New Year’s Eve Chic On The Cheap

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With the holiday spending spree over, it’s not hard to wonder which is gonna drop faster: the New Year’s Eve ball or your credit score!  So if you’re like me and spent a ton on gifts, check out these three tricks to look a million at midnight and ring in the New Year on the cheap:

Sparkles and glitter are SO girly and festive.  You can incorporate it into your outfit with shoes, skirts or accessories.  Tip: buy an inexpensive solid colored skirt and lightly spray glitter all over it (see my skirt and spray selection below)

Skirt – $30 at

Glitter Heels  – $50 at

Glitter Spray (I’ve used on clothes and it washes out easily) – $3 at

Tank Top – $10 at

Go all out with hair and makeup.  If you normally wear your hair pin straight, pull out your curling iron and vice versa.  The idea is to go for a striking change; the same goes for makeup…if you’re a basic lipgloss/mascara girl, pullout your eyeliner and line up a cat eye with some false eye lashes.

Add a little red.  Sure, it’s a bit of a cliche color around the holidays.  But, it’s actually the “it” color this season (red demands attention and exudes sexiness).  Try a sexy red dress and simple red heels or throw on a scarf or lipstick.  Tip: if wearing red from head to toe tone it down elsewhere.

Red Dress – $25 at

Heels – $48 at

Necklace – $42 at

Clutch – $21 at

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