Hair Pinspiration: The Center Part

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I’m not one to get overly excited over trendy hair cuts because I’m pretty committed to my long layered hair. However, I’m all about fun seasonal hair styles and I’m totally loving the fact that the center part is back! I’m a HUGE fan of a sleek center part but I gave it a break a few years back when the whole side swept hair thing took over. I don’t straighten all of my hair because I like the messy, undone look so I take a flat iron and only run it over the top. Check out some Pinspiration including Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and much much more!

Hair Pinspiration


Hair Pinspiration


hair pinspiration


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5 Hair Accessories Every Women Should Own

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Whether your hair is black or blonde, straight or curly, there are some accessories that every woman needs to own. We’ve catalogued 5 essential hair accessories by Hershesons that every woman must have in her collection.


  1. Hairbands

A good hairband or two, or ten is essential for style success. Choose a wide range of hairbands in different colours and textures so that you have something ready for every occasion.  Tip: Keep it simple!  The idea is to look sleek and polished.

2. Brushes

From padded brushes to combs, it’s important to have a variety of brushes available to keep your hair healthy. Remember to brush or comb your hair every day for style and volume.  Tip: Keep a flat and round ionic brush for a smooth finish.

3. Hairdryer (and attachments)

Keep a good hairdryer (as well as several attachments) ready in your bathroom for early mornings where it’s vital that you look your best.  Tip:  Let your hair air a bit before you start blow drying to minimize damage.


4. Pins & Bands

Pins, bands, and clips are all essential parts of a complete hair accessory set. Keep a few clips or bands in your handbag for days where your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate and needs taming.  Tip:  Buy stylish clips and bands to accessorize your outfit.  Look for studs, stones and or prints that compliment the color of your hair.


5. Rollers, Curling Iron, and Straightener

Maximise your hair versatility with these three convenient accessories. Switch from straight and tidy to cute and curly on a moment’s notice using your curling wand or hair straightener. For tight and tidy curls, stick to your curling iron. For loose and stylish waves, use your rollers. For the ultimate straight hair, give yourself 10 minutes of quality time with your straightener every morning.  Tip:  For hard to curl hair spray with dry shampoo to keep the wave and for hard to straighten hair use a light serum before the flat iron.

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