Hair Trend: Ombre Color and Undone Hair

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Hair Trend Alert: Ombre Color and Undone Hair
Midsummer hair is often the most neglected of the year. We’re sporting a sun-kissed glow and wearing our hair a bit looser, less done. It’s lovely how that vacation look just makes us all feel prettier. Plus, we’re all busy enjoying the sunshine every chance we get, so making it to the salon often falls to the bottom of our list.

Not to worry, beach bunnies. This year more than ever, the uncontrived look is in. You’ll notice runway up-styles are leaving a little fuzz around the hairline rather than, say, a sleek and glossy bun. We also saw braids on models in Alexander McQueen’s last show. But they aren’t just any braids; they look like warrior-ess braids that have been in battle and are all messed and tattered. It’s a relief, really. We can all just relax a bit. Messy tresses and grown-out color are all the rage for the moment.

You can get the look by leaving your layers just a bit longer than usual and asking your stylist to point-cut your ends instead of having a clean, blunt bottom. You can also go for melted highlights or ombre to get that grown-in look that just keeps sticking around. Try leaving your curls or waves a little less polished by going for a natural air-dry instead of using that curling iron to make perfect ringlets. Let’s all kick back for the moment and have some fun outdoors instead of spending time in front of the vanity mirror getting coiffed. Not to worry: Fall is just around the corner, and we’ll all be looking for a change of pace and, most likely, some very perfect-looking something or other. In the meantime, indulge in the uncontrived!

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Natasha Sunshine founder of Byu-ti Hair Therapy salon in Santa Monica, Calif., has run her fingers through some notable manes, including those of Ivanka Trump, Molly Sims and Eva Herzigova.

By Natasha Sunshine for The Style Glossy

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