Jennifer Aniston on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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Jen switches spots with Jimmy and does the interviewing!

The Man Bag: It’s as Handy as it is Becoming

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Who can forget the classic Friends episode where Joey discovers both the stylish allure and unmatched functionality of the Man Bag.  Over a decade later, American men continue to struggle with their masculinity and more often than not clump the Man Bag in the same category as messenger bags, satchels and rucksacks.  There’s a big difference, and the classic messenger bag is the perfect example.



David Beckham highlights how the brown leather messenger bag is both versatile and classy enough for the businessman on the move (ponytail optional).  I have no idea why Beckham’s bag is completely empty in this picture, but it’s roomy enough to fit his balls (soccer). Consider the J Crew Artisan Leather Messenger Bag – $225 at – Although a bit on the expensive side, it’s a worthy investment, it will never go out of style, and it provides the perfect glove for your beloved Macbook.




Hugh Jackman takes the opposite tack: a more refined black leather messenger bag plays perfectly against his more casual attire.  Try the Tumbled Leather Messenger Bag – $198 at






John Mayer underscores the biggest fashion trap that continues to befuddle men young and old: You don’t have to match everything!  It’s a wonderful canvas messenger bag that no doubt contains racy and lurid pictures of former flame Jennifer Aniston.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to let your imagination run wild because John was compelled to wear matching suede shoes and watch band.  Sunwashed Canvas messenger Bag – $55 at

Tribute to Joey: Patron Saint of the Man Bag.  Click Here to watch the hilarious Man Bag Clip.


Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer at Oprah Oscar Special

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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer at the 2009 Oscars.

John Mayer’s Jennifer Aniston Sleepover Confession!

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John Mayer’s Jenifer Aniston Sleepover Confession.

Jennifer Aniston Revisits The Set Of Friends

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Ellen surprises Aniston with a red velvet cake for her birthday (February 11)on the set of Friends. The episode airs today!

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