Celebrity Copycat: January Jones’ Look for Less!

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The only thing I don’t like about this outfit is the smug look on January Jones’ face and the bun.  just sayin..  Anyway, it’s a sleek outfit that’s perfect for a stylish mom on the go or a laid back weekend look.  Best part about it is that it can easily be worn right into spring and even summer by swapping out the boots and simply adding a skirt and sandals or even some leggings.  Get January’s look for less with pieces from Infinity Shoes, J Crew and more!

J Crew Camp Popover – $49.99 at Jcrew.com | Wedge Boots– $169.95 at Infinityshoes.com | Quilted Metal Corner Bag – $35 at Asos.com | Chatsworth Sunglasses – $45 at Americanapparel.com | BCBG Engraved Cuff – $22 at BCBG.com

Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

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The wedding dress of your dreams – perhaps you’ll spot it when flipping through magazines, carousing through blogs or passing by a store window. You’ll try it on and perhaps it will look like it was made specifically for you . . . or perhaps it just won’t fit quite right as it hugs all the wrong places. The key to feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful on your wedding day is finding a dress that compliments your body type.

If you’re top-half is thicker than your bottom (otherwise known as “apple shaped”), find a dress that pinches the smallest part of your torso and subtly flairs out, like an A-line or ball gown silhouette. Emphasize your chest-area with lace or bedazzlement, and don’t be afraid to “take the plunge” and sport a neckline that displays cleavage. A V-shaped neckline will also help to minimize broad shoulders if desired. Sleeves are also effective at this, though steer clear of those that are puffy. Depending on the formality of the affair, also consider showing off your lovely gams with a flirty hemline that falls around the knee.

If you are thicker around your bottom-half (otherwise known as “pear shaped”), pick a dress that is tighter around the chest and stomach and that naturally billows out from the hip. Look for fabrics that will easily flair out rather than cling to your thighs. To draw attention to your upper-half, opt for thin straps, halter cut or a V-neck design. For your lower half, look designs that incorporate diagonals, as this will have slimming effects. When choosing bridal jewelry, favor simple designs that will delicately contrast with the statement-making skirt.

If you have a fuller build, favor dresses with an empire waist on which the skirt naturally falls right below the bust. Look for a cut that is form-fitting and structured without being overly tight, as a looser look will venture dangerously into the territory of maternity wear. The bottom half should hang loosely with little flair; the vertical lines will be flattering by adding the appearance of height. Keep in mind that you want your chest to sit comfortably and naturally, so select a neckline that dips slightly rather than one that stretches straight across, as it will look like your breasts are struggling to burst out. Move around in the garment before buying it so you make sure that it fits properly and you won’t have to worry about the “ladies” spilling forth. An effective way to minimize the chest area is to wear sleeves or a one-shouldered frock that cuts diagonally.

Women with an hourglass figure (voluptuous breasts and hips with a tiny waist) will find many cuts flattering, especially those with a lower waist that you should accentuate with embellishments or color. A two-piece wedding dress has a similar effect that allows you to play up your equalized curves. It is wise to steer clear of any dresses that emphasize one section over the other, as this can create a visual imbalance that is unflattering.

If you a rectangular, straight up-and-down body, you will want to play up your curves – this means cleavage and perhaps using fabric folding or accents to emphasize your bodice. Additionally, a beautified waistline will help to create definition and emphasize your femininity. Favor wedding dresses that hug your curves and has minimal flair, like a sheath style. If you do want your skirt to have a bit of a flow, consider either a dress that flairs near the knee or one with a higher waistline and a skirt with multiple tiers to help to create shape, though this latter look is better suited for women with tall frames that won’t be overwhelmed by the layers. For petite ladies who want to add the appearance of height, look for dresses that have continuously up-and-down lines, like a mermaid gown or dress with a higher waistline to elongate the legs.  Additionally, stick to simple fabric embellishments, as a continuous pattern and color will allow the eye to easily travel up-and-down the body.

As you’re trying on one wedding dress after the next, don’t become discouraged. There is no such thing as a single definition of beauty. It truly comes in all shapes-and-sizes and it is all about finding the dress that makes you feel sexy and glow with self-assurance as you float down the aisle.



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3 Unconventional New Year’s Eve Outfits

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For the most part New Year’s consists of something sparkly, short or sexy – all of which are just fine but this year why not try something a  little unconventional?  Below are 3 ideas for an outfit that’s not tight, short or even sparkly  – we can leave that all up to the jewelry!  🙂

Anyone can wear a mini but it takes someone with style to rock a chic floor length maxi!  Pair it with a cropped blazer for a dressy effortless feel, and metallic heels for sex appeal.

I love the idea of black and white for New Year’s, so why not try adding white heels to an all black pant suit or a sexy black off-the-shoulder sweater and leggings.

Stripes are a classic and totally unconventional for New Year’s and that’s what makes it cool!  Try a striped sweater dress with black opaque tights and red heels for a dressy yet still easy-to-wear look (and it’ll never go out of style!).

Celebrity Copycat: Kim Kardashian’s Look for Less!

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Kim Kardashian’s outfit is perfect for the holidays.  Not crazy about the bag so I swapped it out with a animal print one from her Kardashian Kollection over at Sears. For the most part I wear skinny jeans, but I do love me a good fitted pair of flared jeans and Kim’s are the perfect example.  I’m a curvy girl and while I can wear just about any type of skinny jeans, flared ones are always more flattering and adds balance to my curves (which in return makes me look thinner).  Yes,  I’ve come to accept and appreciate my curves but I also don’t mind if a pair of jeans knocks off a few pounds 🙂  Get Kim’s look for less with pieces from Sears, Mango & more!

Celebrity Copycat: Hilary Duff’s Look for Less!

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Not a recent outfit here on Hilary Duff but a cute one never the less. There’s a stylish ease to this outfit that makes it flattering for anyone!  I love the retro/nerdy glasses and boots – they kick the otherwise simple outfit up a notch.  Not sure if Hilary really needs glasses but so what!  I  know some people find it phoney or silly but that’s what fashion is about expressing yourself and if glasses help you do that then go for it! Get Hilary’s look for less with pieces from Target, Bello Iris & more!

Dolman Sleeve Cardigan – $30 at Target.com | Peplum Top – $15 at Target.com | Skinny Jeans – $16 at HM.com | Ray-Ban Glasses – $129 at Readingglasses.com| Hermes Inspired Bag – $35 at Belliris.com | Scarf – $32 at Topshop.com | Brown Boots – $81 at Zalando.com


Celebrity Copycat: Zoe Saldana’s Look for Less!

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First Olivia Palermo rocked the yellow Old Navy coat with an all black ensemble… this time it’s Zoe Saldana‘s turn.  Although Zoe’s look is more liad back, it’s just as stylish.  Great casual look with pieces that you most likely have in your closet, not to mention can easily be worn right into spring by swapping out the coat with a cardigan and ballet flats instead of booties.  Which look do you like better, Olivia’s or Zoe’s?  Get Zoe’s look for less with pieces from Old Navy, Go Jane, Walmart and more!

Classic Wool Coat – $29 at Old Navy.com | White Slouchy Tee – $28 at Topshop.com | Cargo Pants – $14.99 at Mango.com | Buckled Ankle Booties – $28 at Gojane.com | Cross body Bag – $38 at Walmart.com  Aviator Sunglasses – $12 at 80spurple.com

Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr’s Look for Less!

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Black is back with a vengeance this season and Miranda Kerr deftly manages to keep her monochromatic look chic by adding a floppy hat and slouchy sweater.  Definitely an outfit I’m going to give a try! Get Miranda’s look for less with pieces from Etsy, Old Navy, Topshop & more!

Cheat Your Way To Chic

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I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for about a month and it seems that every time I start to turn the corner one of the kids will bring home a new set of germs!  Anyway, when I wake up in the morning the restless nights of coughing and sneezing are all over my face and even my normal makeup routine can’t hide the worn out look. I’m not a cosmetologist nor am I very good with makeup techniques BUT after a couple of kids I’ve picked up a few tricks to hide the flaws:

Sunglasses – the bigger the better!

A bright scarf is a no brainer.


Eos!  Everyone always thinks I have lipstick on when it’s just amazing organic chapstick!

 Earrings – I feel naked without a pair (and the shinier the better).

 Dry shampoo is my saving grace! I have really long hair that gets oily pretty quick and I don’t have time to wash and dry every other day so I rely on dry shampoo daily.  It soaks up all the oil and leaves my hair full and shiny.  PSST is my favorite but I just bought Suave’s dry shampoo (it works amazingly well and is so much easier to find).

When I lived up north I always wore an inexpensive black coat for covering up less than stellar outfits.  So if you’ve got one, pull it out. If not, snag one…it’s worth it!  This one is only $40 from WindsorStore.com. Tip: Thrift stores are a great spot for coats and who knows you might score a nice vintage or designer one.

Fun Bold Watches

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I love to pile on the accessories…especially a fun watch to add a little function to my look.  When I am on the go, I like to throw on a blazer, a white tee and jeans with a sporty bright watch for a pop of color.  When I’m going for a quirky feel, I also add a few bangles with a retro watch – you cant go wrong!

When it comes to watches, it’s always about affordability, style and options and I love online shops like Tic Watches that provides a huge selection to choose from.  Whether it’s a funky silicone strapped watch with interchangeable faces like the super affordable OCLOCK (that are perfect as a holiday gift for even men and children), a fun sporty watch by Breo (my fave and seen on celebs like Fergie, David Beckham and Ashlee Simpson),  or a sleek watch like the D&G watches from their website, there are a ton of options  that will fit your wrist without breaking your bank.  Check out my top five affordable picks below.

Cholcolate OClock Strap | Interchangeable Faces

Gray Breo

Red D&G

Pale Pink Baby-G

Black and Rose Gold Mesh Skagen




Celebrity Copycat: Kourtney Kardashian’s Look for Less!

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Kourtney Kardashian is a perfect example of a chic mama!  Stylish, easy to wear pieces that can be mixed in with other sexier items.  These are must have items so feel free to splurge!  Get Kourtney’s look for less with stylish pieces from Target, H&M and more!

Striped Sweater – $28.99 at Shopruche.comLeggings – $9.99 at HM.comMoto Jacket – $34.50 at Delias.comTall Rider Boots – $39.99 Tote Bag – $97 at Forzieri.comWayfarer Sunglasses – $12 at Ocshades.com

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