In 1972 Burton gave her a heart-shaped diamond fondly nicknamed, “Taj-Mahal”. Worn with rubies and diamonds, this large, flat diamond was mounted in a yellow-gold rope necklace that graced Taylor’s neck where ever she went. Still, the most well-known diamond Burton ever gave Taylor was dubbed “The Taylor-Burton” diamond.

The Taylor-Burton diamond was crafted from a rough stone that originally weighed 240.80-carats! The stone was found in the Premier Mine, in South Africa in 1966 by Harry Winston, the famed jeweler who donated the most well-known diamond, “The Hope Diamond” to the Smithsonian institute in 1958.

The Taylor- Burton diamond is a 69.42-carat, pear-shaped diamond rated a rare D-color Flawless Stone; remarkable by any standards. The story of how Burton eventually acquired the diamond is long, and has many twists and turns, but in the end, Burton ultimately bought the diamond, and gave it to Taylor.

Taylor’s diamonds were the beginning of the diamond craze in Hollywood. Today, more celebrities than ever before choose diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry over other types of precious stones.

Some of the most well-known, recent Hollywood diamond engagement rings include the 4.5 carat cushion-cut diamond ring valued at $500,000 dollars that Ben Affleck gave the beautiful Jennifer Garner, Khloe Kardashian’s 12.5-carat, radiant-cut diamond ring valued at $850,000 dollars, and Catherine Zeta-Jones’s 10-carat marquise-cut diamond engagement ring valued at $2 million dollars.

The diamond ring that currently takes the cake in today’s world of celebrities would have to be the one found on music artist, Beyonce’s, finger. This 18-carat, emerald-cut, flawless Lorraine Schwartz diamond is set in platinum, and is valued at a remarkable $5 million dollars. Sure it’s a wedding ring, but when you have a diamond of that stature, on the hand of someone as beautiful, and talented as Beyonce, it should make any list of celebrity diamonds.

Guest Post

Accessory time with ShopNBC

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I am all about accessorizing and keeping up with the latest fashions – and what girl doesn’t love jewelry? I say the more “bling” the better as long it is worn in good taste. Keeping up with the latest fashion colors is also important to me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the Pantone 2013 color selection.  Pantone has selected my favorite birthstone as the color of the year – Emerald. Although my birthstone month is actually November (Topaz), I just love the rich, luxurious dark green color.  Pair it up with Lemon Zest, Poppy Red and Monaco Blue, and I can picture a beautiful sunset that goes from pale to vivid in 60 seconds. And As a matter of fact, colored gems and birthstone’s are a great way of weaving the new fashion colors into your wardrobe. It’s easy to find affordable gems and stones in your favorite on trend colors to match your wardrobe, or you can invest in glamorous, precious stones that add that extra sparkle to your outfit.


Check out some of my favorite picks of unique, glittery jewelry pieces from ShopNBC that are in line with 2013’s spring color trends:

This beautiful Ametrine and Sapphire ring resembles a mixture of African Violet and Lemon Zest.

These are a couple more of my favorite items, reminiscent of Pantone’s Grayed Jade (ring) and Nectarine (necklace).

Twisted Silver’s Rag Bracelets

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Twisted Silver’s Rag Bracelets have arrived and are perfect for any Summer look (or even back to school outfits!).  Love how the vintage recycled bias tape is woven through a brass chain to give this intentionally frayed friendship bracelet a grown up look.  I’ve been wearing all four together, but they look just as amazing solo and believe me they’re so much more adorable in person.  Available in organic colors like raspberry, coral, steel and wheat, it’s easy to mix and match them with tons of your other twisted goodies.  Each bracelet is $25 or you can buy all four for $80.  Save 15% by using code INSIDERS!  Check them out below!

Rag Bracelet Set – $80


Timeless Charm Jewellery

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Charm jewellery doesn’t seem to ever go out of fashion. My mother has a charm bracelet, I have a charm bracelet and I’m sure that if I ever have a daughter she too will wear a charm bracelet at some point. Charm jewellery can be great children’s jewellery as it is loved by all women of all ages and stages. It is great because it is the type of jewellery that can be so personal, personal not only to your own specific style, but also personal to your life. Charms let you collect memories and help you remember them.

There are lots of different types of charms to choose from these days. Some people decide to collect charms which remind them of specific places they have been, some just chose the charms that they find most attractive, other people are given a new charm each year, growing with their collection as the years go by.

Charms are really versatile. You can choose to wear all your charms on a charm bracelet for example or you can choose to have just one charm on a necklace and wear it as a pendant which can be a really sophisticated look.

Initial charms have come back on the scene recently with many celebrities – and their daughters – wearing one simple initial charm as a necklace. Again, what could be more personal? Charm jewellery is a great way to create a signature look.

If you are looking for a sophisticated and chic look we recommend you chose the majority of your charms in sterling silver to create a clean look. For a slightly quirky edge you could perhaps add one coloured charm to make things a bit more interesting. Choose an enamel heart charm in bright red. Or a fun locket charm in purple. For a really fun, young look why not choose several different coloured charms in lots of different shapes and sizes. Fairy charms are a huge hit right now and Molly Brown London has some gorgeous ones to choose from, the little enamel fairy holds a pearl in her hand as a sign of good luck.

Whatever your style, you can enjoy wearing charm jewellery for a lifetime.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


Introducing Twisted Silver’s Tokyo Necklace

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LOVE the Tokyo necklace by Twisted Silver!  Although inspired by the style of Tokyo, the necklace really captures the unique street fashion of Shinjuku and Harajuku, Japan.  Some of my favorite features include the “hard” look of the blackened metal circles, the adjustable length, and quite simply the way it lies flat against the contours of my skin.  Whether I’m going for the city chic style or an effortlessly sophisticated look, the Tokyo necklace is on heavy rotation with nearly all of my outfits.  Check out some of my outfits below that feature the Tokyo necklace available tomorrow at Twisted-Silver.com!  Use coupon code INSIDERS to take 15% off any order from www.twisted-silver.com. Not to be combined with other offers.

Safari So Good Dress – $50 at Modcloth.com

Tokyo Necklace – $60 at TwistedSilver.com

Jessica Simpson Winsy Clog – $65.43 at Endless.com

Tokyo Necklace – $60 at Twistedsilver.com

Camel Knitted Wide Stripe Shrug – $80 at Topshop.com

Flared Sailing Jeans – $24.80 at Forever21.com

White  Top – $39.50 at Delias.com

Jessica Simpson Dany Shoe – $99.99 at Heels.com

ShopNBC: Holiday Shopping Made Easier!

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Last month FashionGrail featured some gorgeous bracelets found on ShopNBC.  This time it’s all about the rings.  Our eyes were immediately fixated on a couple of rings currently being showcased on ShopNBC’s Facebook page: a stunning onyx and aquamarine “celebration” ring; a Sonia Bitton platinum face ring from Brilliante and a 14k gold citrine ring.  All were perfectly designed and, according to reviews on the site, were as beautiful in person as they appeared online.  Although FashionGrail tends to highlight unique designers, it’s always a great pleasure to see that online retailers are picking out high quality pieces.  Better yet, it’s really convenient to shop on ShopNBC.  Besides the variety of pieces, you can actually pick and compare items with a few clicks of the mouse (which is a blessing if you’re like us and dread the holiday crowds and shopping around).  Added bonus: ShopNBC tweets daily about their new products and promotions, so you don’t have to continually check their site over and over again! Also, since they carries labels and designers that most people haven’t heard about, you can watch ShopNBC on YouTube where you can learn more about the designers trhough behind the scene interviews.  What are your favorite online retailers this holiday season?

Fevi Reyes: Gift Guide

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Looking to beat the holiday lines this season?  Look no further than fabulous designer to the stars Fevi Reyes. Created right in her own workshop, Fevi’s unique pieces emote sensuality, edgy style, and a spiritual energy no doubt derived from her Puerto Rican heritage.   Hollywood devotee’s include Kara Dioguardi, Nina Garcia, Angela Bassett and Stephanie Pratt (to name just a few).

Check out Fevi Reyes “Design Gift Guide” for some provocative holiday ideas, including some of my fave’s below:

Tibetan Sparkle

For the Avant-Garde's on your list

For the Humanitarian on your list.

For more information on Fevi, check her out on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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