Buying a Watch – Take the Time to Get it Right

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Just like with all my jewellery I’m very picky about the watch I wear. It simply has to match with my outfit, so if I get a new outfit, I often have to buy a new watch to match. So I’ve probably got more experience in buying watches than most. I’ve almost got it down to a fine art; there’s a few things I do before buying.

Firstly, I’ll always look at one of those general online stores to look for inspiration and ask myself a few questions to figure out the type of watch I want. What type of watch will go with my outfit? Would a digital or analogue watch match best? Do I want a watch with a circular face or one with a square face? Do I want one with a leather strap or a metal strap? Once I have figured out what I want then I can really start looking.

I go through the site of every brand I can think of and look for the type of watch I want, as often online department stores do not have the full range. I often try Guess ladies watches as a first port of call. I try to narrow my search down to four or five to try on. I never buy a watch without trying it on first – sometimes the ones I think look best in the picture just look awful on me. If I can find a shop where they have everything I want to try on I find it is best to go there. Then I can try them on in succession and really compare them to each other to see which one you I like the best. I know if I went to five different shops to try on five different watches then by the time I get to the last one I’ll have completely forgotten what the first one looked like.

But once you have decided on the one, I never buy it there and then. There may be a better deal out there. I go back home and do some more internet research, and this time I look for the specific watch I want, to find the cheapest deal. I it is the same price everywhere, I always buy it from either the shop or the site of the brand. You can often get a better warranty if you buy it from the brand’s shop and they are generally more helpful if something goes wrong.

I think the last watch I bought was a Hublot Big Bang Aero, and it really was worth spending the time to get it right. I absolutely love it (and it really goes with my outfit hehe).











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