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statement earrings

Earrings have been a popular style statement since ancient times. The idea of wearing jewelry on the ear goes back to the Ancient Egyptians with the earliest known earrings being made in the shape of hoops which later evolved into pendants. It is clear then that the dangle design has been ingrained in the idea of what an earring is since the very first one. The Ancient Egyptians wore dangle earrings as a sign of wealth and status, and this was later adopted by the Greek and Romans who introduced gemstones to the jewelry. Dangle earrings of the Victorian Era were large and heavy yet very popular and would remain that way until the mid 1800’s when styles changed. In the early 20th century the dangle design would make a comeback, helping pave way for the immense amount of variety in the shapes, sizes and materials seen in dangle earrings today!


Here you will find some of our favorite designs for dangle earrings to help familiarize you with the sometimes overwhelming amount of options available today for dangle earrings!

First, DiamondStuds.Com features a large and diverse selection of dangle earring options, with a variety of intricately cut diamond designs, and precious metal options for every style and taste. Diamond Studs features many dangle earring designs with the option of having multiple types of diamond shapes easily set in various types of precious metals from 14K gold to platinum and earring styles such as bezel, solitaire, or diamond halo.

Next SN Queen,  who are located in the heart of the Los Angeles diamond district specialize in a unique vintage design that harken back to a different time. SN Queen features many stunning dangle earrings in their collection offering a testament to the popularity of dangle designs in previous generations from which the pieces on SN Queen were inspired by or come from.

And finally, Coronet Diamonds creates elaborately designed dangle earrings with a tremendous amount of diamonds that come to comprise each piece. The unique shapes and patterns found of dangle diamond earrings from Coronet are created using a patented technology which creates a piece with far more shine and luminescence than a standard one carat while only costing a fraction of the price!

Today, due to their long history, there is a tremendous amount variety in dangle design options available to consumers, and when deciding on the perfect fit you should be sure to choose a pair of earrings that reflect your personality and stylistic tastes.Coronet, SN Queen, and are some of the top brands that you find for diamond laced dangle earrings.


Showcase: Jewelry Designer’s On Etsy

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If you’ve never been to Etsy, then you’re definitely missing out! Etsy is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell handmade goodies. Through Twitter, I’ve been turned on to some incredibly talented jewelery designers and wanted to showcase some of my favorite pieces that are available on Etsy:

Fringe Earrings : $28.  Champagne silver (Love them, enough said).  Also on Twitter @Norwegian_Wood 

The Multi Tasking Accessory : $30.  Headband, Bracelet, Necklace, Head Wrap, Arm Cuff  (the “must have” for the boho girl). Also on Twitter @Maryjanefrances 

Artistic Steampunk Wire Ring: $40. Funky yet versatile.  Also on Twitter @Steampunkrings 

Butterfly Pendant Necklace: $65. Unique; heirloom-like.  Also on Twitter @Florrigan 

 I Heart Coco Bracelet: $25.  The quisstessential blend of trend and classic (perfect with a little black dress). Also on twitter @Kimlast

 Muted Rose Locket Bracelet: $24.  Perfect to add a picture of a loved one.  Also on Twitter @Littlebugjewels 

Free Shipping->Penny Farthing. Old Fashioned Bicycle. Necklace: $22. LOVE THIS!  Also on Twitter @Ten10things 


Free Shipping->Tattoo You Rasberry Silk Wrist Wrap: $12.  Perfect for the summer.  Also on Twitter @Ten10things 


Dolphin Ying Yang Wood Pin: $16.  Lightweight, yet strong. A simple, all natural statement (great on blazers or white shirts). Also on Twitter @alibi_design 

Dappled Sunshine Gemstone Necklace: $20.  Lovely piece to add to your summer dresses.  Also on Twitter @TeresaRusk 



Visions Of The Past: $30.  Can be worn with just about anything.  Also on Twitter @Out_of_the_blue 


Forever21 Earrings for Under $8!

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 Sometimes all your outfit needs is a lovely pair of earrings to give it a little oomph!  Check out these earring from Forever21, all for under $8!

1. Venice Jewel Cluster Earrings – $7.80 
2. Shany Tear Drop Earrings – $4.80 
3. Polished Dangling Earrings – $5.80 
4. Metal Rose Crescent Earrings – $4.80 
5. Stained Glass Crescent Earrings – $4.80 
6. Two Tone Feather Earrings – $4.80

Celebrity Copycat: Heidi Klum

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The  beautiful Heidi Klum wearing a James Galanos dress to the Golden Globes.  Get the look for less……………..

Regina Dress – $54.50 at

Flower Clip Pin – $4 at

Bangles – $6.80 at

Small Cubic Zirconia Earrings – $6 at

Double Ankle Strappy Heel – $21.80

Get The Look: Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan comfy, casual and super chic! Get the look…………..

Quilted Large Chain Bag – $39 GBP
Pearl Center Earring – $3.80

Lynette Striped Sweater – $22.80

Vigoss Studio Skinny Jeans – $39.99

White Mountain Mercy Boots – $59.99

Chase Metal Avaitor Glasses – $12.99

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