The Real Reason to Wear All Black

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  • As a woman and a fashion devotee it’s no secret that every now and then dressing cute can sometimes be a bit of a challenge around that “time of month.”  The bloating makes it almost unbearable to wear a lot of my favorite outfits, but I’ve managed over the years to put together a selection of all black outfits as well as some tricks to mask the six long days my “friend” is around.  Check them out below:
  • Princess cut little black dresses are a life saver. They’re the easiest way to hide the bloating because, can be worn day or night, and yes, covers any embarrassing stain.
  • This is the perfect time  to show off some cleavage!  To keep the attention up top, don’t be afraid to loosen an extra button.  And, if you’re feeling a little devilish, button up a blazer all the way and wear nothing but underneath… chic and sexy!
  • Tunics are a must have (I have about a dozen and they’re all black!) because they’re easy to wear and go with just about anything.  Look for ones that hit right below the hips… they’re the most flattering.
  • Last but not least… leggings!  Not just any leggings, but all cotton, non elastic waist leggings.  The comfort and snug fit make them perfect for preventing accidents (which we all have). Not only can they be worn with a blazer or tunic, because they’re black you can practically wear them anywhere (even to the office with some chic heels or booties).

Always Maxi pads are designed to securely fit your curves. With a body hug fit, Always Maxi helps provide clean dry protection that’s also designed to fit. The LeakGuard(TM) core helps pull fluid deep into the middle of the pad, while the Deep All-Around Barriers help keep fluid away from the edges. Plus, the Flexi-Wings have been designed with stretchy pleats to flex with you as you move, allowing them to securely wrap around so that they help pads stay in place and help protect you against leaks.  Available in Regular, Super Long, and Overnight absorbencies.


“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Always via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Always.”

Dress from TJ Maxx
Shoes c/o Shoe Privee
Necklace and Bracelet c/o Twisted Silver
Ring from Charlotte Russe

Shopping Strategies for the Perfect Closet

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Shopping Strategies for the Perfect Closet

Make 2011 the year you stop choosing quantity over quality and buying slightly different versions of the same outfit. Just follow these five strategies for getting the most chic from your shopping dollar, and you’ll never again have to lament, “My closet is stuffed, but I have nothing to wear!”

Strategy No. 1: Shop Your Closet
Taking inventory of your wardrobe will help you figure out what you actually need to add to your collection, says Los Angeles fashion stylist Mar Yvette, host of the “Citysearch Weekend Roundup” segment on the television show “Good Day LA.” Spend a few hours trying on those items you haven’t worn in a while. See how they look and how they make you feel, and figure out whether or not they coordinate with anything else in your closet. Be open to new combinations. The argyle cardigan you bought a decade ago in a preppy fervor may be just the thing to belt and wear over a sheath dress today. “Shopping for clothes without truly knowing what’s already in your closet is like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach,” says Yvette. “You end up spending a whole lot of money on things you don’t need.”

Strategy No. 2: Streamline and Spread the Wealth
This will go against every shopping urge you have, says Yvette, but less is more. The goal is to build a wardrobe that lasts. You’ll save money in the long run if you buy fewer, better-quality (and therefore, more expensive) pieces rather than lots of cheaper items that are likely to fray or go out of style. Sure, you can get your trend fix with H&M’s disposable designer collections, but the bulk of your closet should be filled with quality pieces made from fabrics like cashmere, linen and wool that transcend time. Follow up on strategy No. 1 by pulling out any items you haven’t worn in a year. If they no longer fit and are beyond tailoring, wish them well and donate them to a charity organization.

Strategy No. 3: Build From the Basics
Whether your style is cutting-edge, classic or casual, these essentials are the building blocks of a functional wardrobe:

  • Black pants: They’re the most basic of the basics
  • Dark denim: Opt for a trouser cut
  • White button-down shirt: Designer Carolina Herrera lives in these
  • Sheath dress: It’s simultaneously sexy, classy and sassy
  • Cardigan: Throw over the sheath dress or pair with jeans or black pants
  • Two-piece suit: Mix and match the jacket and the skirt with all of the above

Strategy No. 4: Choose Double-duty Items
Carilyn Vaile, who designs easy-to-wear items for women on the go, recommends buying items that multitask. Questions to ask as you carefully vet pieces on the store rack: Can the tunic be worn as a minidress? Can the long waterfall jacket be belted and worn as a dress with tights and boots? “If an item can easily transform into other outfits, it keeps my interest,” says Vaile. “Not only will it stay in my wardrobe longer, it will be worn more often.”

Strategy No. 5: Shop the Sales With Caution
No doubt, some of the articles of clothing cluttering your closet still have sales tags hanging from them because you couldn’t pass up a bargain. But it’s not a bargain if you only bought that dress, sweater or pair of (slightly tight) boots because of the 90 percent markdown and never wear it. Before you purchase an item on sale, ask yourself: Would I still want this piece — in this color, size and style — if it weren’t marked down? If the answer is no,pass it up.

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By Karen Brailsford for The Style Glossy

Karen Brailsford is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor. She writes about style for People, In Touch Weekly and

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What Not To Wear New Season Premiere

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What Not To Wear Is Back!

On Friday, What Not To Wear is back, and better than ever. On the show, resident style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly make over nominees in dire need of fashion direction. They go through contestant wardrobes and throw (mostly) everything out, and provide $5,000 to start a new one.  Take a sneak peek at before and after pics below!



The new season premieres this Friday 9/8c on TLC with the first candidate being the 80’s child star from “Facts of Life,” Mindy Cohn. Mindy proves she needs guidance because, let’s face it, celebrities don’t survive unless they look good. The season impresses with more drama, bigger faux pas, and fresh advice thanks to Stacy and Clinton’s A-game.

RSVP-Get Stylish With Us This Week at #GNO on Twitter

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Picture 8

Love to chat about all things fashion? Heading to BlogHer next week? Wondering what to pack?  With all the parties going on, I know I have wondered more than once what makes the perfect fashion sense for the cocktail party that is followed by the bowling party that is followed by the cheeseburger party that is followed by the picture party and more.

Whether you’ll be going to BlogHer or not, Join #GNO this Tuesday where experts from Lifetime TV and Twitter fashionistas will share their best tips for style success and fashion faux pas in 140 characters or less.

Mr. Linky not showing up? Go ahead and leave your Twitter URL in the comments. This offers #gno gals the opportunity to follow and be followed all in one place!



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Blousy Tanks Galore

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Definitely a must have in your closet this Summer! They’re easy to wear, comfy and best of all affordable enough to buy a few. Keep in mind when picking out your blousy tank that the neckline should be kept on the low side (for a longer leaner look) and layer with a fitted tank if needed. Pair them with skinny jeans, leggings and shorts. For a laid back chic look wear them with slouchy pants and add some wedges or platform heels for a dressier look.
Picture 10

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