Hello Kitty’s New Collection Love Bandit

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I won’t bore you again with my love for all things Hello Kitty, but what I will do is let tell you about the newest collection: Hello Kitty Love Bandit.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this collection is super cute with accessories like tote bags, socks, iPhone cases and lunch boxes (the lunch boxes are my favorite and I have a bunch that I use to store scarfs and knit hats).

As a bonus, fans will recieve a special Hello Kitty Bandit poster with ANY purchase of the Love Bandit line (while supplies last).  Check it out below and tell me what’s your favorite Hello Kitty memory or item you own?  For more info visit – Sanrio.com

Wear The Hat (don’t let ’em wear you!)

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One of the reasons I love winter is because of the enormous selection of accessories to keep warm. Unfortunately, I live in a state where it barely goes under 50 degrees and it’s nearly impossible to enjoy scarf’s, gloves or even a coat.  So every winter I’m left craving something cozy to throw on with flip flops or shorts and came to realize that hats always do the trick.  The great thing about hats is that they don’t have to necessarily be worn to keep warm.  Besides the obvious (keeping the sun out of your eyes and hiding a bad hair day) hats  also give your outfit an entire new personality.  Whenever I wear a hat I instantly feel a little classier!  The secret to wearing a hat is that you have to own it!  Don’t let the hat wear you!  Pick a hat you instantly feel a connection with.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for one
I’ve always found hats to look better when my hair is down and over my ears.  I’m sure there are people who can wear a hat with a pony tail, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of us would be better off with our hair loose.  It’s more laid back and extremely forgiving.

If you try on a hat and it seems off a bit, try wearing it on a angle. I know it sounds a little silly but trust me you are better off wearing a hat that looks unintentionally lopsided than wearing one that looks like you’re trying to balance a stack of books on your head.

Stick to neutral colors like gray, tan and black.  It gives you more options.
Skip the beret! It’s not that I don’t like them.  I just find that they’re the type of hats that will wear you.   The only people that I’ve noticed who can pull off a beret  are Johnny Depp and Kate Moss; but that’s because they make anything seem cool!

Here are some fun and as always affordable hats to try!

Sassy – Peacock Fedora

Retro –  Vero Wool Cloche

Boho – 79th St Hat

Mooiee Knit Beanie

Bangles On A Budget

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I literally have hundreds of bangles! They’re my go to accessories when I feel my outfit needs a little something just to kick it up a notch and more often than not I’ll wear about 5 – 6 bangles at once (ala Madonna).  Bangles have a way of adding a whimsical feel to any look and the best thing about them is that they don’t have to be expensive to look good.  My trick when buying affordable bangles is to stay away from solid gold and silver. I always look for bangles that have some type of detail to them because it helps give the bangle a “richer and fuller” look. Here are a few:

Cinnabar Bangle – $3.99

Fourty Fourty Bangle Set – $4.80

Seaside Bangles – $28

Studded Bangle Set (my favorite of the bunch) – $5.50

Leather And Chain Wrap Bracelet – $26
These aren’t exactly  bangles but I think it would look fantastic piled up!

Sasa Bangle 4

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Original, stylish and eclectic. This piece of fashion art hand crafted by Sasa of lo-fi-me is not only super stylish it is also ecologically friendly. A combination of illustration and images give new, stylish life to recycled tape rolls.

Both the inside and outer surface of this bangle has been designed and hand decorated then coated with three coats of shellac.

This bangle features a giraffe image surrounded by rays of autumn color.


Available at Tokyo Made for $34

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