How To Style: Crop Tops At Any Age

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There really isn’t any big secret to wearing a crop top after having kids. All it takes is a little confidence and the right balance. last year I tried a crop top with a high waisted skirt and a white blazer (click here to see the entire post). The skirt and crop top were sexy and the blazer gave it a conservative touch – the perfect balance. This isn’t my day at the park outfit but it’s definitely a date night outfit. Below are some tips on how to rock the trend effortlessly.

How To Wear Crop Tops



If you feel sexy you will look sexy. It’s that simple. The key is to own it! I have a belly and lots and lots of stretch marks after having babies, but life is too short to deny myself the clothes I love and want to wear.   Below is the perfect example of a crop top with class!

Plus Size Crop Top

image credit 


By balance I mean that if you plan on rocking a crop top make sure your bottoms are on point and choose a crop top that falls at your natural waist. High waisted bottoms are prefered because they fall at the smallest part of your waist and in return expose a tiny bit of that area. See Kim Kardashian,  the crop top poster girl below.

Kim Kardashian Crop Top

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If in doubt or out with the kids…layer! Layering is fun and has no limitations. Try a lose crop top over a white button down, a long lean tank or even over a dress.

Layered Crop Top


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Always Stay Simple

Avoid prints and loud colors and/or excessive accessorizing. Instead go neutral with beige, white, black or gray and keep accessories minimal. The idea is to look effortless and Kim Kardashian again is a perfect example of how to keep it simple.

Kim Kardashian Crop Tops

Go Monochromatic

One of the easiet ways to wear a crop top is by wearing a head to toe color – black crop top and black pencil skirt – then try a white blazer over the crop top. It will draw the eye to  the tiniest part of your waist.  Try it. You’ll thank me later!


Crop Tops With Class

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Sponsored: Control Pants Trauma & The Importance Of A Good Fitting Bra

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To me there is nothing worse than ill fitting lingerie. They’re the canvas to our clothing and without the right fitting underwear or bra you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and looking out of sorts. According to statistics a shocking 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Think about it for a second…the very thing that is supposed to give you back and breast support and determine the look and fit of ANY top you’re wearing is more often than not either too small (which means that you’ll be overflowing in it) or too big (as in the “girls” will be swimming). Either way it’s not going to look too pretty no matter what designer top or trend you may be wearing. I worked in retail for over 15 years in pretty much every department store and to me the most important section was always the lingerie department. I know the importance of a good fit BUT I’ve also been guilty (before kids) of squeezing into a size or two smaller bra to get a little more lift or cleavage only to deal with back aches, headaches, neck pain and an overall sense of anxiety and desire to just rip it off! SO yeah I know the difference and it’s life changing!

A well fit bra can literally make you look slimmer and also help make your clothes look better on you. The idea is to find one that fits you like a glove and after that it’s all about tossing any size or number you may have in your head and go by fit. Once you know a good fit you’ll always know it which is why it’s important to get at least one personalized fitting from a well trusted  brand like Triumph who focus on details and commit to the fit.   Founded in Europe in 1886 and with over 125 years of tailoring experience, Triumph has earned their aptly titled lingerie line because they’ve managed to offer 3 important things that everyone wants and needs: fit, style and sex appeal. Check out their cheeky new video campaign below and make sure you drop by their website & ALL of their social pages (see links below) where you’ll find lots of tips, inspirational quotes and TONS of gorgeous pinup types of photos.

Youtube Channel
Pinterest Page
Facebook Page
Twitter Profile

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Triumph, but the opinion expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Triumph.

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Casual Outfit Glam for New Year’s Eve

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Tomorrow is  New Years Eve and I’ve got nothing planned and I’m totally excited about it!  Normally I’m out and about at some party but this year has been a bit hectic (in a good way) and I’m staying in. That of course will not change a thing when it comes to getting all dressed up. I plan on throwing on some bling, some red lipstick and some cute flats (I can’t fit into heels for more than 20 minutes).  Below ares some simple ideas for those of you ringing in the New Year from the comfort of your home or the home of your loved ones.


Sequins: Try anything with sequins but I love me a sequin top and jeans.  Tip:  For a little layering affect get a slouchy top and leave little black or white tank peeking out from underneath.

Sequin Top from Victoria Secret | Hollister Jeans | Tassle Flats from Modcloth | Tank

Go Monochromatic: Pick a color (I prefer black, white or gray) and wear it from head to toe.  Not only is it super easy to throw together but it also has a slimming effect AND a expensive feel.

Peplum Top | Gray Skinny Jeans | Booties | Necklace | Mac Lipstick

Add a Statement Necklace:  This is the easiest and fool proof way to dress up any outfit.  Wear your biggest boldest necklace over a turtleneck, with a button down or over simple white tee.  Tip: Look for necklaces with  mixture of bold and basic colors. This will give you more wiggle room when styling a casual outfit.

Multi Stone Necklace | Purple Frontal Necklace | Yellow Stone Bib Necklace

Five Christmas Party Fashion Tips

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This holiday season, you might want to consider some fresh fashion alternatives to set yourself apart from the red satin and black sequin brigade at festive functions.

There is a healthy variety of textures and hues to explore in the current crop of holiday pieces. The wise place to start is with an honest assessment of your budget. You should account for your projected gift list, extra groceries and gas for travel and any other fees you can think of.

Once you do that, you will have a clear plan of how to maximize your holiday dressing with a healthy dose of chic.


Sparkle on a Shoestring Budget


If you can honestly say you can’t afford a new dress this season, consider re-working some old favorites.


You can breath new life into a plain black strapless dress by donning a lace bodysuit underneath it or investing in a new lace shrug. A simple side braid or low ponytail will help keep the look streamlined and you can add interest by creating a custom belt or headband for shine.


The simplest way to achieve this is by purchasing some black grosgrain or satin ribbon and sewing on clusters of rhinestone buttons or a pretty brooch in the center to create a unique accent.


If you have an old pantsuit, you can take it to the tailor to have the pants brought in and tapered to a pretty retro cigarette pant length. This will allow you to put the focus on a new pair of glitzy pumps in a fashion-forward shade such as chartreuse, blush or royal blue.


Host a Fashion Swap


If you have a few stylish friends or family members, you may want to pool your resources before the holidays to give everyone fresh looks without ever opening a wallet.


Your formal brocade pencil skirt might look stellar with your friend’s black gloves, velvet booties or plum tights.


Be sure to have each lady bring the same amount of pieces to the party so each person is more likely to end up with a complete look.


Skim the Sales Racks


You can find some great unconventional colors on the clearance racks if you look carefully.


Late summer pieces in cream can easily become winter white with some careful styling. A gold sequined cardigan or black textured tights will make you look decidedly more expensive.


Mint green has also quietly become a hot color in 2013. A mint green brocade dress from spring will look “Mad Men” sexy when paired with a vintage fur neck wrap and some deep bronze leather kitten heels. You can keep the look from looking too costume-y by pairing it with a messy milkmaid braid or loose waves.


Play Frankenstein


Perhaps you have an old black tulle formal dress hanging in the black of your closet. You could easily have the skirt cut off and hemmed into a fresh high-low shape. A cropped mohair sweater will keep you on trend.


Or you can have the back of a plain black blazer cut out and replaced with appliqued lace for a new take on drama.


With a little imagination, the clothes in your closet can be re-mixed into something worthy of a private boutique.


Invest Wisely in New Pieces


If you discover you do have the funds to buy a new dress, try to look for one that will give you some more mileage into other seasons.


Fuschia, emerald green and goldenrod are great jewel tones that look just as perfect in the spring and fall as they do in front of a Christmas tree. Look for classic shapes that have a modern twist, such as an exposed zipper, peplum or a modest cutout.


With a little planning, you will be the best dressed at every party you attend.


About the author:

Helen Meechan is freelance fashion blogger and writes for a number of blogs in the UK and US.




image via Pinterest

How To Look Stylish & Current In Freezing Cold Weather

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Winter is here, and it is snowing, raining, and cold. How can you stay warm, and still look stylish? Just because it is cold outside does not mean that you have to layer up so much that you look like a blob. Just follow our tips for staying warm and chic, and you will light up any room that you walk into.

– If you live in a place where it snows regularly, the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in quality thermal underwear. Stores like Essential Apparel and Land’s End carry great lines that will keep you warm during the day, and will not bulk you up unnecessarily.

– Whatever you do, do not go bare! Unless you live in sunny California (and even there you are not guaranteed eighty degree weather all year round), you will freeze your butt off in cold weather. Instead, if you want to wear dresses or skirts, opt for textured tights, which will keep your legs warm, and add a bit of visual interest to your outfit. Pair them with boots of any length. We especially like sweater dresses over tights with knee high boots, for a classic schoolgirl look.

– Be a bright spot. During the winter, everyone wears blacks, greys, and neutrals. It creates a very blah fashion landscape. If you want to stand out, wear bright colors. Opt for a bright red overcoat, or accessorize your outfit with a teal scarf. Jewel tones always look especially great in winter. To make sure you do not overdo it, pick one piece for the bright color, and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. You can find pretty accessories and great coats at stores like Boscov’s.

– Invest in a signature coat. Everyone needs a coat during the winter, and you might as well splurge on the nicest, most comfortable coat you can afford. The classic trench is always a winner, but if you want to update your coat for this winter, we love the pink overcoats that are on trend right now. Fur lined parkas are also a great option.

– Have fun with accessories. During winter, you will be wearing a hat, gloves or mitts, along with scarves, boots and thick socks and tights. There is absolutely no reason why any of these items have to be boring. Go along with your inner whimsy and pick playfully textured scarves, colorful gloves, and boots that are made for looking at.

– Skip the scarves and wear a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are making a comeback this winter season, and they are an easy outfit choice. We especially love solid jewel-toned turtlenecks paired with dark jeans or basic black pants.

– Do not be lazy with the outfit underneath your coat. It is easy to just throw on any old thing underneath a fabulous coat and call it a day, but we highly recommend against it. For one thing, you never know when you will need to take your coat off, and for another thing, you will feel more confident when your entire outfit, from head to toe, is put together and thought out.

About the author:

By Allison Preston. Allison is an avid shopper and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site based in Santa Monica, California.

5 Trendy Homecoming Accessories of 2013

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Are you looking to make a statement on that special night? Well then, it’s time to complement the homecoming dress with the right kind of accessories. In fact, they should be no-brainers regardless of whether you’re wearing a formal gown or something causal.

Below are some tips on how to get the right accessories to go with your dress while being in line with the latest trends at the same time.


Big earrings, such as hoops and chandelier are quite popular and look dazzling on most occasions, but sometimes they can take the attention away from you and make themselves the center of attention.

So for homecoming this year, go simple and try some smaller studs along with an up-do that makes them visible without stealing the attraction you deserve.

Go for pearls or crystal studs that complement the color of your dress. The up-do you choose to go with the earrings can be of any kind, but some of the latest trends include a sleek bun or a messy chignon.


Finding the appropriate rings for homecoming  can be a challenge since there are so many designs available. Gemstone rings that include stones made from gold and sapphire, or a mixture of both, are quite the rage these days as they complement most evening dresses.

Moreover, the colorful options aren’t as limited as they were a few years ago. The different types of sapphire rings offered by brands that deal in contemporary styles shows that there are a multitude of available colors like blue, yellow, black, etc. Front Jewelers even offers a pretty pink sapphire rings as an option.

On the other hand, if you like gaudy rings, try out something big  and bold with rhinestones and sapphire. A plain band with a single sapphire on it as an adornment would do justice if you decide to go with simple and elegant look.


Statement necklaces might make your outfit pop, but for a formal occasion like homecoming, a short chain necklace would serve the purpose.

You can select something with a delicate chain in gold or silver and a small, delicate charm that goes with your homecoming dress.

For instance, if you’re going with a dress that features some bling, an ideal option would be a necklace with a rhinestone charm.

Hair Accessories

This year, headpieces/ headbands are the most flattering hair accessory. However, avoid something too overbearing for the event.

Instead, you can get a simple and elegant little piece with beading and pearls that add a little elegance to your hair yet completes your outfit with the perfect dose of glamour.

Also, make sure that the elastic of the headband is stretchable and soft enough to fit in with comfort and ease, so that you can enjoy a comfortable experience throughout the night.

Clutch Purses

Clutch purses are perhaps the most appropriate accessory for homecoming to carry the necessities. Among the offerings available, metallic clutches in varying designs are setting the trend this year.

If animal print is your forte, a metallic clutch with an animal print design would be a good option. However, if your dress is very simple in design and doesn’t require anything bold, go with a clutch purse with sequins covering its entire surface–this creates a metallic effect.  It is also important that you consider a small size so that that you can carry it around with ease.

These accessories will give your look some extra personality without looking overdone.




image via Pinterest

Find Your Perfect Colour Palette

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It can be all too easy to stick to the same old neutral colours when it comes to planning our look – many of us find the thought of trying daring new colours a little daunting. However, if you know what colour palette works for your complexion and tone then there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with something a little different, and know you’ll look great!

If you’re lucky enough to still have a summer holiday planned for this year then it’s the perfect opportunity to try something different. Swimwear can be a great area to experiment with and there’s a great range of swimwear online at the moment. The unfamiliarity of a new place gives you free reign to try something new.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve tried on a dress that looks fantastic on the model but on us it just doesn’t look right. In the same way as you might not team your red leather handbag with your bright green summer dress, some colours can clash with our hair colour, complexion and even eye colour.

So, to take away some of the stress we’ve put together a failsafe guide to finding your perfect colour palette.

Three foolproof colours

There are certain colours which look great on the majority of skin tones and these are; teal, purple and navy, great for the autumnal months which are approaching. However, if you want to stand out, want to try a vibrant colour palette, or are still basking in the cheerful colours of the summer months then follow this handy guide.

What to wear if you have a light complexion…

If your skin is pale and translucent, if your hair colour is blonde or ash and your eyes are light grey or blue, then cool, pastel colours are the ones for you.

Opt for lilacs, light greens or even a striking aqua which will make the most of your features and enhance your skin tone. Try to avoid dark colours as these may give you a ‘washed out’  look.

What to wear if you have a dark skin tone…

If you have a rich, dark skin tone then you’re in the perfect position to try out some vibrant, striking colours. Unlike with paler skin tones which can be overpowered by strong colours, bright pinks and oranges can look great with a darker complexion. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even give neon colours a go.

What to wear if you have a warm complexion…

Perhaps you have olive skin or are lucky enough to have a great tan. You may have dark eye colouring and chestnut or auburn hair. If this is the case then greens and khakis are the best colours to set off your skin tone. Often the more vivid colours can clash with your complexion rather than compliment it.

What to wear if you have a cool tone…

Women who are approaching a certain age in their life and perhaps have a grey colouring to their hair can often be seen to have a cool tone. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to neutral colours; pinks, lilacs and turquoises are perfectly suited to this type of tone.

Finding the right colour palette for you can really transform your wardrobe. You may find you discover colours which you didn’t think would suit you before and you may realise why some colours just weren’t working for you. So, have a think about which skin tone applies to you and follow our trusty guide for your next shopping trip!

Guest Post

Cheat Your Way To Chic

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I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for about a month and it seems that every time I start to turn the corner one of the kids will bring home a new set of germs!  Anyway, when I wake up in the morning the restless nights of coughing and sneezing are all over my face and even my normal makeup routine can’t hide the worn out look. I’m not a cosmetologist nor am I very good with makeup techniques BUT after a couple of kids I’ve picked up a few tricks to hide the flaws:

Sunglasses – the bigger the better!

A bright scarf is a no brainer.


Eos!  Everyone always thinks I have lipstick on when it’s just amazing organic chapstick!

 Earrings – I feel naked without a pair (and the shinier the better).

 Dry shampoo is my saving grace! I have really long hair that gets oily pretty quick and I don’t have time to wash and dry every other day so I rely on dry shampoo daily.  It soaks up all the oil and leaves my hair full and shiny.  PSST is my favorite but I just bought Suave’s dry shampoo (it works amazingly well and is so much easier to find).

When I lived up north I always wore an inexpensive black coat for covering up less than stellar outfits.  So if you’ve got one, pull it out. If not, snag one…it’s worth it!  This one is only $40 from Tip: Thrift stores are a great spot for coats and who knows you might score a nice vintage or designer one.

Men’s Stylish Holiday Attire

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Whether it’s an office party, family gathering or friends getting together to celebrate the holiday’s, this is the best season for a man to dress festive, look stylish and have fun!  Unfortunately, I’ve lost count of the times I catch a guy tugging at the uncomfortable clothes their wives or girlfriends have picked out for them. There’s no need for that! With the right pieces, a guy can easily throw together a comfy and stylish outfit together in no time.

The key is to stay within your normal day to day style but amp it up a bit. To dress up your favorite pair of jeans or slacks, try throwing on a blazer (particularly a cordoroy or tweed one) with a simple white tee. For an effortless look, try a fitted cardigan ala David Beckham (like this one from Lyle & Scott). For a more pulled together vibe use a pullover with a button down.  I personally love to layer because it’s so much more personal and eclectic.

Lyle and Scott Cardigan | Pretty Green Button Down | Tartan Wool Scarf | Hugo Boss Jeans | Jink Brogues Shoes

Blazer  | T Shirt | Pretty Green Chinos | Suede Desert Boots | Watch | Lyle and Scott Gingham Socks

Add your touch to outfits with a favorite scarf, a trendy tie or vest…the options are limitless and as the evening goes on you can always pull off the sweater or tie. Whatever items you choose to make up your outfit I suggest you check out Northern Threads and if I were to recommend some brands in particular I would go for Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher (one of my faves by far), you’ll find simple tees, scarves, jackets and just about anything else you’ll need to get you prepared for a gathering. There’s no excuses, with so much fine clothing to choose from you should really be partying in a stylish outfit at this festive time, don’t be lazy with you’re dressing!  Click here to browse their huge stylish range of both premium and casual labels.

Fall Fave: Animal Print Shoes

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I’m not the biggest fan of animal prints, but in small doses it’s all good! This season I’m all about animal print shoes! Whether platform, kitten heel or comfy flats (which are my fave) they’re easily found on the cheap (I found my pair at Ross for only $12.99!) and believe it or not go with just about anything.   To give your outfits a little bit of flair, check out some of my affordable faves and what to wear them with below.

What I’m Wearing:
Jeans c/o Reuse Jeans
Shoes from Ross

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