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I just moved into my new house and it’s got me on a decorating kick.  I’ve always been into it but ever since I downsized and moved to Florida I’ve been slacking.  In the past I’ve always  decorated in some sort of vintage form because I used all of the beautiful pieces I inherited from my mother in law.  But right now I’m strating from scratch and I’m still debating which direction I’ll be taking the interior. I’ll probably maintain a vintage touch but I’m open to just about any ideas and because I haven’t really done anything to my house it’s like a blank canvas.  I live in your basic one level florida home with wooden floors.  The floor space is somewhat limited and in deperate need of light so my starting point is going to be curtains and lighting.    I’m looking into DIY projects mainly to contain costs but I’m really hoping I can talk my mom into creating some of my finds or ideas. 🙂 Check out some of my favorite inspirations from pinterest below and you can find my Pinterest boards here.

These DIY chevron curtains are totally me!  Thinking of giving them a try in the living room where for the time being I have some shabby curtains. Image via Pinterest

I LOVE these DIY Ombre curtains!  Not exactly going to match with anything inside but it would be cute in the patio or maybe even bathroom.  Image via Pinterest

I know these aren’t window curtains but it’s a very cool idea for my head board that I’ve had for ages!  Image via Pinterest

A popsicle stick chandelier… love the rustic feel it has perfect for my wooden kitchen table (only I would probably hang two side by side) and  it’s super affordable!  Image via Pinterest

How cute are these lighted wine bottles?  Now I know what to do with all my empty wine bottles 🙂  Great for mantles, end tables, decks or just about anywhere really! Image via

These aren’t going to give me much light but they’re adorable to hang on the side of a mirror or for a little girls room.  Image via Pinterest 

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