Bravos Tuesday Fashion TV lineup

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LOVE Bravos Tuesday night Fashion TV lineup… it just keeps getting better and better!  This week Rodger prepares for a photo shoot on The Rachel Zoe Project.  Mad Fashion’s Chris March puts together a glittery ensemble for former New Jersey Housewife Dina Manzo and the girls from Fashion Hunters are looking for a way to spice up their consignments. Must see TV for fashionita’s on Bravo…  Make it girl’s night in!  Check out the preview’s for tomorrow’s episodes below!

Rodger Prepares for a Photo shoot

Evil Glitter Fabric

Spotting a Fake Birkin Bag

What Not To Wear New Season Premiere

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What Not To Wear Is Back!

On Friday, What Not To Wear is back, and better than ever. On the show, resident style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly make over nominees in dire need of fashion direction. They go through contestant wardrobes and throw (mostly) everything out, and provide $5,000 to start a new one.  Take a sneak peek at before and after pics below!



The new season premieres this Friday 9/8c on TLC with the first candidate being the 80’s child star from “Facts of Life,” Mindy Cohn. Mindy proves she needs guidance because, let’s face it, celebrities don’t survive unless they look good. The season impresses with more drama, bigger faux pas, and fresh advice thanks to Stacy and Clinton’s A-game.

“Project Runway” and Models of the Runway” Premieres Aug 20!

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