How To Style: Crop Tops At Any Age

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There really isn’t any big secret to wearing a crop top after having kids. All it takes is a little confidence and the right balance. last year I tried a crop top with a high waisted skirt and a white blazer (click here to see the entire post). The skirt and crop top were sexy and the blazer gave it a conservative touch – the perfect balance. This isn’t my day at the park outfit but it’s definitely a date night outfit. Below are some tips on how to rock the trend effortlessly.

How To Wear Crop Tops



If you feel sexy you will look sexy. It’s that simple. The key is to own it! I have a belly and lots and lots of stretch marks after having babies, but life is too short to deny myself the clothes I love and want to wear.   Below is the perfect example of a crop top with class!

Plus Size Crop Top

image credit 


By balance I mean that if you plan on rocking a crop top make sure your bottoms are on point and choose a crop top that falls at your natural waist. High waisted bottoms are prefered because they fall at the smallest part of your waist and in return expose a tiny bit of that area. See Kim Kardashian,  the crop top poster girl below.

Kim Kardashian Crop Top

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If in doubt or out with the kids…layer! Layering is fun and has no limitations. Try a lose crop top over a white button down, a long lean tank or even over a dress.

Layered Crop Top


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Always Stay Simple

Avoid prints and loud colors and/or excessive accessorizing. Instead go neutral with beige, white, black or gray and keep accessories minimal. The idea is to look effortless and Kim Kardashian again is a perfect example of how to keep it simple.

Kim Kardashian Crop Tops

Go Monochromatic

One of the easiet ways to wear a crop top is by wearing a head to toe color – black crop top and black pencil skirt – then try a white blazer over the crop top. It will draw the eye to  the tiniest part of your waist.  Try it. You’ll thank me later!


Crop Tops With Class

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5 Hair Accessories Every Women Should Own

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Whether your hair is black or blonde, straight or curly, there are some accessories that every woman needs to own. We’ve catalogued 5 essential hair accessories by Hershesons that every woman must have in her collection.


  1. Hairbands

A good hairband or two, or ten is essential for style success. Choose a wide range of hairbands in different colours and textures so that you have something ready for every occasion.  Tip: Keep it simple!  The idea is to look sleek and polished.

2. Brushes

From padded brushes to combs, it’s important to have a variety of brushes available to keep your hair healthy. Remember to brush or comb your hair every day for style and volume.  Tip: Keep a flat and round ionic brush for a smooth finish.

3. Hairdryer (and attachments)

Keep a good hairdryer (as well as several attachments) ready in your bathroom for early mornings where it’s vital that you look your best.  Tip:  Let your hair air a bit before you start blow drying to minimize damage.


4. Pins & Bands

Pins, bands, and clips are all essential parts of a complete hair accessory set. Keep a few clips or bands in your handbag for days where your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate and needs taming.  Tip:  Buy stylish clips and bands to accessorize your outfit.  Look for studs, stones and or prints that compliment the color of your hair.


5. Rollers, Curling Iron, and Straightener

Maximise your hair versatility with these three convenient accessories. Switch from straight and tidy to cute and curly on a moment’s notice using your curling wand or hair straightener. For tight and tidy curls, stick to your curling iron. For loose and stylish waves, use your rollers. For the ultimate straight hair, give yourself 10 minutes of quality time with your straightener every morning.  Tip:  For hard to curl hair spray with dry shampoo to keep the wave and for hard to straighten hair use a light serum before the flat iron.

 Guest Post
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Stylish Curvy Picks From Curvissa

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Curvy women look best in fitted clothing.  The idea is to play up your shape. One way of showing off your figure is to highlight your waist and streamline your silhouette.  Belts and heels can work wonders for your appearance (they help show off your waist and balance your curves).  Check out some of my favorite figure flattering picks from UK Plus Size Fashion Brand Curvissa.

Pair either one of these dresses with nude heels for a sexy figure flattering look.

Contrast Jersey Dress  | Wrap Affect Dress

A white blouse is a must in any women’s closet.  Pair it with this stylish vest or simply belt the blouse and pair with jeans, skirts or slack for work.

Long Sleeve Blouse | Faux Leather Vest

Edgy leggings or dark jeans are a must have and easy to dress up or down.

Buffalo London Leggings | 5 Pocket Boot Cut Jeans 





Booties All Year Round

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Womens ankle boots have been around forever but last summer I noticed them making a stronger statement when worn with cut off shorts and summer dresses.  Thankfully the trend stuck around cause I personally love the laid back touch it gives and when you’re from Florida like me it’s a great excuse to keep them out all year round!  There’s a ton of designer boots for women to choose from and if you choose to invest in them like I do, you can easily get them for less at stores like Payless, Target and many more budget friendly stores.  Below are some are of favorite pairs from Jildor Shoes and what to wear them with for winter, fall or summer.

Add a little attitude to your cut off shorts this summer with these prune studded booties.  Tip: don’t let the color and suede fool you – these boots can easily be worn with bright spring colors or summer florals.

Collar Satin Shirt – $28 at | Denim Shorts – $32 at | Belted Satchel – $28 at | Sunglasses – $8 at | Prune Suede Booties – $295 at

These black ankle boots are the perfect pair to invest in.  I paired them with burgundy skinny jeans and a sweater but they literally go with everything and they won’t go out of style.


Grey Pullover – $14 at | Tory Burch Skinny Jeans – $136 at | Kardashian Kollection Fringed Hobo – $65 at | Miami Chic Necklace – $29 at | Suede Ankle Boots – $295 at

Another classic bootie that won’t go out of style and can be worn all year round.  Tip: tights and leggings make these boots even easier to wear, especially when transitioning pieces.

Lace In The Sun Dress – $53 at | Quiksilver Sweetest Thing Cardigan – $61 at | Envelope Clutch – $28 at | Brina Leather Ankle Boot – $520 at







Target Style Series: How To Style A Pencil Skirt

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Pencil skirts have this classic-yet-sexy Audrey Hepburn vibe that never goes out of style – and if not already, should be a staple in your closet.  They’re easily worn from day to night and with affordable picks like the ones by Merona from Target the options are endless!! Contrary to popular belief, the pencil skirt is actually universally flattering with a cut that looks long and lean on any  shape (with the right pieces).  I’m curvy in the middle, so I need my tops to fall right at the hips.  Check out my selections below!

Pullover Sweater – $19.99 | Denim Shirt – $19.99 | Pencil Skirt – $20 | Clutch – $17.99

On the weekends, pair a bright colored pencil skirt (like the orange one below) with a denim jacket, a pullover sweater (which is perfect for layering and mixing in with other fall basic like chinos and cords) and flats for a casual chic look.

Blouse – $18 | Pencil Skirt – $20  | Skinny Belt  – $12.99 | Loafers – $32.99 | Tote – $32.99

For a trendy office look, the animal print skirt, a pretty orange blouse for a pop of color, a belt to accentuate your waist and wrap up your look with classic loafers.

Denim Jacket – $24.99 | Pencil Skirt – $20  | Shell Sweater – $19.99 | Heels – $23.99 | Necklace – $12.99 | Clutch – $24.99

For night, try pairing some basics with a pair of sexy animal print heels and a bold necklace .

See how the Target Fall Collection is designed to take you through a season of stylish looks at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

The Real Reason to Wear All Black

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  • As a woman and a fashion devotee it’s no secret that every now and then dressing cute can sometimes be a bit of a challenge around that “time of month.”  The bloating makes it almost unbearable to wear a lot of my favorite outfits, but I’ve managed over the years to put together a selection of all black outfits as well as some tricks to mask the six long days my “friend” is around.  Check them out below:
  • Princess cut little black dresses are a life saver. They’re the easiest way to hide the bloating because, can be worn day or night, and yes, covers any embarrassing stain.
  • This is the perfect time  to show off some cleavage!  To keep the attention up top, don’t be afraid to loosen an extra button.  And, if you’re feeling a little devilish, button up a blazer all the way and wear nothing but underneath… chic and sexy!
  • Tunics are a must have (I have about a dozen and they’re all black!) because they’re easy to wear and go with just about anything.  Look for ones that hit right below the hips… they’re the most flattering.
  • Last but not least… leggings!  Not just any leggings, but all cotton, non elastic waist leggings.  The comfort and snug fit make them perfect for preventing accidents (which we all have). Not only can they be worn with a blazer or tunic, because they’re black you can practically wear them anywhere (even to the office with some chic heels or booties).

Always Maxi pads are designed to securely fit your curves. With a body hug fit, Always Maxi helps provide clean dry protection that’s also designed to fit. The LeakGuard(TM) core helps pull fluid deep into the middle of the pad, while the Deep All-Around Barriers help keep fluid away from the edges. Plus, the Flexi-Wings have been designed with stretchy pleats to flex with you as you move, allowing them to securely wrap around so that they help pads stay in place and help protect you against leaks.  Available in Regular, Super Long, and Overnight absorbencies.


“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Always via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Always.”

Dress from TJ Maxx
Shoes c/o Shoe Privee
Necklace and Bracelet c/o Twisted Silver
Ring from Charlotte Russe

My Signature Look

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Everyone strives to have their own their look; a signature style that makes us feel unique.  For me, I don’t necessarily go for a specific fashion statement, like modern or preppy. I prefer to add a few key pieces to my outfit to create my signature look.  For example, I never leave the house three favorite chains and I have yet to come across an outfit that doesn’t go with my necklaces.  One necklace has very distinct charms with special meanings; the second is a mala for strength (seen here) and the third is the longest with a leaf, a horn and a simple blue stone.  Another way I create my own signature style is to stack a ton of bangles on my arm, and wear huge but simple earrings and oversized rings.

My Accessories:

Queen Ring (bold round one on the far right) – COMING SOON to

Bangles –

Watch – Timex

Blue Stone Ring –

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Leaf Necklace –

Low Luv necklace with my personal charms –

Clearly I let the accessories define my signature look (bold, dainty and eclectic)because I wear a wide array of outfits.  One day I go for boho and another preppy rocker chic…… everyday it changes and I love playing with different styles! Below are three different outfits with my signature spin on them.  What’s your signature look or piece?

In this outfit, I’m focusing on the blazer. I love how the masculine striped blazer let’s the other sexy pieces shine while also giving the eclectic selection of accessories a fresh feel.

Blazer –, Tank Top –, Shorts –, Boots –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –

In this outfit the focus is on the shrug. It’s a must have piece regardless of season and I  own a shrug in every color including a bunch with a little sparkle.  I purposely use short sleeve shrugs to give my outfits a quirky, unfinished touch against long sleeves or to balance out anything sleeveless.  When paired with a funky scarf you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd!

Dress –, Shrug –, Shoes –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –

In this outfit the focus is on the faux leather jacket. Leather jackets are timeless and  toughen up any outfit.  This outfit is also my favorite and reflects my style the most because it has all of my favorite style elements: the sweet, unfussy boho tank, the flared pants and the buckled booties (i love buckles and pockets!!!!).

Moto Jacket –, Floral Tank –, Trousers –, Booties –, Bangles –, Toggle Bracelet –, Ring –, Earrings –, Horn Necklace –, Love & Luck Necklace –






The Golden Rules of Shopping Vintage

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As a two-fingered salute to the fast-fashion digital age we now live in, the vintage trend just keeps growing and growing. If you want unique clothing, fabric of quality, timeless style and painstakingly handcrafted tailoring, but can’t stretch to the haute couture price tag, then vintage is the way to go. Rummaging through thrift stores, you never know what you’re going to find, and that’s what makes it such a fun way to shop. Follow our golden rules and you’re guaranteed to strike vintage gold every time!

Know your stores

Get to know the vintage stores and fairs in your area, and if you’re making a trip to The Big City, whether it’s NY, London, Paris or LA, do some research first. Some of the best treasure troves of thrift are hidden away in little side-streets, so get Google Mapping.

If you’re looking for bargains, head to vintage stores in swank high-end zip codes where you’re sure to unearth some designer vintage finds. Also, try less-visited thrift stores that are out of town – they’re often way cheaper and their stock’s less likely to already have been picked over by fashion-hungry stylists.

Know your size

Standard sizing didn’t come into effect until the 60’s and a lot of older clothing, especially pre-wartime, was tailored to fit. Sizing varies from decade to decade, country to country, so always try pieces on to make sure that they fit. If you’re buying vintage online, make sure you ask the seller for measurements! If you fall in love with a piece that’s a little too tight or a tad on the baggy side, remember that a good tailor can work wonders.

Timing is everything

Most thrift stores stock up at vintage fairs at weekends, so new stock arrives in-store first thing on a Monday. This is the time to shop if you want to get first pick. If you’re working Monday to Friday, at least try to get to the stores early on a Saturday before all the choice picks are snapped up.

Exchange and save 

Look out for thrift stores that buy and exchange clothing. Take along your old threads and you can exchange them, get a credit note to spend in store later, or even make some ready cash. It’s a great way to revamp your wardrobe for less.


If you’re the kind of girl that gets squeamish at the thought of wearing second hand duds, then have no fear. Because vintage has become such a major trend in recent years, most hip high street stores and online retailers like Warehouse now have their own ranges of vintage-inspired dresses, clothing and accessories. So there’s still plenty of choice when you want to find a retro look that’s fresh off the hanger.








5 Steps To A Perfect Faux Tan

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5 Steps to a Perfect Faux Tan

By midsummer, it’s tempting to skip the sunscreen and get a tan the old-fashioned way (read: damaging from a health and aging standpoint). A far healthier option is the faux tan. These five simple steps will ensure a glowing, even tan that will leave you looking radiant — never orange.

Step 1: Exfoliate.
My preferred method is slathering up a gritty sugar scrub on my dry

skin pre-shower. If you really want to eradicate flakiness, start with a pre-scrub rubdown with a dry skin body brush.

Step 2: Remove hair.
After soaping up in the shower or bath, do a thorough job shaving your legs. The area should be as smooth as possible before you self-tan.

Step 3: Lotion up.
Apply your favorite body moisturizer — the thicker the better — to elbows, knees and heels. Skip coating your entire body; you just want to concentrate on the aforementioned areas, as skin there tends to be drier and will show up darker once self-tanner is applied if you don’t prep. The layer of lotion dilutes the product so it won’t cake and settle into dry areas of the skin.

Step 4: Tan.
Novices should use a cream or lotion self-tanner. The spray versions are good but not quite as user-friendly. Start with arms and legs, then smooth in circular motions on your chest and belly. Enlist a friend or significant other to get your back.

Step 5: Remember the backs of hands.
Leave the lid of your self-tanner open. Then wash your hands thoroughly with lots of soap and warm water to avoid orange palms. Dry your hands and use your knuckle to scoop out a tiny amount of tanner onto the back of one of your hands. Rub the backs of your hands together to evenly distribute the product.

Faux Tan

By Amber Katz for The Style Glossy

How To Tie A Scarf 10 Ways

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From the basic hang down to the gypsy bun, in this newest how-to we took one of Spring’s most iconic accessories — the bright, bold scarf — and created 10 lasting looks to take a tee and jeans from plain and simple to extraordinarily chic. Watch our video to see all the fun you can have with just one scarf!

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