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Looking for some super-chic unique Jewelry by an independent designer? Look no further than – check out what’s new from my personal fave India-based designer, Eina Aluwalia.

If you haven’t been there already, you NEED to go and check out the beautiful handmade jewelry on It’s all from amazing independent designers, each of them with their own profiles and collections on the site. In a sea of ‘handmade’ is a cut above the rest because it’s curated, which means a team of expert fashionistas get to decide what goes on the site based on quality, style, and the reputation of the designer themselves. Eina Ahluwalia is hailed as India’s first conceptual jewelry artist. Firmly believing in the importance of making a concerted move away from factory-designed products to those made by real artisans with real passions and stories, Eina now sells her collections through Boticca:

“The creative process begins with a lot of coffee and angst. I have to reach within myself and sift through a lot of thoughts and ideas to find the one strong story that needs to be shared.” – Eina Ahluwalia

Eina is one of more than 250 designers from 40+ countries all over the world now selling her pieces through Boticca, which is actually the only place on the net that you can feel that amazing sense of discovery you get when you find a rare, one-off trinket on your travels. Check out my favorite piece below!

Traditionally, a Kirpan is a small symbolic sword worn on the body by Sikhs – a warrior race that acted to protect oppressed communities from Mughal rule in India. Amazingly, this piece, which can be worn at several different lengths, is 100% handcrafted, featuring intricate fretwork on brass with 22-karat gold plating.

There are so many beautiful and very different pieces on the site, too. More than 6,000 items, in fact! Feast your peepers on these stunners, for example:



  1. Malaga necklace – Jolita Jewellery
  2. Clemence woven necklace in pink/orange – Jennifer Loiselle
  3. In a Sentimental Mood Necklace – Maria Zureta

Visit Boticca’s homepage and be sure to browse the site properly –the blog, style ideas and designer stories are a good read, too!

Peggy Li’s Handmade Jewelry

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peggy Li’s Thin Hammered Bracelets and refuse to leave my house without them on my wrist! They are the perfect blend of delicate and dainty; yet strong in character and statement.  Whether worn alone or paired with any of your other beloved bracelets, I’m sure you’ll become as obsessed as I am with the Peggy Li style and snag a ton of these beauties.  Check out the bracelets and a few of my faves below.

Hammered Bangle Trio

Om Teardrop Earring 

Nature Girl Necklace

Peggy Li’s handmade jewelry pieces have been seen in magazines, movies and television shows “Private Practice” and more! Peggy Li jewelry is a great source for celebrity jewelry, celebrity-inspired jewelry, jewelry seen on TV, in addition to every day wearable jewelry creations.  For more info visit –

Get Happy With Romero Britto’s Handmade Jewelry

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Have you ever heard of happy jewelry? Well, that’s what Romero Britto’s handmade jewelry line is all about, happiness. This wonderfully eccentric Brazilian pop artist brings together his colorful roots and his optimistic view on life together to create wonderful pieces of artwork. This cuff, handcrafted in sterling silver and 24k gold, displays his signature flower and scribbles. Although this is one of his most basic pieces, it still provides that touch of happiness everybody needs in their life. His vibrant collection has just debuted on Franklin Mint’s website just in time for the holidays!

Romero Britto Gold & Silver Jewelry Suite - Bracelet

Contest Update: Win a Copper Corset Ring by Mercurios

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Picture 30

Update:  The winner of the Copper Corset Ring is Feathered Designed with the following comment: ” I adore necklaces, next to feathers, necklaces are my got to accessories, the bigger, the bolder, the more unique the better! And I love layering necklaces.  Pearls with chains, chains with woods, black and white, fringe with wood.  The possibilities are endless and what better way to add to my collection then with the Periwinkle Dream…Upcycled Chocolate Link Chain and Ribbon Choker Necklace with Copper and Goldstone accent from the Alchemy Collection.”

Congratulations Feathered Design and a big thank you to all of you who participated!

This week’s spotlight shines on indie designer Mary Jo, who has a wonderfully electic shop on Etsy called Mercurios.  Mary Jo’s style is best described as modern and raw (she doesn’t use molds or patterns — everything is free-hand).  For the contest, she has graciously donated a stunning Copper Wide Band Corset Ring (description below)  I imeediately envisioned myself wearing this bold, goth-like statement piece with a pair of jeans!  And, for those of you looking for a metaphysical connection, you’ll be happy to know that copper offers many new age advantages: copper influences the flow of blood and provides strong energy to the body and brain.  It also heals the metabolism and helps to relieve exhaustion and sexual instability (nice!).

The contest will run from Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 19.  The winner will be selected on Saturday, June 20.

How to Play: Go to Mercurios and pick your favorite accessory.  Return to Fashiongrail and leave a comment to the following question: “What would you wear it with?” The most creative answer will win!  Have fun and good luck! 

About the Prize: Copper Wide Band Corset Ring

*size 7

*patina finish

*hammered for texture & strength

*sexy, modern, victorian feel


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