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You know that infamous saying, what once was old, is new again, well that is exactly what vintage fashion is all about. Vintage style is all about paying homage to the past and bringing it into the here and now – and it is everywhere. We have been seeing these classic, elegant and intricate designs in every aspect of today’s fashion; clothing, shoes, wedding gowns, hairstyles, make-up application and jewelry.

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Clothing and Shoes

Vintage always adds an interesting element to clothing fashion. The peplum, which first burst onto the fashion scene in the 1940’s, and then again in the 1980’s, is back in style once more. We are seeing gorgeous variations of peplum skirts and blouses. It’s a striking combination of old meets new. We are also seeing billowy, frilly, and feminine fabrics for women that are reminiscent of popular clothing pieces from the past.

We talk a lot about women’s fashion but what about the guys? Anyone heard of a little TV show called Mad Men? Well, if you have watched it you know that it is a show based in the 1960’s and the guys are snappy dressers – the ladies too, but we are focusing on the men’s fashion right now. If you look at the shoes that those sharp dressed men are wearing, they will probably look familiar to you, oxfords and saddle shoes are being seen on runways, the red carpet and department stores. Combat boots are another vintage style – but they always seem to fit right into the fashion of the times.

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Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are adorned with vintage accents like lace, peplums, open backs and more. These stunning dresses are reminiscent of dresses of the past, but most of them also contain modern details as well to create a harmonious blend of old world and modern elegance. Wedding gowns aren’t the only vintage detail that brides like to include. They also incorporate it into their décor, bridesmaid’s dresses, accessories, flowers and more!

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Hairstyles and Make-up

Intricate braiding, long loose curls, up-dos, pixie cuts and more are being seen everywhere from the runways to main street. Many of these styles span generations and eras but one thing is for certain, they are elegant, carefree and stylish.

False lashes have made a big comeback. In the 60’s thick, long, dark eye lashes were all the rage and many women are embracing this look once again. Most facial make-up is fresh and clean looking, while the eyes take center stage.

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Vintage jewelry is hot, hot, hot. Antique or vintage inspired diamond tennis bracelets mix unique designs with elegant features. They have been a true must-have for the well-dressed woman for decades. When perusing for statement jewelry with a vintage edge, look for diamond eternity rings (with stones all the way around) and tennis bracelets that have beautiful millgrain, beaded edges, or intricate filigree details. Other sophisticated vintage detailing includes beautiful pave as well as round, princess, and asher cut diamond center stones. A one of a kind piece incorporating vibrant colored gemstones or pearls is yet another way to add vintage flare to your ensemble.


Jennifer Aniston’s New Hairdo

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From her storied debut as Rachel on Friends to her success on the silver screen and celebrity romances, Jennifer Aniston’s ever changing haristyle over the years continues to set the trend and define the times.  Once again, I love the fresh new look and think she looks fabulous.  What do you think of Jen’s new do? Hot or not?

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